Friday, November 21, 2014

Proudest day of my life...well, after the birth of Jackson and Isla of course!

Dear Swimmers

I am so excited to let you know that today we announced a long-term partnership with the International Triathlon Union (the ITU) - the world's governing body for the Olympic sport of triathlon. Swim Smooth have been selected to be the ITU's official coaching partner to help educate and train up their fleet of affiliated coaches from 119 countries around the world!

It's almost precisely 10 years to the day since I founded Swim Smooth right here in sunny Perth and now all the great coaching that you receive on a day-2-day basis at Claremont Swimming Pool will now be accessible to swimmers and triathletes all around the world. I am so proud I'm just bursting (sorry for the big head!).

I would like to add in a special thanks to all of you whom have supported me over the years, through 1-2-1 sessions, attending the squads and just being the great people that you are. I love my career and wouldn't rather be doing anything else in any other sector for any amount of mullah!

Without what we do here in Perth day-in/day-out none of this would be possible, so in your own special way you too are very much part of this partnership too and I cannot thank you enough!

Have a great weekend,


P.S here's the full announcement:

Thursday, November 20, 2014

CSS Results - Better Late Than Never!

Dear Swimmers

Sincerest apologies for the lengthy wait for these CSS results from a few weeks ago (eek!) - sorry!

Ranked alphabetically:

Ranked by CSS:

I haven't linked in / compared with our last set of results in July, but you can reference them here:

…and the entire back-list of archival results here:

Well done to the 132 of you who participated and sincere thanks for your patience at what has been a monumentally busy time for me (nearly at the end of that tunnel!)



Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Don't be down-hearted if you didn't get into Rotto...

Dear Swimmers

It's been a week of contrasts - from the high-highs of those who successfully secured a place for a Rottnest Duo or Team or who have registered to complete their very first Solo swim, to the low-lows of those who sadly missed out in the ballot. However, fret not! You might have never thought about attempting a 5k or 10k ocean swim and now could be the perfect opportunity to set your goals on one of these events instead!

The full 2014/15 open water series calendar can be found at

…a really cool event in it's second year is the 7km point-to-point swim from Leighton Beach to Swanbourne on the 11th January. These events and others can be entered here and advantage of the 4 for 3 deal offered by Swimming WA.

So why not target something a little different this season and who knows, it could be your stepping-stone to a full solo crossing of the Rottnest Channel in February 2016 where you'd be guaranteed an entry at least!

See you out there!


PS super sorry for the delays in getting the CSS results from a few weeks ago out to you all - having my parents over and also a big coaching project with a major governing body that we're due to announce later next week has meant I've been side-tracked on this. Very sorry! Most of you who were interested in knowing the results have already got their info from me direct on the pool deck and those who haven't have been "happy" to attempt the newly updated lane times. All being well I should get these completed tomorrow. Massive thanks for your patience!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Kalbarri - you've got to go if you never have!

Nature's Window, Kalbarri National Park

**JUST BECOME AVAILABLE** I have a coveted 1-2-1 Video Analysis session that's become available at 8am next Wednesday 12th November. Cost is $189 and available to the first applicant. Be quick though, as future bookings are being taken from the 3rd week in February currently.

Dear Swimmers

Please excuse me whilst I indulge my photo hobby with you - we've just had a wonderful 4 nights stay at the Kalbarri Beach Resort and I am hoping some of you will like to see the photos if you've never been before!

The resort even had a 25m 2-lane outdoor pool at a perfect 27ÂșC which I used to smash out several 5k "Red Mist" sets too whilst I was there, and the Murchison River was awesome for a couple of open water swims too. We loved it so much we're off back for Christmas for 6 nights with Michelle's parents - I can't wait!

A quick dip in Moore River on the way up!

Just hanging out!

Such beauty!


Waiting for the Pelicans, 8.45am (precisely)

Feeding time!

Au Revoir!

View from the hill!

Wallaroo...can you see him? Jackson spotted him!

No one mentioned the crocs!

My new favourite pool - the kids LOVED it!

Mother Smooth and Papa Smooth at The Pinnacles

Acrobats at Sunset!

Check out Isla's splits!

Jackson didn't want to go home!

Blue Holes! Amazing!

Getting all zinced up for the sun!

The owners of the great Finlay's Fish BBQ gave Isla a wig which she then never removed all holiday!

The view to Kalbarri

Island Rock

How we started every morning...a ride along the coast!

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

4 for 3 deal on OWS series races, exclusive to the Perth Swim Smooth Squad!

Dear swimmers

Please be advised that Swimming WA and the Perth Swim Smooth Squad have joined forces to bring you a great deal if you plan to compete in multiple Open Water Series races this season. Simply enter:

  • City Beach on 16/11/14
  • Champion Lakes on 14/12/14
  • Point to Point on 11/1/15
...and your application will be flagged to receive a free entry to the Sorrento event on 26/1/15 - every little helps, right?!

To take advantage of this great offer, simply sign up for those 3 events at and the IT boffins will do the rest!

P.S don't delay if you're planning to enter City Beach, as Cottesloe last Sunday was a sell-out with 550 entries!!



Monday, November 3, 2014

More Room At The Inn Kindly Requested

Dear swimmers

I've had a great stay in Kalbarri - such an amazing place - and will be back on pool deck tomorrow morning (Tuesday, 530am).

One of our studying coaches from Hong Kong (Fenella Ng, female) will be arriving on the morning of Monday 21st November and leaving to watch the Ironman in Busselton on 5th December. She's kindly seeking a homestay relatively close to the pool whilst she visits and wonder if you could help out? If so, please drop me a return email. Any help / suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Fenella was on our last coaches course in Oxfordshire back in July.

Many thanks


Thursday, October 30, 2014

Hola from Kalbarri!

Dear swimmers 

Hope you're all doing dandy! Just to let you know that I'm away for 4 nights visiting the wonderful Kalbarri Beach Resort with Mish, the kids and my folks (check out that pic! A whole 25m pool to "myself" - perfect for a little Red Mist and CSS tuning!). This place is amazing!!

Sally will be taking most of my sessions in my absence, with Cyndy taking the Monday 930am session. I will be back on pool deck on Tuesday morning, nicely refreshed!

I have forwarded the new CSS allocations per lane to Sally based on last weeks test but won't have everyone's individual CSS times calculated and published until later next week (though those of you who were really keen to know what they were have already asked me anyway). Thanks for your patience on this!!

Have a great weekend and see you next week!