Monday, February 8, 2010

Recommendations for the final run-up to Rottnest!

Dear Swimmers

If you are searching for inspiration and direction for your run-up to the Rottnest Channel Swim 2010, may I suggest you have a look at some of my suggestions from last year which are still current for this time around:

Above all though guys and girls, I think the big thing that came out of the Rottnest meeting last Friday at Suzanne's house was that a) you are all fighting fit and raring to go; b) you cannot get any fitter now, but you can over-cook it in these last few weeks which will be detrimental (now's the time to ease off); c) don't make any drastic changes - you have all survived (well) on the longer swims, so don't go making any drastic changes to your nutrition plans please (see the Placid.pdf document for some good Menu suggestions as discussed on Friday).

As for this week, SOLO swimmers should swim as normal, doing the double on Tuesday (today) - normal Wednesday, Thursday and then just a single session on Friday. I will send out details of this Saturday's swim later on in the week, but it'll be at Trigg Beach at 7.00am and we'll do a ~6-8km swim on this day (cruisey) depending on how you're feeling.

And, if I can give you one final tip, let it be this - keep hydrated and plenty of early nights!!! ;-)



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