Thursday, August 28, 2014

It's here! Our FREE 2015 Rottnest Channel Swim Program!

Dear Swimmers,

This year's 2015 Rottnest Channel Swim Program is now ready for your viewing pleasure here. The program starts on Monday 6th October 2014 and runs for a total of 20 weeks. The intention is that you'll spend the next 5 and a bit weeks "training to train, before training to race", essentially readying your body and schedule to knuckle-down as best as "life" allows for what is a small, but very doable window.

I've personally had a shocking run of trying to get back into it over the last few weeks and keep trying to tell myself that I've still got plenty of time, and the reality is you have - work out the kinks in your schedule, health, family / work / social life now to be able to roll as seamlessly into the start of the program as possible. You don't need to be training the house down already, but you do need to start getting some consistency to what you are doing within the next couple of weeks, so make that your priority.

Rottnest Channel Swim Program Webinar:

Last year I delivered a very well received webinar on successfully training up for marathon swimming events such as the Rottnest Channel swim and went through training specifics, nutrition plans, injury prevention etc. It's 75 minutes in length, but well worth a watch over a coffee and muffin, especially for those of you contemplating this for the first time - see:

The Program:

You can now download our totally free 2015 Rottnest Channel Swim Program at the following link: is only 2mb in size and is designed to be read on your computer as it contains links off to various other bits and pieces that will help you during your training.

Please take a good read through of the material for anyone doing (or thinking about doing) the event in a little over 5 months time. By all means circulate to friends, family, work colleagues etc - I simply ask that if you are planning on doing the event and seek to follow the program that you quickly email me to let me know if you're doing a Solo, Duo or Team and then I shall watch out for you!

A few notable points:

most of the early morning squads are already close to capacity and as such, if you're not already swimming in some of the sessions which feature in this program, please email me on to be kept informed if / when spaces become available. I can't guarantee to be able to get you in but will keep you posted.
a really good session to consider to start building up your endurance is the new Friday 9.30am 1.5hr endurance session which replicates the fully booked Wednesday 5.30am session - email me for a place.
we do have 4 places available in our Saturday 1pm session for the first 5 people to raise their hands for interest in these. 
given that the squads have been so busy, it may not be possible for those of you who sometimes do a double 5.30am to 7.30am session on a Tuesday and Friday to do this this season, however, three solutions: 1) swim in the 6.30am session and then continue on to 8.30am when the pool is much quieter (I'll still be on pool deck with a 1-2-1 which is good); 2) do the double at 6.30pm on a Tuesday evening, i.e. two separate sessions in a day - if you've never tried this it's actually very effective; 3) swim with me on a couple of the sessions listed in the Program to boost your volume at quieter times.
if you don't already have a copy of our new book and are planning to do quite a bit of swimming by yourself, I'd highly encourage you to order a copy as there are literally over 5,000 possible training session ideas in there that you'll be able to use to compliment the longer, more specific sessions that feature in this program.
I have added a little more detail than last year to the volume recommendation for Thursday 6am open water sessions at Claremont Jetty and also Sunday 7am Claremont Jetty sessions. These are not coached per se, but allow you to swim with a group of like-minded swimmers which is very motivating and encouraging.
for those of you either living out of town or whom cannot attend the squads due to work schedules or because they are full, stay tuned right around the start of the program for news of a new paid-for initiative that should allow you to follow the full detail of all the sessions that the squad will be doing. I will not be writing any personalised programs for the event this year, but as you will see with what we have coming up, you'll have more than enough specific info / ideas to work with - exciting!
the five long Sunday pool sessions are all brand-new and re-written from the 2013 & 2014 programs - I hope you enjoy!
we start on Monday 6th October and run for 20 weeks to Saturday 21st February 2015 (race day).

Cheers everyone, can't wait to get cracking!


Very rare! Several 121 Video Analysis Sessions and a 1-day Swim Smooth Clinic NOW available in October!

Dear Swimmers

Owing to slight change in plan, we will now be running a 2-week Coach Certification program from 22nd September to 5th October and 3-day Coach Education Course on 10-12th October. 

As such, though we had originally hoped to pop over to Hawaii for the Ironman in Kona on 11th October, we will no longer be doing so and instead focusing on the coaching here in Perth.

The great news for everyone in the squad is that during October (when many of you start popping back out of the woodwork!) we'll have many hands on the coaching "deck" which will be great. 

1-day Swim Smooth Swimmer's Clinic:

On Sunday 12th October for the very first time on Australian soil (despite over 250 of these 1-day clinics having now been run worldwide since 2005!!) we will be running a very special 1-day Swim Smooth Clinic as per details here.

The course will run from 9am to 5.30pm and will feature full video analysis of your stroke, some theory work around what makes an efficient freestyle stroke and how you can incorporate these ideas into your own swimming, as well as a 2-hr stroke technique development session.

This is a jam-packed day and we will literally have better than 1-2-1 coach:athlete support given that this forms the third day of the aforementioned 3-day Coach Education Course.

Cost of the 1-day course is $325 and is open to a maximum of 12 swimmers.

My recommendation is that course would best suit those either very new to the squad (within the last 2-3 months) or friends / family members of the squad who don't regularly train with us but want an intensive day of tuition (given that some cross-over of material for those familiar with our drills / methods will be on the program).

Please respond by email with name, age, email address and mobile contact number for anyone interested, clearly stating that this is a request for the 1-day Clinic on Sunday 12th October.

For those more established / experienced squad swimmers or those whom don't have a full day to spare, please read on…

1-2-1 Video Analysis Sessions:

By not flying to Kona, it also means that I've been able to free up the following 121 video analysis sessions which have recently been operating with a six month waiting list.

These will be offered on a strictly first-come, first-served basis and are expected to fill up very quickly! So if you've been thinking about doing one yourself for a while or have a friend / partner who you think would benefit and are maybe training for something like the Mandurah 70.3 event, Busselton Ironman or the Rottnest Channel Swim - now is the time to book a spot! 

I am anticipating that by offering these sessions that some of my pre-booked clients in late October, November, December and January will seek to be moved forwards and if this is requested then those that do will be obliged the first available spots. However, as regular attendees of the squad, I wanted to post this availability out to you all first as recognition of your continued support for what we do.

So, fingers on the buzzers…here are the dates / times - please act ASAP - go! :-)

  • Saturday 27th September at 2.30pm
  • Monday 6th October at 8.10am
  • Tuesday 7th October at 7.45am and 9.30am
  • Wednesday 8th October at 8am
  • Friday 10th October at 2pm
  • Saturday 11th October at 9am & 2.30pm
  • Monday 13th October at 8.10am
  • Tuesday 14th October at 7.45am and 9.30am
  • Wednesday 15th October at 8am
  • Friday 17th October at 7.45am

Please email your name, email address and mobile contact number and the date(s) you wish to book. I will then confirm your dates as I receive them and send a payment link through shortly thereafter.

Cost until the new year is $189 for this 70-75 minute session.



Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Accommodation thanks and another request for help!

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're all doing splendidly this week! I'm well on the mend with my teeth and starting to feel much healthier - thank goodness!

Still no word on when Super Sue will swim the English Channel sadly, but as soon as I know I will let you know - keep your well wishes and thoughts coming!!

Mega Megan crossed the Prince Edward Island Sound last week successfully and became the 24th person ever to do so without a wetsuit! Yay Megan! And Andrew Hunt also successfully crossed the Catalina Channel making him an honorary member of the so-called "Triple Crown" club - well done that man - hopefully we'll have fuller reports to detail soon!

OK, thanks for the great response re. accommodation home stays for our visiting coaches on the 22nd September - I think we are now all sorted.

I have also received a request for one of Britain's top female triathletes (Emma Pallant, recent winner of the London Triathlon) to come and spend November in Perth training with the squad after we did some work with her and her two Olympian coaches (Michelle Dillon and Stuart Hayes) in the UK which is really reaping the benefits for her now. As such, I'm also looking to try and find Emma some accommodation for the month of November if anyone can help, please let me know!

Many thanks as ever,


Saturday, August 23, 2014

Looking for 3 more home stays if possible...can you help?

Dear Swimmers

It's rapidly approaching that time of year again when we invite a small collection of esteemed coaches over to Perth for our 2 week coach certification program. These three coaches have been hand selected from the 195 coaches worldwide whom have now sat our initial 3-day Coach Education Course and we're very excited to invite Lance (USA), Sinead (Ireland) and Gavin (UK) over to Perth for the course starting on Monday 22nd September until Sunday 5th October.

The coaches will mostly be arriving on Saturday 20th September and leaving on Monday 6th October and we're hoping to find them each a home-stay during this period if at all possible. Last year worked out great with coaches Morgan, Stacee, Cath and Dominic and allowed them a real opportunity to gel with their 'families' and also get a nice taste of the Perth environs.

I'd be really appreciative if anyone were able to help out this time around as well. If you could let me know by return email, that'd be great. The coaches wouldn't necessarily be expecting a free home stay, but obviously with costs of travel over to Perth, we're hoping to cut the cost of hotel accommodation for example significantly. I'm pretty sure they'd be open to 'contra' arrangements on video analysis session(s) or assistance with your own swimming :-)

Cheers and thanks for the consideration.


Friday, August 22, 2014

Andrew, Geoff and Pete to swim the Catalina Channel

Whilst we are still waiting with baited breath to hear about Sue Oldham's English Channel swim, I have just had the following sent through from Andrew Hunt of Lane 4 Tuesday 630am sessions - I hope you can watch and support the boys!!



Hi Paul, setting out for my swim tonight (LA time).   If interested, you can track the swim like this:

All of our swims can be tracked on the mapswim web page which shows a map of the swim between Emerald Bay on Catalina Island and Palos Verdes on the mainland near Long beach.   The map should show a flattering photo of the swimmer at their current location, along with a track of coloured markers showing progress.   The white concentric circles on the map show 1km and 5km bands from the start, giving a rough idea of the distances.

My swim starts at midnight on Thursday 21st August (which is 3pm on Friday 22nd) and should take 12 hours plus or minus 2 hours, so I should be finished between 1am and 5am on Saturday morning.

Geoff's swim starts at midnight on Monday 25th August (which is 3pm on Tuesday 26th, finishing early on Wednesday morning).

Pete's swim starts at midnight on Wednesday 27th August (which is 3pm on Thursday 28th, finishing early on Friday morning)

For my swim Tory will be tweeting some photos and updates via twitter,  follow on twitter go get these updates.

For Geoff's swim Tory and I will tweet some updates on

For Pete's swim I'm sure Lisa will post some updates on facebook.


Friday, August 15, 2014

Back to the waiting game again for Sue...

Dear Swimmers

Sorry to be the barer of "bad" news, but Sue Oldham's skipper has just stood the crew down for Sue's attempt to swim the English Channel at what would have been 6.30am AWST Saturday 16th August due to the weather window suddenly narrowing considerably. I will keep you posted as ever on any further updates and when Sue will get her next chance - this waiting game is tough I tell you, none moreso than for Sue who we're all sending positive weather vibes!!

In the meantime Mega Megan Surrette will be attempting to swim the Prince Edward Island Sound in Nova Scotia at 7pm AWST Sunday - as soon as I have more details I will let you know.



Thursday, August 14, 2014

Sue's at it again!

Dear Swimmers

All being well we should be able to track Sue across the English Channel now the weather has settled somewhat at 6.30/7am our time on Saturday morning (Sue's 11.30pm - so ~5 hours in the dark to start, which she'll relish as a beautifully peaceful way to start her attempt!).

Here's that link again:

Go Sue! We're all behind you and sending you awesome vibes!