Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Tuesday Night Running Session

Dear Athletes
In my absence and without a coach, many of the Tuesday Night runners are keen to keep going at McGilvray whilst I am away. This is great news! What I have done is modified (shortened and reduced intensity) of the Thursday night sessions for the next few weeks which I'd like you to give a go on top of the drill sets that we've been warming up with. Meet at 6pm for a steady 10-15 jog warm-up and aim to start the drills at 6.15pm. I'd like you to really focus on the hopping drills and those that get your legs working quickly, i.e. "fast feet". With that in mind, here are the "main sets" that you should aim to have a go at:

WEEK 1 (Tuesday 24th June): 6.00pm Running Intervals = "The Recovery Test Set" – most people think that a 'test set' means hardwork, the reverse is true with this session, where you monitor your fitness development through your recovery adaptation. A heart rate monitor is quite essential for this session. Basically, every time you have a recovery week you will complete this set of 3 x 1km with 60secs recovery, at the exact mid-point between Lower and Upper Level 3 Pace from the Pace Calculator. As soon as each interval is completed you should record your finishing HR. Ideally as you go through the program, your HR will start to drop-off from one session to the next indicating that you are recovering well and responding to the training program. There are some external factors such as residual fatigue, dehydration, ambient air temperature, glycogen levels etc which may impact on the results of these sessions, but so long as you turn up fresh, having eaten and drunk well during the day and having stayed out of the sun, you should see a very interesting and reassuring progression with this walk-in-the-park session.


WEEK 2: 6.00pm Running Intervals = 5 x 1km continuous alternating steady with smooth flowing form and faster (~10km pace) but letting go of your run technique!


WEEK 3: 6.00pm Running Intervals = Warm-up well for 10 to 15 mins and include 4 x 30s strides in the last 5 to 7 mins. Now run for 4 mins at upper Level 4 (~10km pace), steady run for 4 mins, 3 fast / 3 easy, 2/2, 1/1 - best done on varying terrain (i.e. soft but firm surface over a few undulating hills).


WEEK 4: 6.00pm Running Intervals = As per Tuesday 24th June.


WEEK 5: 6.00pm Running Intervals = "The Short and Long" – this will be a mix of 400m intervals with 1km continuous runs. Do 2 times 4 x 400m with 30secs rest, into 1km with 2mins recovery before starting the next set:

i.e. 2 x (4 x 400m + 30s RI 1 x 1km + 2mins RI).


This will be completed at ~10km pace. The 400s usually feel really easy (they should, you'd have to do 25 of them continuously if you were doing a 10km run!), but the 1km intervals start to 'pinch' a bit by the time the last set comes around. Try to hold a relaxed, comfortable gait focusing on relaxing the upper body, not 'bouncing' up and down and trying to hit a stride rate of 88 to 92spm (a Wetronome will help you with this) if you can (this is the number of times your right foot hits the ground in a minute – a higher rate is more economical, can help to reduce fatigue and the possibility of injury from overstriding. Try practicing this on some of your other runs, as we'll be doing a lot of it!).


WEEK 6: 6.00pm Running Intervals = Warm-up well for 10 to 15 mins and include 4 x 30s strides in the last 5 to 7 mins. Now run for 5 mins at upper Level 4, steady run for 5 mins, 4 fast / 4 easy, 3/3, 2/2, 1/1 - best done on varying terrain (i.e. soft but firm surface over a few undulating hills).





Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & The TEAM CORE
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Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet your new coaches for July!

Dear All,
As you know I will be leaving for the UK late on Tuesday evening (24th June) and as such my last sessions will be the Tuesday morning swim and the Tuesday evening running drills session. I just wanted to introduce you to your coaches for the next 5 weeks in my absence:
  • Yann Rocheteau - Yann will be taking all the major squad swim sessions (i.e. Wednesday evening at 6pm, Friday morning at 6am, Saturday afternoon at 1pm and Tuesday morning at 6am). Yann is a top triathlete from the west coast of France, whom is also a full-time swim coach when back in his home country. Many of you met Yann at our Social Do a few weeks back and so you'll know that he's a really nice guy! He's currently living in Fremantle with triathlon coach Carol Hughes, whom many of you also know. Myself and Yann have been training hard together for the last month or so and we've worked hard together to ensure that you get the very best swim sessions in my absence. I have written ALL of the sessions and Yann will deliver them with a touch of his own flair and style. Please be patient with his French accent as he really knows his stuff! Some of the girls might even find it alluring! ;-)
  • Ceinwen Williams - Ceinwen will be taking all the Time:4:Me swim sessions (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.00 to 10.30am). Ceinwen is also a top triathlete, swimmer, exercise physiologist and personal trainer with more professional qualifications than you could care to shake a stick at! She's an awesome person and someone I've also been training with over the last couple of months and will do so for the 2009 Rottnest Solo Channel Swim. Ceinwen will be delivering a fab 30 minutes of stretching and core work prior to each swim which will help you really tone up and get in shape - make sure you make the effort to attend! Again I have personally prepared ALL the sessions, but Ceinwen will also add some of her own tips in there too!
  • Michelle Newsome - Michelle will be taking the early morning Core & Flex sessions on a Tuesday and Friday at 5.30am as well as the Thursday evening running intervals session at 6pm over at McGilvray Oval. I have prepared ALL the sessions and you can be assured that Michelle is not afraid to crack the whip too! As a physiotherapist, Michelle will add her own flair to the sessions with a great warm-up and cooldown stretch session.
  • Judi Clemie - Judi will be taking the Monday Evening Wind Trainer Session at 6pm over at the Claremont Pool Club Rooms. Once known (but never forgotten) as "El Presidente" Judi is also a fully qualified Spin Class Instructor and former personal trainer. She'll be cracking the whip every Monday night and getting you pumping those legs to the music! Judi is one of my longest (surviving) athletes and as such has an indepth knowledge of how I like to run things. Again I have prepared ALL the sessions for Judi's delivery.
All the coaches have been instructed to collect your Session Payment Cards from you at the start of each session and tick them off as I normally do. Please make every effort NOT TO FORGET YOUR CARD!
If you think you will run out of session credits during my absence, please organise a new card before I leave on either Monday or Tuesday (23rd and 24th June). You will still be able to order your card online at http://www.theteamcore.com/shop.html if needs be and Michelle will arrange one for you. Anyone wanting to drop off cash / cheque (payable to "Paul Newsome") or credit card details with an accompanying form should do so in a sealed envelope and hand this to your respective coach who will forward this on to Michelle for collection.
I would request that you all treat these 4 great coaches with the utmost respect, as I know you will. We've worked hard together to create a program in my absence which will see minimal disruption to your routine. If you have any questions or concerns with respect to any of the sessions in my absence, please direct your concerns to me on paul@swimsmooth.com or via Michelle on 9443 9960 (leave a message if needs be).
Remember to smile, enjoy yourself and maintain that TEAM CORE SPIRIT for me whilst I'm away!!!
The only session we have sadly had to cancel in my absence is the new Tuesday evening run technique session. This will resume on Tuesday 5th August. Many of those who have been attending this session still plan on meeting and running together at McGilvray Oval at 6pm, so if you can join them, please do!
Paul Newsome
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Friday, June 13, 2008

Social Dinner this Wednesday Evening after Swimming

Dear All
Following this Wednesday's evening swim session at Claremont Pool from 6 to 7pm, we will be going for pizza / italian to say goodbye and "bon voyage" to our good friend and fellow training partner, James Millen. James is heading back over to the UK shortly after I leave at the end of June. It'll be sad to see him go as he's really been a great source of inspiration and motivation for a lot of you in some of the tougher sessions recently.
Plan is to do the swim session and then head into Claremont to either Bellissimo or Pronto immediately after.
Hopefully you can make it! Here are some notes from James: http://teamcoretalk.freeforums.org/james-s-leaving-do-t81.html#131
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & The TEAM CORE
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Thursday, June 12, 2008

Paul away in the UK in July!

Dear All
Please be advised that I will be away from Perth in the UK from Wednesday 25th June to Saturday 2nd August.
I will be away in the UK for this 5 week period conducting eight of our successful "Swim Smooth" Clinics across various locations in England, Scotland and Wales with Adam Young and several other coaches. I have also been asked to be the wedding photographer to Rob and Helen (who both train within the squad) on the 26th July in bonny Edinburgh, which I'm very excited about!
My last session will be on Tuesday 24th June at 6pm for the new Beginner's Run Technique and Drills session. My first session back will be Saturday 2nd August at 1pm for the Squad Swim session. Please note that I may not attend the Saturday morning bike ride on that day due to the potential of some jet lag!
In my absence, all sessions will run as normal. 3 coaches have been identified to help run the squad efficiently during this time under detailed instruction from myself. These coaches are Yann, Mike and Ceinwen. Yann will cover most of the squad swim sessions, Mike will cover the structured bike and run sessions, and Ceinwen the Time:4:Me sessions. I am currently working with all 3 coaches so you can be assured of the quality of the sessions in my absence.
I thankyou for your anticipated support and attendance at our squad sessions during my absence!

Race and Training Periodisation for 2008/9

Dear All
If you're keen to know which races we'll be targetting this year and how and when our recovery weeks will be scheduled etc, you can now see this info at http://www.theteamcore.com/documents/Periodisation%202008.pdf
Please note that the official TWA Calendar for 2008/9 is not yet available but will be posted at http://www.triwa.org.au/calendar.htm in due course. As such, none of the Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon events have been included on our schedule at this stage, but will be when they are available.
Dates for your diary:
  • Monday 9th June = start of our 26 week Ironman "Double Peak" program (inc. the Singapore 70.3 Half Ironman event).
  • Monday 6th October = start of our 20 week Rottnest Channel Swim program.
  • Monday 3rd November = start of our TWA Triathon Sprint & O.D Triathlon Series program.
  • Monday 12th January = start of our 16 week Half Ironman program.
NB. All these programs will involve a structured program for the respective event. Details of how this works and how it can benefit you can be found at http://www.theteamcore.com/futureprograms.html Currently the Ironman Program which started this week works with everyone paying $150.00 per calendar month and receiving access to the full detail of each training session for the next 26 weeks (through Training Peaks), and access to as many of our squad sessions as they can attend. The individuality of these programs for you and your ability / goals comes through attending our regular squad sessions in which the coach is able to modify your session based upon how you are responding etc. If you are thinking of preparing for one of these events, this represents an excellent value way of doing so - what's more, they're HEAPS OF FUN TOO!
Cheers and hope to help you all achieve your triathlon and swimming goals this season!

Wednesday & Saturday Bike Sessions for the Next 2 Months

Dear All
Please be advised of the following Saturday Cycle Ride Schedule for the next 2 months. Meet at the Bell Tower at 7.00am. Times stipulated are guides only. If you are participating in our exciting new Ironman Program, you should complete at least the time stipulated (that's ride time, not total time inc. any stops etc) and ride extra if you get back to the finish early.
Until we develop this session into a structured brick session closer to the race season there will be no formal charge to attend this ride, although please note that Paul will not be out on every ride.
Saturday's Hilly Ride Schedule:
As there will likely be a variety of cycling ability levels attend these sessions, you are all advised to familiarise yourself with the routes prior to leaving and bring sufficient fuel, hydration and mechanical aids (i.e. inner tubes, pump etc) to be self-sufficient if needs be.
Wednesday's Cycle Interval Schedule:
Please be advised of the schedule for Wednesday's rides during this period also.
  • Week 2 (18th June) - Shelley Intervals: 1hr at Half Ironman Pace (L3) (95rpm)
  • Week 3 (25th June) - "Not such a Mystery Ride" - http://www.mapmyride.com/ride/australia/perth/272172704911 (keep it easy! 1h30). Paul AWAY.
  • Week 4 (2nd July) - (all at L3 - 20' at 95rpm + 10' at 80rpm + 20' at 95rpm + 10' at 105rpm). Paul AWAY.
  • Week 5 (9th July) - 2 x 20' at L3 plus 5' easy spin. Paul AWAY.
  • Week 6 (16th July) - As per Week 3. Paul AWAY.
  • Week 7 (23rd July) - 5 x 8' with 4' easy spin at L3/4 at 90rpm. Paul AWAY.
  • Week 8 (30th July) - 4 x 10' with 5' easy spin at L3 at 90-95rpm. Paul AWAY.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Awesome Awards Party, Race Results and Training This Week!

Dear All
Just a quick one to say thankyou to those of you whom made the effort to attend our first Awards Party and Social held at the fabulous Bar OneTwenty in Hillary's Boat Harbour, Sorrento Quays. I think we had roughly 40 people attend over the course of the evening with Award Certificates being presented by Captain Core to all those who participated in the Busselton Half Ironman in May. Well done everyone! The Captain, James and Yann managed to prop up the bar until gone 5am if you can believe that - dirty "stop-outs"!
Major thanks and appreciation goes out to Justin Palmer (co-owner of the club) who allowed us to use the venue and also supplied us all with a fair old share of celebratory drinks! Thanks mate - that was tops!
The coveted "Dark Horse" Award (originally given in 2005 to an up and coming athlete by the name of Mike Gee who finished 6th overall at this year's event, some 40 + minutes quicker than 3 years ago) was given out to two people this year (male and female) for their display of talent and future potential as determined by the Captain. Our male winner was Ian Murray (40-44) for his fabulous first-time HIM finish in just a shade over 5 hours (after having walked the last few kilometers with his daughter). Ian is now taking up the Challenge of the Busselton Ironman in December as well as two other HIM events (Singapore and Soth Africa early next year). We wish him the best of luck! The female winner was my first-ever coached athlete here in Perth and someone who over the past few years has displayed increasing potential and performance over the endurance events to post a Personal Best time of 5:11.39, Sue Anderson (45-49). Sue is inspirational to those who she trains with for her grit and determination but equally an overall air of relaxation and awesome pacing ability. Unfortunately Sue was injurred last week on one the Wednesday morining ride and is currently recovering from a broken collar bone - we wish her all the best for a speedy recovery!
Other News:
This weekend saw the staging of the ITU World Triathlon Championships in Vancouver, Canada. Weather conditions were reported to be terrible, so much so that many of the official results for the Age Group events have not yet been published. However, we are reliably informed that Richard Woods (who as been training with the Time:4:Me swim group) took 1st place in the Men's 40-44 Sprint category with a win of over 3 minutes head of 2nd place!! Amazing result - well done Richard, you're a World Champion!
Also overseas at the Eagleman 70.3 race in the USA, our very own Diane Calderon took out a stunning 2nd place finish in the 45-49 age-group category to see her right back on track for Ironman Lake Placid and then hopefully onto Kona for the Hawaii Ironman in October. Top notch Diane! Given that it was touching 100 degrees farenheit and 90+% humidity, this is a truly impressive result!
Don't forget we have the new Tuesday evening Run Technique Session at 6pm this evening down at McGilvray Oval and then the new Wednesday evening swim session at 6pm at the Claremont Pool as well this week - hope you can make it, they're going to be fun!
This week also sees the start of our Ironman WA "Double Peak" training program for many of the athletes in the group. This 26 week program will see the athletes steadily preparing for the event with a midway Half Ironman competition at the start of September in either Singapore (70.3) or down in Busselton (training session). A week of complete rest will follow this event before the athletes will then start to specifically prepare for the Ironman event on the 7th December. We find that this "Double Peak" format with an emphasis on developing speed, form and power in the initial stages before developing the more specific endurance attributes later into the program is the key to success. It also allows our athletes to psychologically break the relative 'monotony' of a long program into two manageable chunks as well.
If you are keen on maybe taking up the challenge yourself, please complete the questionnaire at http://www.theteamcore.com/athletequestionnaire.html - the more the merrier, remember, its all about Commitment, Consistency and most of all, Camaraderie! Cost is $150.00 per month, inclusive of all coached sessions and your own Training Peaks account to see detail of our sessions in advance in case you are away for work etc.
See you out there!
P.S I have some mega new cycle lights to blaze a trail down to Shelley tommorow morning for all those (who like myself) found it very dark last week!

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Saturday is Party Night!

Dear All,
Please be advised (reminded) that this Saturday evening sees our very first TEAM CORE Awards and Social Party at Bar OneTwenty in Hillary's Boat Harbour, Sorrento Quay from 8pm. Full details can be found at: http://theteamcore.blogspot.com/2008/05/annual-awards-night-and-wind-down-party.html
Everyone is invited (yes, all those who just attend the Time:4:Me sessions too!), so please make an effort to attend - we'd love to see you there! If you wouldn't mind just dropping me a quick email back letting me know if you ARE coming, that'd be much appreciated. Thanks in advance!
"S" is for Saturday, "S" is for "Social"!
In order to get Saturday off to a good start and to mark the end of our "post-Busso Half Ironman "transition period" and pave the way for a great start to a solid winter's enjoyable training, please also note that we'll be meeting this Saturday at 8am (wahoo - a lie in!) for a social and easy ride out to the Swan Valley Chocolate Factory for a coffee / tea and to sample their delights!! Should be back in Perth for ~11am. It'll then be down to the pool at 1pm for an enjoyable, yet fruity (!), swim session to work-off those chocolate buttons!
Looking forward to it, or as we'd say in Manchester, "mad for it, ar' kid!"