Wednesday, February 17, 2010

How Friday's swim will pan out and a team needs a swimmer!

Dear All

3 more sleeps...wahoo! Conditions are going to be great, don't panic and don't waste any energy worrying about what you cannot control anyway.

URGENT! Kathryn Granheim's team is in desperate need of an additional team swimmer for Saturday owing to a sick team member. Can anyone help or fancy the challenge? Email Kathryn at

Friday morning's swim will work like this:

Warm-up = 

Rotto swimmers or those wanting an easy session: 10 mins stretching on pool deck

Non-rotto swimmers: standard sort of a warm-up

Build & Main =

Then we'll all do a bit of a build set in the pool including some drills, followed by a couple of short, sharp efforts which will do more to waken you up than tire you out for Saturday! We may add a bit of a team element to this as well.

It will be a shortened swim for everyone this week as mentioned previously with the Rotto swimmers doing ~1500m and everyone else ~2.2 to 2.5km.

Looking forward to it - it'll be a good one!



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