Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Training This Week


OK, quick update on what's happening this week. It's a relatively easy week this week which will suit those of you who raced at the Rottnest Swim on Saturday and equally for those who are following the Half Ironman Program and whom are now into Week # 7 of 16. We will step it up a notch or two on Friday morning for the "Fresh & Fruity" swim and some of you may well be racing the Albany Triathlon on Sunday (awesome event that one!).


5.30am = squad swim at the pool (1.5hrs) with Adam M this week, including 15 mins of pre-session stretching.

5.50am = ride with Paul which will be a cruisey ride inc. 5 "pick-ups" to help shake the legs off. The program says Shelley, but you guys did that last week when I wasn't there, so I think we'll do what I suggested last week and head over to Shenton Park or maybe even Kings Park. We'll see.


AM = remember, no open water swim this morning due to it being quite dark at 6am - sorry! On this front its going to be tricky to get any additional lane space at Claremont for a replacement session in the pool, so we are looking at two options at this point: 1) Challenge Stadium (potentially); 2) a circuit class at Cottesloe Beach which will provide a fun, all-round body workout, finishing off with a quick dip in the ocean. I am leaning towards the 2nd option and may open this up as a complimentary session where I actually join you...I think going into the winter, this would make a great session for those of you looking to strengthen up a bit for the English Channel challenge or if you simply lack a bit of this variety in your routine. Please let me know if you'd be keen on this idea!

PM = recovery run intervals at Lake Monger. Still need to get a few more people along to this session if you can make it? This particular session is a great gauge of your developing fitness, so if you can make it its well worth attending. Please bring a HRM if you have one.


5.30am, 6.30am & 9.30am sessions all as normal! Remember, no official 4.30pm session after the Rottnest Swim.


6.30am = if you're not racing in Albany, highly recommend another repeat of last week's 3h30 ride (flat, freeway), followed by a 20min run off the bike. Keep it fairly steady this week. Leaving from the Bell Tower for those who can make it, or do it solo in your own time.

7.30am = a fun 2 to 4km ocean swim at Trigg Beach, meeting at the SLSC Tower at 7.15am. A good, social swim for those wanting to loosen off after last weekends efforts.

1.00pm = open water skills session in the pool at Claremont - a massively FUN session!


REST DAY or Albany Triathlon.



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