Saturday, December 27, 2008

Training this week!

Dear athletes

I hope you have had a great Christmas week and have enjoyed some much
deserved R&R with your friends and family.

Just a reminder of the training sessions that we have available to you
this week:

Mon 29th - nothing
Tue 30th - squad swim at 530 or 630am. No need to book, come along to
whichever session works best for you. Also open to all our Time:4:Me
swimmers too!
Wed 31st - come and have a go at our annual 1500m fun swim "handicap"
event down at Cottesloe beach. Meet at 7am on grass bank in front of
the pylon. Lots of fun and open to all your friends and family
members. Breakfast at Daisies afterwards.
Thur 1st - nothing, nurse that hangover day!
Fri 2nd - squad swims at 530 and 630am. Same conditions apply as per
Sat 3rd - squad swim at 1pm.

All sessions return to normal as per Monday 5th January. Please refer
to for full details!

Hope to see you this week and to bring the New Year in with The Team



Paul Newsome
Head Coach
Multisport Coaching in Your Language!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Athletes Needed for Nutrition Study

Nicola Holmes is conducting research in early 2009 looking at the effect of exercise intensity on sweat losses with particular focus on sweat sodium loss. Athletes training up for the half ironman in May would be perfect subjects for the study.

Some brief details about the study: 

What does the study involve?

As a subject you will be required to visit Curtin University on three seperate occasions for about 1.5hrs (times will be very flexible to fit around work/training/other commitments). You will be asked to cycle in a heat chamber at a given intensity for a short period (about 40 minutes) Sweat collecting devices will be attached to your arms and legs so that sweat analysis can be performed. This will give us information about your sweat rate aswell as the concentration of electrolytes such as sodium and potassium. 

What are the benefits for me?

Having a good understanding of your individual sweat composition is vital to ensure an optimal hydration strategy can be developed for training/racing. Having your sweat collected in a laboratory setting is the best way to find out this information.

Nicola is also planning to run a series of nutrition workshops on various topics throughout Pauls half ironman training program for those athletes involved in the study.

If you are interested in being involved or have any questions relating to the study please email

Fresh Breakfast Smoothies at Claremont Pool this Friday!

Just a reminder that next week there will be no early morning squad swim sessions on Tuesday or Friday, but that we'll recommence these on Tuesday 30th December and Friday 2nd January with the 5.30am and 6.30am slots available (no 7.30am sessions). We're then back to normal from the week starting Monday 5th January.
As this is will be our last Friday morning before Christmas, I thought it only prudent to include a little festive cheer on Friday morning! We'll still be doing a structured swim set, but will feature a few fun party games in there as well. Top of the list will be Adam's many people can you fit inside a latex swimming cap before it bursts (see photo!). Come down, it'll be a lot of fun!
Lastly, Paul who runs the kiosk at Claremont Pool will be making some fresh fruit smoothies for people to try. They're really yummy and at $5.50 are really great value. He's looking to make this a regular thing and being the fit and healthy bunch that you all are, I thought you might be keen to try them and see what you think!

Monday, December 15, 2008

Exercise tips to help survive the holidays!


Its that time of year when its really beneficial to take a little time off work and training and spend some quality time with your family and friends. That being said, you don't need to become a "couch potato" over the holidays whilst the squad sessions are on temporary "hold" either.

Even if you are preparing for the Rottest Channel Swim, you should use these 2 weeks as a bit of active recovery before we really crank it up in the New Year. My suggestion would be for Solo Swimmers to do just 3 sessions in the first week (9-12km), and 5 in the second (18-22km), Duos 3 (7-10km) and then 4 (8-12km) and Teams 2 (4-6km) and then 3 (5-8km) as a rough guide. Use this period to focus on your form and technique! Inspiration for these sessions can be accessed from over 100 sessions at for your reference.

Here our quick tips and exercise suggestions for the period Saturday 20th December to Monday 5th January:
  • Saturday 20th December = swim or paddle at 8am with the TEAM up at Lake Leschenaulta followed by a lovely BBQ Christmas Breakfast. This really is an idyllic location and will be a fun morning. If you can't make this but fancy some fun in the pool, join Ceinwen at 1pm for the final pre-Christmas squad session, guaranteed to get your HR pumping and your laughing muscles cranking!
  • Sunday 21st December = take a rest day today and get the last of your Christmas shopping done or you may prefer to do the Bicton Baths 1600m or 5km swim event at 8am.
  • Monday 22nd December = 3 days to go...have you got the Christmas dinner all sorted yet? Anything missing? if so, why not crank out your shopping bicycle, take the long way around the block and ride this in the biggest gear that you have. Don't skip on the hills now and preferably go in the afternoon so your riding against the Doctor!
  • Tuesday 23rd December = normally this morning you'd be knocking out the K's in the pool and your body still expects this. Challenge yourself today to go for a bracing swim in the afternoon AGAINST the sea breeze. If you prefer not to do a long distance swim, get out, walk back and repeat a few times. Focus on a shorter stroke with a faster turn-over, feeling like you are successfully ploughing through the waves!
  • Wednesday 24th December = have you been a good boy or girl this year? If not, Santa have one day to make up for this in order to get your stockings-worth of gifts!! Try this little routine at home: 5 x (60s of push-ups, 15s rest, 60s of sit-ups, 15s rest, 60s of burpees, 15s rest, 60s of step-ups, now go and jog around the block! Add your number of reps for each section up together). If you scored more than 60 for the push-ups (5 x 12), 100 for the sit-ups, 50 for the burpees and 200 for the step-ups, Santa will surely visit ou tonight!
  • Thursday 25th December = legendary track runner, Sebastian Coe, said he would always train on Christmas Day as he knew none of his opponents would do! Sadly, Sebastian is now very lonely man and to this day lives in a small cottage on the top of a really windy and exposed hill on Dartmoor where nobody goes! (JOKE!) As much as you might want to smash your opponents next year, take today off, or if you really must, get up really early and jog down to the beach to watch the sun come up - but beware..if you happen to see Santa and Rudolph, you might still not get any presents!!!
  • Friday 26th December = why not hit the ocean again and repeat Tuesday's little swim session. Add in a few beach sprints as well and you'll be burning off that Christmas pudding in no time!
  • Saturday 27th December = you might be planning a day out with the family today? If so, why not ask them to dangle any left-overs out of the window as you run alongside them trying to keep up! You might run out of enthusiasm for this after the first kilometre however, so why not schedule in a family hike today down south or along the beach. A dip in the ocean later on would round off your day nicely!
  • Sunday 28th December = the Sunday between Christmas and NY is always "PigBag" day in our gets dressed out of their pyjamas and we sit around watching movies all day!! Whilst lots of fun initially, this soon becomes a little tedious, so why not seperate your movie viewings with a game of cricket in the garden or park followed by a few sprint races against the kids?! I'd recommend however that you're out of your PJ's by this point and wearing something more appropriate!
  • Monday 29th December = today, turn over your arms in the pool with the following session in preparation for tomorrow's squad swim: If you're wanting to get some K's in on the bike, go and challenge Reabold Hill 6 times or if you fancy a run, try 12 repeats of Jacobs Ladder - ooer missus!
  • Tuesday 30th December = pop along at 5.30am or 6.30am to the Claremont Pool for a splendid blend of aerobic swim sets and technique work that will have you burning off those mince pies in no time! Please note, there will be no 7.30am session today!
  • Wednesday 31st December = say goodbye to 2008 with our own Cottesloe Classic 1500m handicap swim meeting in front of the Pylon at 7am. This annual affair is great fun and suitable for all levels. Nominate your time and set-off at intervals according to your ability down to North Cott and back. A HUGE amount of fun! First across the line wins a Hogmanay Special - a Haggis!! Breakfast at Daisies to follow!
  • Thursday 1st January = nurse your New Year's Eve hangover with dip in the ocean and a bracing stroll along the beach! Failing that, I find an up-tempo run through Kings Park also has what it takes to ooze the acoholo out of your pores!
  • Friday 2nd January = why not try our 5.30am or 6.30am swim squad sessions at the Claremont Pool - a great way to bring in the New Year! Please note, there will be no 7.30am or 9.30am session today!
  • Saturday 3rd January = pop along to Scarborough Beach and partake in their 2.0 or 5.0km swim events, we'll be meeting down there as a TEAM from 7.15am. Fancy an afternoon splash? The Saturday 1pm squad swim will be back with avengeance today!
  • Sunday 4th January = fancy a double-whammy this weekend? Why not complete a 2nd openwater event, this time down at Leighton Beach. Choose from 1.25km, 2.5km or 5.0km events. We'll be meeting down there as a TEAM from 7.45am.
  • Monday 5th January = full schedule back to normal as per
If I don't see you before, have a great Christmas and fantastic start to your New Year!



Thursday, December 11, 2008

Any room at the Inn?

Just wondering if anyone has a room to let or knows of anyone with a room to let, ideally in the Western Suburbs, from Monday 29th December onwards. Our bubbly TEAM photographer and technique coach extraordinaire, Adam, is seeking a place to stay and would really love to chat with anyone who may have something to offer. He does a wicked Mexican and Indian menu!!
Adam can be contacted on 0434 237 996.
Thanks for your consideration!

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Next Four Saturdays worth of Training

Dear TEAM,
Its that time of year when many of you will be heading off on holidays and may be a little unsure as to what sessions will be running and when. Please check out for our vacation training schedule.
Actvities and races over the next 4 weekends will be as such:
  • Saturday 13th Dec = Fremantle Ports 1600m Swim Thru at 830am followed by a 3.4km leisurely swim for the Rottnest Squad (please note change from original program with the proposed 6.7km Bicton Swim). 1pm Squad Swim at Claremont.
  • Sunday 14th Dec = Mullaloo Beach 1.25/2.5/5.0km Swim at 8.30am. Solo Swimmers to do the 5.0km event.
  • Saturday 20th Dec = (Change from the original program). 2.5/5.0 or 10.0km swim up at Lake Leschenaultia followed by a TEAM Christmas BBQ breakfast. Meet at 8am (50 mins drive from the city). Chance to have a final social get-together before the Xmas period. 1pm Squad Swim at Claremont.
  • Sunday 21st Dec = Rockingham State Sprint Triathlon Champs.
  • Saturday 27th Dec = No events or training sessions planned.
  • Sunday 28th Dec = No events or training sessions planned.
  • Saturday 3rd Jan = Scarborough Beach 2 and 5.0km Swim at 8am. 1pm Squad Swim at Claremont.
  • Sunday 4th Jan = Leighton Beach 1.25/2.5/5.0km swim at 8.30am. Solo Swimmers to do the 5.0km event.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Inspiring Ironman Results!

Dear Athletes
Just back from a stellar weekend of triathlon down in Busselton! The fifth running of Ironman Western Australia turned out to be a record-breaking affair, where up until midway in the race, the world Ironman record from the late 1990s was under serious threat! And in fact, a massive "big-up" needs to go out to Matt Illingworth who smashes the 180km bike record averaging 42.0km/h!!
Our athletes had been training consistently for this event since June and (as is usually the case with training for such an event) had encountered their fair share of ups and downs. They say that making it to the start line of the Ironman is as much of an achievement as actually finishing the event, and I'm sure everyone who trained for the event, can sympathise with that. However, we're not here to make "excuses", but to celebrate the inspriring nature of our athlete efforts when the going got tough. As a profound example of this, I shared an interesting conversation with James "Forbsey" Forbes halfway through the run which went a little like this:
JF: You have no idea how much I hate this type of event! It's so hard!
PN: Mate, no-one is forcing you to do this....
JF: Oh yeah!
At that particular moment in time, I can only hope that James realised that whilst the Ironman is indeed a massively tough event, it is also one which he and 1200+ people had personally chosen to enter for the sheer thrill of doing something which very few people ever do! And as Glen kindly shared with the crew in our final team meeting, "whether you finish in 9 hours or in 17 hours, at the end of the day, you are still and Ironman if you finish!"
So, without further ado here are the results:
Position Name Time Age Age Pos.
40 Paul BASKETT 9:16:18 M3034 5
48 Matt ILLINGWORTH 9:20:52 M4044 5
117 Bridget FRY 9:55:30 F3034 1
210 Nelson WOSS 10:26:44 M3539 47
414 Glen BLACKWELL 11:20:10 M3539 94
425 Andrew GRAHAM 11:22:13 M2529 40
471 James FORBES 11:35:17 M3034 97
515 Anthony THOLET 11:45:26 M3539 111
575 Dan TIMBERS 11:58:32 M3034 111
619 Suzzanne LAIDLAW 12:12:32 F4044 10
885 Nimal WICKRAMASINGHE 13:44:00 M5054 52
966 Ursula MUHSFELDT 14:47:21 F4044 31
Paul and Bridget (who have been training in the 730am squad swim sessions) have sadly had to return to New Zealand but we wish them the best of luck for the future!
Paul had a strong all-round race and was over the moon to finish in 9:16 - rightly so! Matt did exceedingly well to hold onto his run form given an achilles issue several weeks out from the event and also considering such an awesome bike split. Bridget had a simply perfect race out there, looking super strong all day long and winning her age-group convincingly. Nelson, the dark horse that he is (!) proved that when he puts his mind to it, is totally unstoppable! Despite rugby tackiling two villains in Subiaco 4 weeks ago and badly damaging his left knee, Glen went on to record a massive PB time and still be fresh enough immediately post-race to propose to his girlfriend Anita...and yes, she said yes! Despite limited running since an injury in late August, Andrew had a strong performance and toughed it out on the run surprisingly well - well done that man! Forbsey never fails to impress on limited training availability and showed that despite walking 2.5km in the middle of the run to spur on his close mate and Australian Olympic representative swimmer (Jono Van Hazel), he still had what it takes to run home strongly. Anthony experienced some frustrating blistering of his feet which prevented much running in the first two laps of the run course but did really well to still finish well under 12 hours. Dan also snook under 12 hours and totally surprised himself with a sub-75 mins swimming, fearing that to be his biggest hurdle of the day. Sue took out a top-10 finish in her age-group and (as ever) had a massive smile on her face all day long! Again, Nimal regularly doubted his ability to take on such an event despite good consistent training, and provided an excellent show of dedication and enthusiasm on the day. Lastly (but certainly not least!) was a brilliant performance from Ursula - beating the swim cut off by well over 30 minutes and then the overall cut-off by 2 hours, she never looked like she wouldn't finish and in doing so achieved a massive personal accomplishment.
So, on behalf of myself and the rest of The TEAM CORE, Paul, Matt, Bridget, Nelson, Glen, Andrew, James, Ant, Dan, Sue, Nimal and Ursula - we salute you!! Good work guys - we're very inspired!!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Swim Session this Saturday will be CANCELLED!

Dear All

We have made the decision to cancel this Saturday's 1-2pm squad swim session at Claremont Pool. Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.
There are two major events running this weekend (the Rottnest Swim Thru event on the Saturday, and the Ironman on the Sunday) and as we expect a small attendance rate due to many of you competing and that all our coaches are tied up in these events, we will not be operating this Saturday.
The Saturday session will resume on Saturday 13th December, will run also on the 20th, will break for the 27th and be back on again as normal (weekly) on the 3rd January 2009.

Suspension of Monday Evening Cycle Session until January 12th 2009

Dear All
It is with regret that we have made the decision to temporarily suspend the Monday Evening Cycle Session until the New Year due to low attendance numbers.
We will be kicking off our 16-week Half Ironman Program on Monday 12th January (please express your interest at which is when we will resume this session as the demand over summer increases.
Athletes can still attend our FREE Wednesday morning ride at 5.50am from Mount Street in Perth.

Athlete Profiles for the Ironman

Dear All
This weekend sees the 5th running of the Busselton Ironman event and we have 14 of the team down to race. Accordingly, over the last week or so I have been interviewing the athletes about their motivation, inspiration and what they are hoping to achieve next Sunday. For those interested in future events, programs that we will be running and whether you think "mere mortals" are capable of these amazing fetes of endurance, I thought this may provide valuable reading over a cup of coffee! Enjoy!
Below are profiles for Ant, James, Ursula, Nimal and Andrew (to date):

Name: Anthony Tholet
Age: 36
Occupation: Project Manager
Suburb: Palmyra
Race Number: 1061
Sporting Background: I have tried every sport I possibly could and spent my younger years and teens focussing on gymnastics and rugby union. Rugby union won and I stayed with it into my twenties but I quickly ran out of size and beer drinking took over......................that lasted until about a year ago when I decided to slow that down, or was it the arrival of my daughter?? That said, I have managed to complete the last 4 Busselton Half Ironman events but without any real focus. Since the first HIM I completed I have thought it'd be cool to do an IM but it was always the beer that won, "there's always next year" until June this year when we found out another grommet was on the way.....that's when I decided "there may never be another year...." IM has to be done NOW!
Favourite TRI discipline (why?): Cycle - I secretly want to be a bike mechanic and you have to ride bikes to do that.
Least favourite TRI discipline (why?): hmmm, Swim is only a touch favoured over Run - I don't enjoy running and it's always been the weak link for me. I have worked on my run but I've never gone longer than 30k's so it'll be the big test for me on the day.
What you are looking forward to next Sunday: The whole experience, especially being a "competitor" as I have previously volunteered and had itchy feet.
Inspiration for completing the IM: At this stage it's my "o-n-o" - one and only (not oh no!) so I have to make it count!!
Race strategy: STEADY STEADY STEADY sprint - joy!
Favourite gel flavour: Vanilla
Predicted finish time: without a glow stick - 11hrs23min14sec

Name: James Forbes
Age: 33
Occupation: Financial Services
Suburb: Claremont
Race Number: 389
Sporting Background: Swimming
Favourite TRI discipline (why?): The swim as it is the 'easy' part.
Least favourite TRI discipline (why?): Bike as I am not aerodynamic.
What you are looking forward to next Sunday: A beer with mates after the race who are also doing it.
Inspiration for completing the IM: I blame a mate of mine for entering and forcing a couple of other mates and I to do it.
Race strategy: Slow and steady. Just cruise along.
Favourite gel flavour: Lime
Predicted finish time: I actually don't have one. Focus is on finishing in a coherent state.

Name: URSULA   
Age: 40
Occupation: NURSE
Race Number: 780
Sporting Background: hee hee hee.... what was the question again!!!!!!!
Favourite TRI discipline (why?): buying tri suits
Least favourite TRI discipline (why?): swimming......I can't think why!!!!!!
What you are looking forward to next Sunday: finishing with 8 gels plus in the belly!!!!!!!
Inspiration for completing the IM: don't know.... having a midlife crisis
Race strategy: to say hi to as many of the team I come across
Favourite gel flavour: hee hee hee..... what was the question again!!!!!!!!
Predicted finish time: 16 hours 59 min 59 sec


 Nimal Wickramasinghe


 53 (take off about 15 years please)


 Commercial Manager (I do contracts, negotiations etc)



Race Number:


Sporting Background:

Squash has been my main sport for most of my adult life.  Mainly play now for social reasons but still play a high standard I think.  Started swimming with a mate from work and over years taught myself to swim.  Took a long time. I still swim every Sunday down the beach with that mate, and really enjoy that as part of my lifestyle.  Drifted into triathlon when my daughter was being coached by Sean O'Neill.  Not always fussed about racing but enjoy training, although Ironman training has tested my limits.  Decided I wanted to do one Ironman and realized I needed help so sought out Paul.  Don't think I could have got this far without encouragement from Paul and others.

 Favourite TRI discipline (why?):

I enjoy the swim, I guess because I put a lot of effort in trying to learn to swim (over years) and although I am not that fast I know I can go the distance.

Least favourite TRI discipline (why?):                    

The run, because I feel I should be able to run faster but it never seems easy.

What you are looking forward to next Sunday:

 It will be a new experience good and bad, but I will probably learn a lot about the event, me and my fellow competitors.  And I really just want to enjoy it.  I am in this to have fun and create a health lifestyle.  I want the experience to fit into those perspectives.

Inspiration for completing the IM:

 I have been a TO at the Ironman the last few years and so have seen the race up close, especially the bike leg.  I really loved the last third of the field where seemingly ordinary people were doing this extraordinary thing.  I saw all shapes and sizes, and some very unlikely looking Ironman individuals, but yet they were out there doing this crazy event.  Those ordinary people were so inspiring to me.  My biggest heroes in sport are those that will never win medals but do it for their own lifestyle reasons and enjoyment.  I guess I wanted to be like them. 

Race strategy:

1.      Enjoy it

2.       find a steady maintainable pace.  The training has made me much better at that.

3.       Enjoy it

Favourite gel flavour:

 Berry or Cola

Predicted finish time:

 Have no finish time goal, BUT I do want to finish.

Name:  Andrew Graham 
Age:  27 
Occupation:  Mechanical Engineer
Suburb:  Nedlands 
Race Number:  451 
Sporting Background:  Swimming, and I've done a few short triathlons each year.
Favourite TRI discipline (why?):  Transition, with Swimming coming a close second.  There's nothing like having a quick transition to get you feeling good about your race.
Least favourite TRI discipline (why?):  Cycling because I seem to go backwards through the field.  That's the disadvantage of being a strong swimmer!
What you are looking forward to next Sunday:  Eating some solid food after crossing the finish line.
Inspiration for completing the IM:  I needed a challenge for this year and it's about time I did an Ironman.
Race strategy:  Swim hard, hopefully I'll see some fish around the observatory.  Enjoy the bike and eat a lot while rolling. Run when there are spectators about, and walk the rest!
Favourite gel flavour:  I hate them all and hope to never eat another one - until next year. 
Predicted finish time:  Sub 12? I plan to finish in daylight - that 42km run is a little bit of an unknown! 


Last weekend's race results

Dear All
Two races this weekend, the West Coast 1000m swim down at Cottesloe Beach on Saturday and the Left Bank Triathlon on Sunday. Congratulations to all who raced. Having gone through the results in detail, it appears that we had 32 people racing on Saturday, though I know a few names are missing (Guy & Annette Van Hazel and Mary Tennant), so I'm not sure what happened there! Anyway, the good news was that pretty much the whole team beat Eamon Sullivan, the world 50m freestyle record holder!! Superb (though I'm sure he was cruising - sorry chaps!). The times all seemed roughly 4 to 8 mins slower than I would have expected, so not sure whether that was the chop or just over-distance, or both! Here's the results:
Overall Position Name Time
12 Paul Newsome 16.55
19 Ceinwen Williams 17.53
34 Nelson Woss (wetsuit) 18.44
44 Wayne Morris 19.01
88 Andrew Hunt 20.48
89 James Anderson 20.49
108 Mary-ann Paton 21.13
113 Kim Smith 21.20
218 Emmy Pouslon 23.08
269 Courtenay Harris 23.39
300 Georgina Good 23.59
312 Anne-marie D'Arcy 24.06
321 Lisa Day 24.12
327 Alberto Lacchini 24.20
335 Michelle Newsome 24.26
352 Olivia Della-Martina 24.39
384 Mel Cundy 25.01
391 Frank Stapleton 25.05
408 Mike Schumann 25.19
466 Ermie Robinson 26.11
507 Heather Meredith 26.37
510 Judi Clemie 26.41
568 Helen Buckle 27.28
577 Stephanie Marsh 27.32
650 Sue Anderson 28.52
662 Michelle Wilson 29.01
759 Liz Beeck 30.26
785 Eamon Sullivan 30.49
803 Natalia Vollrath 31.09
821 Bonnie Tollafield 31.27
822 Jill Benbow 31.28
959 Suzie Laidlaw 34.35
On Sunday there was the Left Bank Triathlon, preliminary results are as follows:
Pos FinishTime Firstname Lastname RaceNo Gender Category CatPos GenPos Swim_SPL Cycle_SPL Run_SPL
5 0:53:07 Richard WOODS 768 Male Open 4 5 0:06:10 0:29:21 0:17:35
23 0:56:22 Sandy BURT 15 Male 45-49 3 22 0:06:07 0:32:36 0:17:38
88 1:03:13 Sally SCAFFIDI 695 Female 40-44 1 9 0:05:52 0:36:42 0:20:38
155 1:06:54 Renee BAKER 612 Female 25-29 5 27 0:07:37 0:38:12 0:21:04
158 1:07:04 Helen CUTHBERT 639 Female 25-29 7 29 0:07:44 0:36:55 0:22:24
168 1:08:05 Nathan THOMSON 887 Male 30-34 28 138 0:07:55 0:36:57 0:23:12
231 1:12:26 Danielle MYLES 628 Female 25-29 11 49 0:08:39 0:43:46 0:20:00
Well done guys for your results and a big shout-out to Sally who won her age-group! Nice job!