Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Rottnest Solo and Duo informal social BBQ this Friday in Floreat!

Dear Swimmers

If you've been training with the squad for the Rottnest SOLO or DUO events and have endured all the miles along the way etc, please be invited to an informal social BBQ this Friday evening 5th February from 6.30pm. Suzanne has kindly offered to host the BBQ which will be held at 85 Newry Street, Floreat. Please bring meats and drinks (yes, alcohol IS allowed!) and we'll get some salads etc organised.

This will be an excellent chance to discuss "tactics", ask any final coaching and nutritional questions and to basically get you pumped up for the event - we might even watch "Rocky 2" and all chant "Eye of The Tiger" or some such daft thing! LOL!

Please let me know if you and your husband / wife / partner etc plan to come along - it'd be great to see you there!



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