Friday, February 12, 2010

A note on numbers...


Hope you've all had a productive week.

I just wanted to mention the numbers situation after this morning's
530am session. As you know it was incredibly busy in this session and
we had to make a couple of adjustments to the lane structure as a
result. It looked like we'd be able to keep the 4th lane there for a
moment which did help manage things a bit but then the Dolphins turned
up and as it is their booking we had to retreat to 3 lanes as normal.

You may recall that back in August we managed to secure a 4th lane in
the 630am session which was put in place to balance out the demand for
the sessions. However, for the last two weeks a few people have
drifted from their 630am allocated time to the 530am session which
culminated in this morning with quite a bit of stress on the lane
space availability.

In response to a Blog at the end of January stating that numbers were
a bit low and that there was potentially some space in some of these
sessions, I only heard back from three of you specifically requesting
the swap.

It is really great to see so much interest in the squad, but we need
to do our best to manage the interest as much as possible and require
your help and assistance with this. We are confident that the PAYG
card system is enjoyed by most of you for it's flexibility and value
but may have to look towards putting in place a monthly fee as an
alternative and easier to manage system. It's a bit of a catch 22
situation as I'm sure you can understand.

So here's my suggested action points:

1. Please have a check of the comfirmed list here
and make sure you are on the right list. If not, please email me
with the corrections. Three of you have already done so and need not
repeat this. This is on a strict first come best dressed scenario.

2. If you have any strong feelings either way on how the 530am session
was handled this morning, please, please let us know. We need this

3. Please let me know your thoughts on a monthly fee and whether or
not this would work for you. Again, I really want to ensure that
everyone is having a fun session, learning lots and keeping fit in a
nice environment without feeling overcrowded.

Please remember, we can always look at additional sessions during the
week if we think this will help matters.

Thanks everyone for your support and understanding on this matter. I
think any business goes through it's growing pains and we really value
your feedback to help us create the very best environment in which to

Have a great weekend! Oh, and on a lighter note, read on below:

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