Saturday, February 28, 2009

Welcome baby Jackson!


Dear All

Many thanks for all your well wishes - Mish and Paul are now the proud parents of Jackson James Newsome, born at 2.00am on Saturday 28th February 2009 and weighing in at exactly 7lbs0oz! Mother and bambino both doing well!

We are so happy!

Paul, Mish and little "J.J" x

Friday, February 27, 2009

BBQ this evening cancelled!

Dear Athletes

Hope you have all had a good week. It was good to see so many of you down for the swim session this morning - quite an interesting one indeed with all the pacing strategies involved, I'm sure you learnt a lot, especially if you went off too fast!!

Sincerest apologies but we have to unfortunately cancel the post-Rotto BBQ planned for this evening at our place. Initially this was due to low numbers with many people being away, then we heard that ColdPlay was playing at Burswood Dome (my favourite band!) so we bought tickets for that, but as it turns out Michelle has actually gone into labour so everything has been scrapped and obviously this is now our # 1 priority! Very exciting stuff - I'm nervous as heck (and I've got the easy job!), so please excuse me if you don't hear from me over the next few days!!!

So, plan of action:

  • Friday - no BBQ.

  • Saturday - ride at 6.30am from the Bell Tower (probably without me!) + 1pm squad session will still be on with Adam coaching, so please still attend if you had planned to do so.

  • Sunday - women's TRI up at Hillary's.

  • Monday - Labour Day (quite appropriate really!) - no formal sessions but Busselton HIM group should still aim to get their run (1h30) and bike session (1h20 inc. 30 mins at 80 - 85% inc. a burst out of the saddle every 2 mins for 10s lifting cadence to +110rpm) in as per the program. No Time-4-Me session.

  • Tuesday - back to the normal program as per - I'll see you back on pool deck at 5.30am probably looking a little hagged and maybe with a bambino in tow for its first swim session (you have to start 'em young you see! LOL!)

I'm stoked! Cheers,


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Rottnest Boot Camp & Labour Day

Dear Athletes

Please be advised that bookings are now being taken for our super-funtastic Rottnest Boot Camp on the 3rd to 5th April. Space is limited to the first 20 registrants and cost for the weekend including all travel, accommodation, breakfast, our Taper Time Tapas evening and an awesome weekend of coaching is just $220.00 per person. Please visit for more information and to book.

Please also be advised that there will be no formal training sessions in operation on Labour Day (Monday 2nd March). All sessions will resume as normal on Tuesday 3rd March.



Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Life after the Rottnest Swim

Dear Athletes

It was suggested this morning by Bill C that we should look towards building up for another small event whilst the weather is still good. For those of you who would normally classify yourselves as "swimmers" over "triathletes", why not consider having a go at the following two events:

  • City of Perth Triathlon on 15th March - 400m swim / 10km cycle / 2km run

  • Hillary's Triathlon on the 5th April - either 250m / 7km / 2km or test yourself over 750m / 20km / 5km

You don't need a flashy bicycle and at the very worst you could walk the run if you wanted to...but most of the rest of the Half Ironman crew will be at these events so it could be a good time to have a go.

So, if you are keen, don't forget we have a Monday evening cycle session at 6 / 6.15pm from the bottom of Reabold Hill and a Thursday evening run session at 6 / 6.15pm from the western-most carpark on Lake Monger drive that would be suitable for you to attend as we base these sessions on your own ability as opposed to feeling like you have to keep up with someone faster than yourself. What's more, you can just use your existing PAYG card - easy!!

And if you really get into it...why not look at entering a team for the Busselton Half Ironman on the 2nd May. One of you will swim 1.9km, the other ride 90km and the last will run 21.1km - not as scary as it sounds when you break it down like that!!



More results from the Rottnest Swim!

Dear Athletes

I've been busily compiling all the DUO and TEAM entrants from within the squad and their results at the weekend. I have to say, there were some great results but equally some very amusing team names too! Well done to you all. Please let me know your stories and also any photos that you took as well as I'm really keen to get a page on the website going for the squad. Here we go (place-getters are highlighted in blue FYI):


  • 207 Sick Nuts - Esther Middleton & Ariaan Purich = 7th in female +50 in 9h24
  • 227 Slow & Steady - Ray & Sally Steffanoni = 7th in mixed +75 in 7h30
  • 249 Fatboys Swim - Damon Cook & Andrew Maslen = 13th in male +75 in 6h44
  • 315 Full Steam Ahead - David Fitzpatrick & Julie Saunders = 9th in mixed +50 in 7h19
  • 341 Chelsea - Millwall Alliance - David Bishop & Mike Hodgson = 29th in male +75 in 8h36


  • 503 Walruses - Jeremy Buttsworth & Co. = 3rd in male +200 in 6h07
  • 518 Aquadragons Platinum - Tim Humphry, Bevan Lawrence & Co. = 1st in mixed +200 in 7h03
  • 519 Aquadragons Grace Darling - Annette & Guy van Hazel & Co. = 2nd in mixed +200 in 7h06
  • 641 Aquajets - Carl Andrews & Co. = 22nd in male +150 in 6h25
  • 668 Happy Snappers - Keith Anderson, Paul Merson & Co. = 75th in male +150 in 7h57
  • 676 The Four Bubbly's - Anne-Marie Kerr & Co. = 6th in female +150 in 8h09
  • 688 The Black Liners - Andrew Hopkins, Adam Wheeler & Co. = 12th in mixed +150 in 6h48
  • 698 South Perth Swim Team - Marie-Therese Hunter & Co. = 16th in mixed +150 in 7h16
  • 751 The Pole Dancers - Stuart Gicquel, Clare Hanavan & Co. = 7th in mixed +150 in 6h30
  • 777 Mother Ship - Courtenay Broderick, Catherine Fletcher, Nick Grey & Jackie Steinepreis = 38th in mixed +150 in 8h18
  • 921 Goodies Day - Lisa Day, Georgina Good & Co. = 35th in mixed +100 in 7h39
  • 955 Team O2 Group Training - Caitlin Hunt, Rhianna Hunt, Jen Newman & Co. = 32nd in mixed +100 in 7h27
  • 963 Sirens - Kym Benbow, Liz Humphry, Stephanie Marsh & Heather Meredith = 11th in female +100 in 8h38
  • 983 Gangreene - Liza Magennis, Vera Sistenich & Co. = 48th in mixed +100 in 8h03
  • 987 Burnt Sausages - Rob Murdoch & Co. = 86th in male +100 in 8h46
  • 990 ORCA - Rob van Selm & Co. = 28th in male +100 in 6h48
  • 1008 The Long and Short of it - Jan Symmington & Co. = 18th in mixed +100 in 6h49
  • 1010 KAAN Do - Kristy Fogarty & Co. = 2nd in female +100 in 6h31
  • 1017 TEAM G.I.D - Anthony Williams, David Wysocki & Co. = 50th in male +100 in 7h22
  • 1032 Zebras - Catherine Carney, Moses Matema & Co. = 52nd in mixed +100 in 8h14


  • Dream Time - Desiree Silva, Mary Tennant & Co. = 3rd in female CHARITY in 8h16

I think that's everyone, if I've omitted you by mistake, please let me know! 



Sunday, February 22, 2009

Rottnest Channel Swim Results

Dear Athletes

Well the bad news is that the Rottnest Channel Swim is sadly over for another year, but the good news is a) we had some stellar results from our 86 competing swimmers and b) it's only 5 months until we start cranking it all up again!! So it's not all bad!

It looked like it was going to be a day for records and the buzz before the race was all about if the long-standing solo record of 4h00'15" would go after 7 years. Sadly this was not to be, despite looking that way even up to the halfway mark in the race. Strong currents in the final 3km and surprisingly choppy conditions through the Gage Roads threw everyone's fast times well out of the window. The usual plan is to head south in the event of a late sea-breeze kicking in, however this proved disastrous for those who tried this to the extreme, leaving a very hard slog against the current once you reached Philip Rock. Still, whilst the average solo / duo / team unit appeared to be roughly 30 to 45 minutes slower than either last year or they had anticipated, it was a great day and best of all, no-one got attacked by a shark!

Who competed:

We had 12 solo swimmers from the squad plus another 8 whom I have been coaching with 121 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction complete the swim; 8 duo swimmers from the squad and another 6 from 121s who completed the course; and finally 31 team swimmers from the squad plus another 21 whom I have been coaching on a 121 basis. All up, thats 86 people who deserve a thorough round of applause and congratulations for getting through the swim - now the world's biggest open water channel swim in its 19th year!

Solo Swimmers:

If you have been considering a solo attempt over to Rottnest, I strongly encourage you to speak with those within the squad who attempted it for their first time this year. They will tell you that the training hurts; the stingers suck; the coach smells and is often grumpy in the morning; and that the last 3km seem like they're going to take forever - but most importantly they will tell you about the great sense of accomplishment you will feel once you (finally) reach the island and that this is what makes it all worthwhile. So without further ado, congratulations to the following solo swimmers - you did great!

  • 6th male & 9th overall in 5h24: Paul Newsome
  • 8th male & 12th overall in 5h36: John Edwards
  • 5th female & 13th overall in 5h38: Ceinwen Williams
  • 31st male & 46th overall in 6h40: Laurent Velay
  • 37th male & 53rd overall in 6h49: Andrew Hunt
  • 50th male & 73rd overall in 7h22: Wayne Morris
  • 53rd male & 80th overall in 7h34: James Andreson
  • 66th male & 96th overall in 8h17: Justin Mann
  • 33rd female & 103rd overall in 8h24: Emmy Poulson*
  • 86th male & 125th overall in 9h15: Paul Downie
  • 89th male & 128th overall in 9h30: Sylvain Guillaume
  • 40th female & 129th overall in 9h40: Kathy Phillips

* Special mention ought to go to Emmy Poulson for her sterling effort on Saturday. In 2006 Emmy was one of the last swimmers across the line in 11 hours and 30 minutes and narrowly avoided the closing cut-off. This year, without a question of a doubt, Emmy has been the most diligent and consistent athlete with her training and preparation for this event not having missed one training session in the last 7 months! Despite vomiting from sea sickness and not being able to take on any nutrition at all in the last 4 hours (!) she was rewarded on Saturday with a personal best time of over 3 hours and finished well within the main field too!!! Amazing stuff. 

A 'note' on James Anderson's arm read "J.K.S" (Just Keep Swimming) and this I think sums-up the necessary mental attitude that everyone needed for this event - when the chips are down, you've just got to "J.K.S"!!!

Full results of the event can now be seen at

We'll be having a post-race celebration at our place (22 Fairfield Street, Mount Hawthorn, WA 6016) on Friday 27th February 2009 at 6.30pm. Please make sure you pop by and say hi and share a few beers and stories with us!

I'll see you all down at the pool this week (oh yes, the fun doesn't stop here - we'll still be getting all "fresh & fruity" don't you worry!). I'll be the guy proudly displaying his Rotto Solo number plate on the back of his Vespa (if it fits!!).

Cheers and well done to everyone involved and all your support crews, without them none of this is possible! Remember that.


P.S Here's some photos to enjoy too - courtesy of our roving reporters Adam and Michelle! If you have any race stories and photos you'd like to share with the TEAM CORE, please forward them to me - I think we'll create a little space devoted to this on the website for people to peruse.

Training announcements for this week!

Dear Athletes

Well after a busy weekend with the Rottnest Channel Swim now over, we're right back into the swing of things this week as we prepare for week # 7 of 16 for our Busselton Half Ironman Program. 

IMPORTANT: Please make sure that you get your orders in for our great looking team cycle kit as soon as you possibly can. Full details and ordering can be done at We need to have the orders in to the manufacturers by Tuesday this week, so please help us by sending in your requests. We will have the kit ready for collection on the 2nd April. I will be contacting the manufacturers again today to confirm sizing (as I know a few of you are wondering about this), but please go by the charts listed on this page first as a guide. If you fail to place your order we won't be receiving any further kit until June at the earliest, so please don't delay! Thanks in advance!

Please be aware of the following this week:

  1. Both the Time-4-Me swim session at 9.30am and the Bike Intervals at 6 / 6.15pm will both be on as usual on Monday.
  2. We are anticipating a small lull in numbers in our early morning squad sessions (5.30am, 6.30am and 7.30am) on a Tuesday and Friday morning for the next couple of weeks following the Rottnest Swim, however, THESE SESSIONS WILL STILL BE RUNNING. Please, please, please, if you have been a regular for these sessions but now know that you may take a couple of weeks off or re-start again in the winter, please let me know asap as we have a few people seeking to join these sessions in the interim period in preparation for the Busselton Half Ironman in particular.
  3. On Tuesday evening at 6pm at the Claremont Pool we shall be holding an informal discussion for all those interested and part of the Half Ironman Program on the topic of nutrition (both pre, during and after training / race day). This will be an excellent opportunity to get your nutrition plan sorted in lead up to the event. Nutrition really is the 4th discipline in this type of event - get it wrong and your race is over. Immediately afterwards we will have a squad swim session at 7pm.
  4. Wednesday's early morning cycle ride at 5.50am from the Bouchard Cafe will be back to normal after last week's recovery session - I'll be in attendance on my trusty Vespa!
  5. Wednesday's Time-4-Me session at 9.30am will (for this day only) take place down at Cottesloe Beach, meeting on the grassy area directly adjacent to the Indianna Tea Rooms and looking out at the Pylon. Another excellent opportunity to develop your confidence in the openwater and practice some ocean-specific skills. We'll be meeting at 9.15am for some stretching prior to the session.
  6. Thursday's run session will be as normal at Lake Monger at 6 / 6.15pm and the 4 Fresh & Fruity Friday swim sessions at 5.30am, 6.30am, 7.30am and 9.30am will all be on as usual at Claremont Pool.
  7. SOCIAL DO: On Friday at 6.30pm we will be holding a BBQ and drinks at my place (22 Fairfield Street, Mount Hawthorn - just down from the Paddington Ale House). This will be a celebration for all those who swam to Rottnest last weekend and their partners. Please bring your own drinks and meat for the BBQ and we'll provide condiments (salad, bread etc). Look forward to seeing you there!
  8. Saturday's bike ride will meet at 6.30am at the Bell Tower and will follow the revised route (different from the program and which wasn't ridden a couple of weeks ago) at (substituting the meeting venue stipulated there with the Bell Tower). I will be stretching my legs this week with you guys (after 7 months off concentrating on the swim!) and we will be dividing the group up into 2 levels of ability.
  9. Saturday's 1pm Squad Swim Session at Claremont Pool will be back on as normal.
  10. Sunday sees the running of the Annual Women's Triathlon (750m / 20km / 5km) - if you plan to do this, I would suggest you ride a max of 2hrs with us on Saturday.

Cheers - looks like a good week!


Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fancy a race for Rio Tinto at the BRW on the 8th March

Dear Athletes

Rio Tinto is missing 6 people for two of its corporate relay teams for the BRW event on the 8th March and we have been asked if anyone is keen to fill those places. One of the teams is where each of you complete a swim of 400m, a cycle of 10km and a run of 4km, and the other team is where 3 members each do just one of the component legs. There's a singlet for each member of the team plus post race nibbles and drinks. Its a great, fun race and if you haven't yet raced this season or fancied your first TRI event, this would be a good non-threatening one to attempt. Plus, all entry fees are paid!

If you fancy it, please email Mel at as soon as possible (before 5pm today if you can!).




Dear Athletes

It is with great pleasure and a huge sigh of relief (!) that we have finally put the wheels in motion to have some custom-made Cycling Clothing produced for The TEAM CORE. This will be ready for the start of April, and most importantly for our Rottnest Boot Camp on the 3rd to 5th April 2009! Orders need to be in by 5pm on Monday 23rd February, so please, don't delay!

Belynda Alves of Graphics Overflow (and wife of legendary inner-tube-changer, Gabe Alves!) has completed the design with some stunning effects that will really turn some heads when we're out riding as a group. Imagine 20+ riders on a Wednesday morning all wearing this kit at the same time - it'll be awesome and really help to unite us as the strong TEAM that we are! Thanks Byl - it looks awesome!!!

You can now view and order your kit at - wow - thats funky stuff!! Jerseys will be $95.00 and Shorts (in either a bibbed or non-bibbed version) will be $100 - OR you can order both for just $175.00!!! A small price to pay to be the coolest cat on the road around Perth!

We are having the top-quality garments produced by Champion System Clothing. From their site:

CS has quickly become the leader in custom cycling clothing.  Whether you're a pro racing team or a local club Champion System has the products, prices and services you demand. Champion System clothing has been worn to victories in National Championships, World Championships and countless races around the world. Only Champion System jerseys move and breathe with you using our exclusive microfiber CS-Tech polyster wicking fabric.  Our jerseys are designed for cool, warm, and hot/humid conditions. Champion System jerseys are anatomically shaped and tailored to a riding position.

As it happens, I already have some of their gear myself from the team I raced for in Canada in 2006 and will bring this along to running tonight and swimming tomorrow morning for your perusal. It really is very comfortable and the chamois in the shorts is a dream!!!

I'd like to thank our main title sponsor, Kitchen Warehouse, and their managing director and owner Chris Murphy for all his help with getting this project rolling. We also have Justin Palmer of Bar OneTwenty in Hillary's Boat Harbour (also a TEAM CORE member), Sebastian Bouchard of the Bouchard Cafe on Mount Street and the boys at ScanPan to also thank for their support.

So come on, don't delay, I know its a busy weekend, but please, please try to get your order in today to help us collate all the items required asap.



Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Details for Wednesday's ride & Saturday

Dear Athletes

Please be advised that I will not be in attendance for tomorrow's easy recovery ride, leaving from the Bouchard Cafe on Mount Street at 5.50am. A suggested route for you to take on this easy ride where you are encouraged to keep things social, is to ride to Canning Bridge but then head down towards Applecross and Point Walter, looping around at the roundabout by the golf course at Point Walter or after 40 minutes (whichever comes sooner) and then heading back for a coffee. I'll be back at this session next week as usual.

Also, please be advised that there will be NO squad swim session on Saturday afternoon at 1pm due to the Rottnest Channel Swim. Those of you riding that morning (which will also be a steady round-the-river ride), may like to either meet a little earlier at 5.45am from the Bell Tower and ride out down to Cottesloe to see the start of the swim, or alternatively start from Cottesloe Beach and head off for a ride at ~8am after most people have started. Your choice obviously, but I know that the guys swimming would love your support!



Monday, February 16, 2009

Panic Stations! Can anyone help out?!

Dear Athletes

I've just received 2 emails seeking assistance this Saturday for some of our squad swimmers at the Rottnest Channel Swim. Can anyone help:

  1. Lisa Palmer is looking for a paddler, if you can help please email
  2. Stephanie and Liz desperately need a boat and preferably a skipper to go with it! Their's has sadly withdrawn at the last moment. Please, if you can help or know anyone who could, please call Steph on 0402 146 223

I've also just heard on good authority that the weather on Saturday is going to be 110% perfect, so you needn't trouble yourself with watching the weather reports this week, its all going to be OK and we're going to shoot along over there! 

Remember guys, control the controllables - you can't control the weather so it's really not worth worrying about this week at all - you'd be much better advised to spend that energy focusing on doing what you can and what you have been doing for the last 6 months successfully, and that is just getting out there and swimming your best!



Saturday, February 14, 2009

Taper Tactics & a few final words of encouragement!

Dear Athletes

Well the Rottnest Channel Swim is almost upon us - this time next week it will all be over and we'll be wondering what to do with ourselves!!! Actually, at this specific time next week I hope we'll all be over at the Quokka Arms Hotel (or whatever it's new name is?) sharing a beer or 3 and discussing how the day went!


We've already begun our taper down into the event and many of you have been commenting on how good you are starting to feel now that some of the training load has been reduced. However, it is also totally normal to feel a little flat and lethargic at this stage too! This is where this week comes in! In this final week of taper (which happens to coincide with the Half Ironman Group's 2nd recovery week), we will be knocking off even more duration, but importantly maintaining a sense of intensity. This helps to lift you out of your lethargic state. Friday's swim was a classic example of this - fast 200m intervals but with 10-15s MORE rest than I'd normally give you over this distance. It was still a tough set, but not massively tough like some of our Fresh & Fruity Friday's have been recently. You all responded well to this session. 

So here's a quick look at what I'll be recommending this week, especially for the DUO and SOLO swimmers:

SUNDAY 15th = REST DAY or participation in the Sprint Relays at CCGS

MONDAY 16th = A light swim in your own time today (or the 9.30am Time-4-Me session), doing no more than 2.5km focusing on drills and feeling good. Don't start going crazy this week with a massive carbo loading mission. Just stay hydrated, eat a little more at each meal and have some light snacks through the day as normal and try to avoid feeling hungry or sugar-low at any point this week.

TUESDAY 17th = Early am squad session. Focus will be on form and technique with a couple of short intervals of 50m in there too. Not too hard though!! Strictly only one session today, even for those who have been doing doubles or triples!

WEDNESDAY 18th = Same as Monday, but incorporate 5 x 200m intervals with 30s recovery at an intensity of 6.5 out of 10 (so that you have no problems holding a consistent pace). Again, the Time-4-Me session at 9.30am might be an option for you.

THURSDAY 19th = REST DAY. Everything about today should be E-A-S-Y. Chances are you might not sleep overly well tomorrow night and with the early Saturday morning start you need to be getting to bed early on Thursday night in a relaxed state to maximize on your sleep reserves. Use today to tie together any loose-ends with respect your crew, nutrition etc, BUT remember "chill out and don't have a cow man!" as Bart Simpson would say! Spend 30 minutes visualizing the race and what it will feel like, how good and smooth your stroke will feel and how you're going to have a great day. Read through our pointers at on two occasions today to help you stay positive. Really well worth a read!

FRIDAY 20th = Early am squad session. This will be light and easy for everyone concerned. Don't expect a big session, even if you're not racing (you still need an easier session this week after the last few biggies!). ALWAYS have a water bottle with you today...oh yeah, and drink from it! I'd recommend alternating one bottle of water with one bottle of sports drink, finishing each one in ~ 90 minutes. Don't be pedantic about this though - you don't need to be!

SATURDAY 21st = Get up a good 3 hours before your start time to give you plenty of time to get ready. Have a light snack or cereal immediately so as to top up your liver glycogen stores which deplete over night giving you the hungry sensation you probably feel. Have a proper breakfast but DON'T stuff yourself. Eat until you are 80% full is what I'd normally suggest (incidentally, this is why the Japanese live so long apparently - never stuffing themselves full, which leaves you bloated, lethargic and potentially sickly starting the event). Avoid doubling-up on the carbs with breakfast and a sports drink at the same time. Have your breakie with "normal" liquids (preferably water) and then start sipping the sports drink after you've given your breakfast ~30 to 40 minutes to start digesting. Relax, keep cool and stay positive. 

Now go out there and do your best - after all, no-one can ask anymore of you, yourself included!

See you out there!


Thursday, February 12, 2009

This Weekend's Training and Racing

Dear athletes

Just to keep you posted with what's on this weekend:

  • Friday - 6.30pm dinner at Mambo Italiano's at 316 the Boulevard, City Beach for all Rottnest Swimmers.
  • Saturday - 6.30am meet at the Bell Tower for a ride of ~3h30. This will be a smaller group than normal owing to all the racing that will be on. You are encouraged to print out the following directions to help you enjoy this ride, or choose to make up your own similar distance ride as per your HIM programs. Check it out at (Kalamunda Hills ride - 2nd post).
  • Saturday - 7.45am final long swim of ~ 6 to 7km in the ocean (steady) meeting at Trigg SLSC Tower at 7.45am. Breakfast afterwards.
  • Saturday - 8.00am Leighton Beach 1.6km swim.
  • Saturday afternoon - Champion Lakes Sprint Triathlon event - good luck!
  • Saturday - 1.00pm - Squad Swim Session at Claremont Pool
  • Sunday morning - Leighton Beach mini-triathlon.

Phew! That seems like a lot! Nothing compared to D-Day next weekend!!!



Monday, February 9, 2009

Thursday's predicted heatwave and running!

Dear Athletes

Please be advised that due to the predicted high temperatures this week, topping out at 40+ degrees on Thursday, we will meet at Cottesloe Beach at 6pm for a 6.15pm start for the Thursday running intervals session. Meeting point will be in the main Cottesloe Beach car park by the motorcycle bay at the extreme south of the car park. Hopefully it'll be a little cooler down at the beach and we'll finish the session with a quick dip in the ocean - should be nice!!

Hope to see you then.


Saturday, February 7, 2009

Swanny Swim Results & Bike Maintenance Course

Dear Athletes

Firstly, please be reminded that we shall be holding a FREE cycle-maintenance session (i.e. how to change your inner-tubes, check your brakes, keep it clean etc) for all those keen on Tuesday evening at 6pm at the Claremont Pool, immediately before our 4th squad swim of the day at 7pm! Please make the effort to attend and please let me know if you can bring a bike for me to use as an example.

Secondly, 15 of The TEAM CORE's Rotto Swim Squad was out in full effect on Saturday morning at the annual Cottesloe to Swanbourne 2.2km swim. We had some very promising results, all of which can be seen at: A summary of these results is as follows:

  • WINNER = Benjamin Hewitt in 22:44
  • Paul Newsome, 5th, 23:02
  • Ceinwen Williams,10th (+ 2nd female), 25:02
  • Wayne Morris, 26th, 26:32
  • Andrew Hunt, 34th, 26:58
  • Paul Downie, 72nd, 29:08
  • Andrew Maslen, 92nd, 30:08
  • Emmy Poulson, 100th, 30:23
  • Andrew Hopkins, 120th, 31:04
  • Clare Hanavan, 122nd, 31:11
  • Courtenay Harris, 129th, 31:21
  • Olivia Della-Martina, 144th, 31:50
  • Anne-Marie D'Arcy, 174th, 32:34
  • Stuart Gicquel, 184th, 32:54
  • Sally Steffanoni, 298th, 37:15
  • NB: Justin Mann also swam but without a timing chip so we don't know how well he went, but judging on recent performances with the boys on a weekend, it would have been pretty good!

Roll on Rotto!!!!!

Kind regards


Paul Newsome
Head Coach
World Class Coaching in Your Language!
Tel. +61 (0) 431 540 980

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

The Rottnest Swim "Last Supper"!!

Dear Athletes

We will be holding a special celebratory pre-race dinner for all Rottnest Swimmers and their support crew(s) at the Mambo Italiano Restaurant in City Beach (4 /316 the Boulevard) on Friday 13th February at 6.30pm (meet) for a 7pm sit-down for dinner.

Every member of the squad (team, duo or solo) is invited and you might like to use this opportunity to perhaps buy dinner for your support crew (where appropriate) to thank them for their support thus far and also in anticipation of the event on the 21st February. It will be a good chance for us all to have one final big catch-up pre-race to share any final thoughts, ideas and even to simply share a few laughs and drinks over what has been a tremendous build-up to the event.

You might want to check your Entertainment Books for any coupons which might save you a bob or two as well!!

Please, please RSVP with numbers so that we can let the restaurant know how many people to expect. It will be a great evening and we very much hope you can attend!

The count-down is on!



P.S Think I forgot to mention that the Saturday afternoon swim will still be on this Saturday despite the Cott-Swanny swim in the morning. Hope to see some of you there.

Male and Female Course Records Smashed!!!

Dear Athletes

Awesome conditions met The TEAM CORE's newly assembled Half Ironman Group down at our regular 11.3km time-trial testing circuit in Shelley. The pace was definitely hot right from the word go and both the male and female course records were smashed convincingly by Joe Kierath and Sue-ann Anderson who went sub-16 and sub-18 minutes for the very first time - superb!!

It was a great turn-out with 20 of the crew turning up to gauge where they are at early into the program. It'll be interesting to see what improvements have been made when we test again in the next phase of training, especially for those who are still feeling very much unfit at the moment. But as I always say, "all's you can do, is all's you can do!" Today was purely a measure of where you are at right here and now, nothing more, nothing less!

Here's how it broke down:

Speed (km/h)
Joe Kierath
Maurius Grobelaar
Stu Murray
Mark McNaulty
Sue-ann Anderson
Nathan Thompson
Matt Biddle
Jane Day
Judi Clemie
Chrissie Plush
Andrew Holmes
Helen Masson
Carly Innes
Mel Cundy
Renee Baker
Gillian Evans
Chris Murphy
Mary Tennant
Anna Forgione
Desiree Silva

Well done everyone!


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A few notes for this week...

Dear Athletes

I hope you are all coping in the heat a little better than I am!! OK, ok, so I'm a soft Pom - we all know that!! ;-)

Anyway, just a couple of notes for this week:

  • Our 9.30am Time-4-Me session this Friday will be held down at Cottesloe Beach, meeting in front of the pylon on the grass bank underneath the Indianna Tea Rooms. We will be swimming between the groyne and the pylon and will be an excellent chance to practice some openwater swim skills, especially for those new to openwater swimming. Between now and the end of March, there will be 3 occasions when we have to do this (Fri 6th Feb; Wed 25th Feb; Fri 3rd April), owing to a busy schedule of carnival bookings at the Claremont Pool during this period. Please also note that there will be several instances when we have to relocate to the 25m pool for our 9.30am sessions, but we will try to keep the disruption to an absolute minimum where possible. For those who were with us last year, you'll remember this change of scenery was actually a lot of good fun!

  • Please, please, please ensure that you only attend the swim squad session that you have nominated with us, especially the 5.30am and 6.30am crew. I'm sorry to be a nag, but we had a very busy 5.30am session today due to 5 people from the 6.30am session turning up early. It's really, really great that we have so much consistency in attendance at the moment, but please help us to help you guys by attending your nominated session. Thanks in advance!

  • Also on Saturday is the annual Cottesloe to Swanbourne Classic Swim (2.2km) which all Rottnest Swimmers are advised to do. Start is 8.00am and you can register online at The SOLO and DUO swimmers will then have the option of swimming back to Cottesloe Beach to round off a good morning of swimming.

Have a good week and stay cool!