Saturday, May 31, 2008

Saturday Swim CANCELLED!

11.45am Saturday 31st May
As you know there is currently a HUGE storm pushing through Perth with severe weather conditions and strong lightening strikes etc. As such, the Claremont Pool informs me that it is currently closed until such time as the weather clears. At this stage we will CANCEL our 1pm squad swim session. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please enjoy your long weekend!
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WARNING! Weather situation!

11.45am Saturday 31st May
As you know there is currently a HUGE storm pushing through Perth with severe weather conditions and strong lightening strikes etc. As such, the Claremont Pool informs me that it is currently closed until such time as the weather clears. At this stage we will CANCEL our 1pm squad swim session. Sorry for any inconvenience. Please enjoy your long weekend!

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Long Weekend Training

Please note that from next week (Monday 3rd June onwards) we have had confirmation to shift the current Tuesday evening swim session over to a Wednesday night at the new "evening-friendly" time of 6 to 7pm at Claremont Pool. This will hopefully suit those of you who don't like the idea of doing a double-swim on a Tuesday! This session will be a great complement to Tuesday's steadier aerobic technique session as a threshold swim set focusing on developing your speed!
This also means that we can now proceed and run our Tuesday evening run technique session for novice / intermediate athletes at 6pm over at McGilvray Oval. We will start this new run session from Tuesday 3rd June - all runners will need some loose, warm clothing, normal running gear and also a mat / thick towel for this new session! Focus will be on form, technique, core stability and getting you running!
Apologies for all the minor shuffles to the program over the last few weeks as we try to tweak the program to better serve your needs!
Just to confirm the "state-of-play" for this Long Weekend in case you were wondering:
Thursday 29th May
PM - running drills, technique and intervals down at McGilvray Oval. Meet at 6pm for a warm-up and start at 6.15pm. This week will feature a little more in the line of actual running intervals to advance what we've been working on the last 3 weeks with your technique.
Friday 30th May
AM - Swim Session # 1 at 5.30am at Claremont Pool. A nice set of core stability work in the Club Rooms or out on the pool deck (weather permitting) followed by a spicy little swim set.
Swim Session # 2 at 9am at Claremont Pool. As above but with a steadier swim set after Wednesday's "toughie".
Saturday 31st May
AM - meet at the Bell Tower at 7am for a 2hr steady ride either around the river or there has been talk of a potential ride out to the Swan Valley Chocolate Factory (TBC on the monring!).
PM - swim session at 1pm at Claremont Pool as per normal. Might be a quiet one, so take the opportunity to come down for some stroke technique tips and some fun!
Sunday 1st June
Monday 2nd June
AM - no official run session from UWA Car Park, instead, do your own 40 to 60 mins steady run.
***There will also be no "Time:4:Me" session today with it being a Public Holiday - apologies!***
PM - no official wind-trainer session at Claremont Pool (despite initially saying there would be). Apologies for any inconvenience. Have tonight as a night off with your family / friends!
Tuesday 3rd June
Back to normal as per the program at taking into account the major notice above!


Define your optimal Stroke Rate!

How fast can you swim?

Determing how fast you swim can be achieved by looking at two simple variables - stroke length and stroke rate. Increasing either whilst keeping the other constant will mean you will swim faster. Simple.

But, what Stroke Length / Rate "Combo" is Right for You?

Your Stroke-Length is how far you travel with every arm stroke. Because it's hard to use a tape measure while you're swimming, we count the number of strokes you take to cover a length of the pool. The lower this number, the longer your stroke.

Your Stroke-Rate is simply how many strokes you take in a minute, counting both arms. For example, 40 Strokes Per Minute (SPM) would be a slow stroke rate. A high stroke rate would be 70 SPM.

Think about this like the gears on a bicycle:

Swim Smooth has some unique ways to help swimmers find their best Stroke Rate - it's one of the exciting things that makes our Swim Program unique.

Here is our Stroke Rate Chart to help you. It is a diagram of how fast you are swimming on the bottom axis versus your Stroke Rate per minute on the vertical axis. To find your Stroke Rate, all you need to do is count how many strokes you take when swimming for a minute - if you find this tricky to do whilst swimming, ask a friend or coach to do this for you.

Where do you lie on the chart? You can look at it for any effort level - easy, steady or hard swimming - it works for all speeds.

Hopefully this is a real thought starter and gives you some very strong clues as to what you need to do to become a better swimmer. By the way, we have nick-named this the "BMI Chart" because it reminds us of the Body Mass Index charts you find in a doctors surgery.

To read the full article on how to improve your Stroke Rate to lead to a more rhytmical freestyle stroke, follow this link:



Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Today's hot tip - "learn to sink before you learn to swim!"

What is the MOST important aspect of your stroke to get right? Something we ALL must be doing correctly if we are to swim well? Is it the catch? No. Is it the body roll? No. Is it body position? No. All these things are important obviously, they're what we should be working on in every session to refine your technique, but I'm thinking of something even more basic than that: BREATHING.

Now, we're not going to get into a debate about the benefits of bilateral breathing over unilateral breathing or whether you should be breathing every 2, 3, 4, or 5+ strokes (but if you want to read-up more on this you can at ), but I do want to pose a simple question, the answer to which can be quite enlightening for the potential of your swimming:

Q: Are you AWARE that you are exhaling when your face is in the water?

There are 3 possible answers obviously (yes, no, not sure). What is your answer?

I would say that ~80% of the people that I have coached over the years (including many elite swimmers and triathletes) cannot give me a definitive answer to this question. Either this is because instinctively they DO exhale under the water, or that they simply aren't consciously aware either way. Under-water video analysis or asking a friend to watch you from under the water soon provides the answer.

Whatever your response, you stand to gain some benefits from listening up to this simple piece of advice and trying this little drill set (as silly as it seems) to help develop this aspect of your stroke. After all, if this part of your stroke is not great, nothing else will matter – you'll simply be turning what should be a very aerobic activity (with oxygen) into an "anaerobic" one (without oxygen). Anyone who has done anaerobic sprint training knows there's only so long you can keep going with this!
I guarantee that if you're struggling to complete continuous laps of freestyle, THIS is your main problem.

On dry land, inhalation and exhalation are both subconscious exercises – you do them automatically. When was the last time you went for a hard run and held your breath at any point? You didn't. You either breathe in, or you breathe out. This helps to keep the exchange of oxygen and carbon dioxide (CO2) in your lungs regular and prevent the feeling of hypoxia occurring. Your body needs the oxygen for your muscles to function properly, but if you hold onto the CO2 the brain picks up on this and starts to raise the alarm bells by quickening your heart rate and initializing a "gasp response". However, I guarantee that if you are not aware of whether you are freely exhaling under the water, that it's quite likely you ARE holding your breath. Some people hold onto it until they are just about to take the next breath in and let it go explosively. In doing so, they are probably still exhaling when they have the small window of opportunity to actually breathe in. Some don't breathe out at all. Both methods are very ineffective.

One swimmer told me last week that he purposefully holds his breath because he was instructed that doing so would increase his buoyancy. Think about it though – where are your lungs? In your chest obviously. Why was this guy being told that he needed more buoyancy? Because his legs sank. What will increasing the buoyancy in your chest do to the rest of your body from stomach down? That's right – exacerbate a low-leg condition! You simply must NOT hold onto your breath! It's bad for your relaxation in the water and it's also bad for your technique!

TASK # 1:

So, if we know that your lungs are like balloons in that the fuller they are, the better they'll float, a quick exercise in how well you can SINK will determine just how freely and comfortable you feel with exhaling in the water. We'll then transfer this skill into your swim stroke in Task # 2.
With a friend or a coach and under correct life-guard supervision, take yourself down to the deep-end of the pool. I'd recommend being in water of ~1.8 to 2.0m deep and within easy reach of the wall. Holding onto the wall take a big breath in and then start blowing out almost like you're humming a song as you pop your face under water. Initially, you'll be fighting to keep your head under as your buoyancy is so great, but as you start to run low on air, you'll start to sink. DON'T PANIC! Drop down and come straight back up. Do this a few times until you feel confident in your ability. You'll find that the easiest position to be in to sink is standing straight up and down like a pencil. A strong, forceful exhale will see you sink much quicker than a little trickle.


Assuming you have familiarised yourself with that and you and your partner are ready to move on, now move 1 foot away from the wall (still within easy reach) so that you are treading water. Now take a big breath in and then start to exhale. If you are comfortable with this 'simple' task you'll sink straight down, if not you'll drop momentarily and then bob back up to the surface worrying that if you keep blowing out you will going to sink and won't be able to get back up! The trick here (and whole purpose of this exercise) is to get over this "hump" or "panic threshold" and keep exhaling – if you do so, you WILL sink. DON'T PANIC! Touch the floor and come straight back up. Getting over this hurdle is such a key point for your swimming and learning to "play around" in the water and control your breathing in this manner will have some massive knock-on effects for your swimming.

TASK # 2:

Make sure you have repeated the second part of TASK # 1 several times and have experimented with exhaling through your mouth and/or through your nose (there is no right or wrong, do whatever works best for you!). Extend yourself each time by trying to sit on the bottom of the pool and then lie, or going from a mushroom float (i.e. knee tucked up) rather than a vertical "pencil". Listen to your humming as you exhale and take time to enjoy this underwater environment. The more you enjoy it, the better you will swim. Now simply push-off for a lap or two of steady freestyle focusing entirely on exhaling freely in the water just as you have been doing. It doesn't need to be a forced thing, just keep on HUMMING! Notice how you start to feel more relaxed, breathing in happens automatically rather than gasping for air, and your legs start to sit up higher too! Bonus!
Simple stuff, done well.


Most of you hold onto your breath for fear of running out, we're going to turn this around and say that unless you have exhaled in the water, you're never really going to get a full breath IN. If you continue holding, you will always panic in the water, will never be fully relaxed and will always be swimming "anaerobically". Think less about breathing IN and more about breathing OUT! It'll make a BIG difference to your relaxation and to your technique.

Lastly, what's the first thing you do when your face hits cold water or you are worried about 500 other triathletes swimming all over you? Yup, you hold your breath. That's why you panic and that's why you hate mass-start races. Work on these exhalation drills and you'll be better in the open water too!

So lets heare your thoughts - are you a sinker or are you a floater?



Saturday, May 24, 2008

Wednesday's Triathlon Strengthening Session CANCELLED until further notice!

Dear All
It is with much regret that we have decided to cancel Wednesday evening's Triathlon Strengthening Session at Claremont Pool until further notice owing to the relatively little interest in this session. Sorry for the inconvenience.
In its place we are looking at the potential of shifting Tuesday's run & swim combo session (which starts at 5.30pm) to Wednesday evening, upon confirmation of available lane space.
If this is made possible, what I am proposing is that we would then hold a run drills / technique-specific session on a Tuesday evening instead. This would primarily be focused on encouraging those of you who don't run that much or are afraid you may hurt yourself, to come along and develop some sound / safe training practices with the goal of the City-2-Surf event as a future challenge and then perhaps your first triathlon past this point. We are currently running this type of session on a Thursday night, but making this switch would then "free-up" Thursday evening to go back to the typical "pace intervals" session you're familiar with.
So Tuesday's run would be aimed at novice / intermediate levels and Thursday's run at intermediate / advanced levels.
Please email me at if you have an interest in the run drills session proposed for a Tuesday night so that I can guage interest.
I'll keep you posted in due course. Until then, no strength session this Wednesday, but run & swim combo still on Tuesday evening from 5.30pm.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Saturday Ride

We'll be leaving the Bell Tower in Perth City at 7.00am this Saturday for a ride up into the Kalamunda Hills and around Glen Forest before having a quick cafe stop and then back to Perth by ~11.30am. Pace will be steady to moderate and distance ~ 100km for all those keen on trying a new route out of the city. Watch the page for any last minute updates in the event of inclimate weather.
Don't forget, please let me know if you plan to attend our Awards Party on Saturday 7th June!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Annual Awards Night and Wind-down Party!

Dear All
You are cordially invited to our first Annual Awards Night and Wind-down Party to be held on Saturday 7th June from 8.00pm sharp at Bar One Twenty, Hillary's Boat Harbour in Sorrento Quay - it's going to be a lot of fun!
Arrival drinks will be served and a DJ will get the night pumping. We will present some fun awards to everyone whom has attended our squad sessions in some form or another (i.e. morning squad swims, Time:4:Me etc) over the last year and have chance to discuss and find out more about what plans lay instore for 2008/9! It'll be a great chance to meet some new faces, for the various squads to mix and socialise and for us to bust a few moves on the dancefloor!
Justin Palmer, owner of Bar One Twenty and TEAM CORE athlete of Ironman NZ fame, has kindly allowed us to use the premises for our Awards Night. The Bar will be opening 1 hour early just for us before being opened to the public at 9.00pm - so hopefully you can all attend! Partners and friends are welcome. Please RSVP to Paul on asap.
DRESS CODE = smart, but you have to try and include some red and black in there - and if you need any inspiration...check out the photo!
Hope to get as many of you there as possible! Please forward this to anyone you know may be keen to attend.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Monday Evening Wind Trainer Session Now at Claremont Pool!

In an effort to centralise our training operations and to provide a more convenient location with better parking and more room etc, we have been given the "green-light" by the Claremont Pool to now run our Monday evening wind trainer session in the Club Rooms above the 50m pool. Effective from Monday 19th May, we will still meet at 6pm for a 6.15pm (prompt) start and be done by the latest of 7.30pm each week. I am hoping this new venue will make it much more convenient for you to attend this awesome session!
I have negotiated a rate on the room, so there is no pool entry fee to pay for this session (same applies for the Wednesday evening Triathlon Strengthening session too).
Please see attached photo for parking recommendations. I will personally open up the rear gate to the back of the Club Rooms in order to facilitate you easily bringing your bikes and windtrainers in from the adjacent carpark. Unfortunately we couldn't allocate any storage space for the wind trainers at the pool, however, its literally a 10m walk with your bike and gear from the carpark into the Club Rooms, so easy enough.
For all those wishing to collect their wind trainers from our garage you can do so either on Thursday evening after run training (~7.45pm) or on Friday afternoon (up until 6.30pm).
Only a few brave souls tested out the new Tuesday evening run & swim combo, but all agreed how enjoyable the 2 sessions were! We've found a nice little "bumpy" 5.2km route:
Make sure you try to get down next week as it was a lot of fun! As we were cut a little short in the swim, we shall now be meeting for the run at 5.30pm each week and the swim will go from 6.15pm to 7.15pm. I'll make the adjustments to the page accordingly.
Tonight sees us kicking off our new Triathlon Strengthening series also in the Club Rooms at Claremont Pool from 6 to 7pm and tomorrow sees us down at McGilvray Oval working on your running technique (be there at 6pm for a warm-up run by yourself, ready to start at 6.15pm). Both sessions are well worth a look!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Variety (in training) is the spice of life!

Dear All
Here's some information about our "new and improved" training plan for this week for those whom may be getting a little "itchy" to get back into a bit of a fun routine. We'll be using the next 4 weeks to focus on improving your form and technique in swim, bike and run disciplines - so even if you are taking things steady at the moment, these enjoyable sessions will give you a new perspective and things to work on without taxing your body too much!
1-2-1 Stroke Correction and Video Analysis:
Many of you have been enquiring about booking in for one of our superb 1-2-1 Video Analysis and Stroke Correction sessions. Now is a great time to do this as the winter is a perfect opportunity to get on top of your technique before the new season comes around. Having a whole 75 minutes session dedicated to you and you alone, has proven time and again to be so beneficial for so many swimmers. Don't procrastinate on this front any longer - if you want to really improve, make the decision to do one of these sessions today - you will not be disappointed! Full details including cost, timings and venue can now be found at There is even a booking form at the bottom of this page to aid your decision with when to book in a time convenient for you.
For more information about our "world-reknowned" training philosophy on swim technique created by Paul Newsome and to access some free tips to help you with your own stroke, please visit
Payment for Session Cards:
Don't forget, you can now pay online for your training session cards and also check out our unique range of training products and information at Comments from those who have used this system this week have been that its "super easy" and "super convenient" to use...just pay online and collect your card at the next training session! Easy. We still accept cash payments as well, or alternatively you can print off this form and bring your CC details along with you to the pool.
New Program Officially Starts this Week - don't miss out!
All location info for these sessions can be found at
Monday (am)  
RUN (FREE) = meet at 6am at the usual UWA car park for a light 30 to 45 min steady run to blow out the cobwebs. We may head into Kings Park for this depending on how people feel. Remember this is a FREE session, so come along and enjoy running with the Team! There will also be a group who are just doing a brisk walk (myself included!) so even if you're not running too much yet, make sure you come along. The strength of our Team is in the numbers and the motivation of knowing you can turn up and train within a squad of likeminded people. Training solo is boring and de-motivating in the long run, so do not under-estimate the value of meeting up with your pals and joining us each Monday morning!
SWIM (1 CREDIT) = meet at Claremont at 9am for an enjoyable stretching and core stability session that'll see those glutes and abs toned up nicely. We'll then be in the pool from 9.30am for an enjoyable swim where I'll have our new underwater video camera operating so chance to see yourself on screen and look for corrections!
Monday (pm)
CYCLE (1 CREDIT) = meet at the Sweat Shack at 22 Fairfield Street, Mount Hawthorn at just before 6pm for a 6.15pm prompt start. We'll be watching some of Le Tour de France to get you inspired and will be bopping along to a few new tracks, whilst working on some form and technique drills as well! An ideal opportunity for those new to the concept of indoor cycling to come along and give it a try! Lots of fun. We're still negotiating with Claremont Pool about the feasibility of running this session from down there and I'll keep you posted in due course!
Tuesday (am)
SWIM (1 CREDIT) = meet at Claremont Pool for a 5.30am abs and flex session in the Club Rooms above the 50m pool before heading into the pool at 6am. We're going to be focusing very much this week on technique development with a few new ideas for you to try out - so come along and give it a go.
Tuesday (pm)
RUN & SWIM (1 CREDIT) = want a bit of a blast?! Need to let off a bit of steam? Tonight's session is for you! Be ready to rock and roll (changed) outside the front entrance to the Claremont Pool at 5.50pm. We'll head out for a run (looped) course around Claremont working at your own tempo pace and taking in a few hills. Will be back after ~ 25 minutes. We'll then be in the pool at 6.30pm for a solid 1 hour swim set called "the hour of power" to blow out a few cobwebs. This will be a really quality session and perfect for those who've had a tough day at work and just want to have a solid training session. It'll perfectly compliment the earlier swim session from the morning. The run isn't compulsory, nor is it a paid-for session...just simply a warm-up for the swim - so come along and give it a try.
Wednesday (am)
CYCLE (FREE) = It was a little lonely last week with only 3 of us out there, so let's try and change that this week! We've changed Wednesday morning's focus for the next few weeks and made this FREE session very much an enjoyable "TEAM" bike ride. Each week for the next month I'll keep our loop top-secret with the aim of riding out to somewhere new and exciting from the usual Shelley Loops. Be prepared for a couple of hills etc and we'll do our best to ride out as a group unit before splitting up on a looped course to account for differences in ability. Come and give it a try - lots of fun! We're looking at the potential of organising a new Cyclo-Sportif team from the riders of this ride, so if you're keen for that let me know as these events are great fun!
SWIM (1 CREDIT) = as per Monday morning's swim session down at Claremont Pool meeting at 9am for a FREE abs and flexibility session before hitting the pool at 9.30am for more of a "spicey" swim set!
Wednesday (pm)
STRENGTHENING (1 CREDIT) = Meet at the Claremont Pool at 6pm for a 1 hour workout including flexibility, core stability, pilates and yoga-esque exercises to really help build a strong body for the winter. We'll be incorporating some neuro-muscular exercises specific to the swim, bike and run which will also help you address any strength weaknesses in this respect. This is NOT a hard core weights session...everything we do will involve utilising your own body weight in some way. Please meet in the Club Rooms above the 50m pool.
Thursday (pm)
RUN (1 CREDIT) = owing to popular demand and having done a fair amount of research these last few weeks on this topic, for the next month we shall be using this session as a run drills and technique session which will be ideal for runners (or non-runners!) of ALL LEVELS to come along and have a go at some of these exciting new drills to help you improve your running form and technique. Contrary to popular belief, you can improve your running technique which will help you avoid running injury. Some of the girls in the Time:4:Me group were asking about how to get started with running, well, aside from the program of run-walking (which you can learn more about here: ) which I am just preparing, this session will be ideal to come along to and start you off on the right foot! Give it a try, you'll be glad you did!
Friday (am)
SWIM # 1 (1 CREDIT) = meet at Claremont Pool for a 5.30am abs and flex session in the Club Rooms above the 50m pool before heading into the pool at 6am. We're going to be focusing very much this week on technique development with a few new ideas for you to try out - so come along and give it a go! I'll also have the new underwater camera down today too to try out! Such a great tool for aiding your swim development!
SWIM # 2 (1 CREDIT) = meet at Claremont at 9am for an enjoyable stretching and core stability session that'll see those glutes and abs toned up nicely. We'll then be in the pool from 9.30am for an enjoyable swim where I'll have our new underwater video camera operating so chance to see yourself on screen and look for corrections!
Saturday (am)
CYCLE (1 CREDIT) = Le Tour de Perth - today's ride will follow the Kalamunda Hills Ride route (as described in detail at We'll actually meet at the Bell Tower at 7am to start this ride of ~90km and aim to ride it as a team unit. Average speed will likely be ~27km/h (including the hill climbing) so will suit the more experienced rider...though if you currently ride on the Wednesday morning ride, so long as you have all the food and gear to keep you going (see for more info) you'll be fine too! We'll enjoy a nice coffee and a croisant up at Le Croissant Cafe at the top of Gooseberry Hill. Should be back in Perth for ~11.00am.
Saturday (pm) 
SWIM (1 CREDIT) = hopefully it won't rain today like it did last week so you'll be able to hear my whistle and instructions! LOL! Meet at the Claremont pool for a 1hr swim session at 1pm - nice little way to loosen off the legs from an enjoyable bike ride earlier in the morning. Again, focus on form and technique.
See you out there!
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & The TEAM CORE &
+ 61 (0) 431 540 980
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Friday, May 9, 2008

Dietary Subjects Required

Curtin University is currently trying to find female athletes for a study looking at dietary intake in athletes.  Athletes would be required to complete two 2 day food diaries and a 24hr urine collection. Feedback would be provided to all athletes at the end of the trial which may be useful.

Contact for more info or to register your interest.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Saturday Ride into the Hills

If anyone is keen on riding this Saturday, plan is to meet at 7.00am at the Bell Tower in the city for a ~3hr steady ride up into the hills around Kalamunda. It won't be a hardcore ride and if we don't quite make it there we shall stop somewhere for a coffee. Think of it as a cruisey ride after last weekend.
Don't forget, new swim session this Saturday at 1pm down at the Claremont Pool - will be lots of fun!

Athlete of the Month - Helen Cuthbert

Well, what can we was a tough call this month to select our May "Athlete of the Month" with so many great results that saw 36 of our TEAM CORE athletes racing down at the Busselton Half Ironman. However, we have made this decision based on the fact that we believe that Helen Cuthbert really aspired to our 3-C motto of Commitment, Consistency and Camaraderie during the 16 week program and displayed courage and determination during the race. Most of all though, Helen had a smile on her face the whole way round - awesome! If you don't love it, don't do it.
Helen posted a 37.01 swim split, a 2:48.07 cycle time and a 1:52.27 run split to give her an overall time of 5:22.55 and a very impressive 13th place finish in the 25-29 category in her first ever Half Ironman!
It was personally a great pleasure to coach and work with Helen in the lead-up to this event. Just like in any coach-athlete relationship when the pressure is on in the harder weeks, tempers do get frayed. What inspired me particularly though about Helen's attitude was her openess in communication and willingness to discuss things that were troubling her. In doing so we could work together as a team to address these issues and make sure we were heading on the right track. Well done Helen, it was a privilege to work with's to the Ironman! ;-)

Make that long stroke FASTER!

You're probably well versed in what makes a good, efficient freestyle stroke...the longer and smoother the better, right? Hmmm, not necessarily, at least not in all scenarios.
Length and smoothness is key, yes, but from working with thousands of swimmers who have tried diligently to develop the absolutely longest stroke possible only to become dispondent when their times start to plateau, there is clearly something else required. That something is the development of your stroke rate.
In a nutshell the two factors that ultimately determine how fast you swim is the product of how long your stroke is and how fast you turn that stroke over. Most people know how to develop the first aspect (i.e. working to reduce the number of strokes per length), but how many of you can conciously say you've worked to develop that other key aspect, stroke rate.
Up until now, developing your stroke rate has been a hard and laborious task involving complicated equipment and quite a bit of maths. Introducing the Wetronome - the simplest way to ensure that you continue to develop the rhythm and timing of your freestyle stroke to better prepare you for that next event!
Its so easy to use, take a look at some of these video clips to show you how you can make your long stroke FASTER! Conversely, you'll also see how to make a short, scrappy stroke which "fights the water" much longer and smoother. Thats why the Wetronome really is so beneficial to so many swimmers.
Don't get bogged-down with a really long stroke, if it means you have a really SLOW stroke - address the balance between your stroke rate and stroke length to really lift your performances!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Awesome photos up now from the Half Ironman

Check out the latest additions to our comprehensive team photo gallery, now including the Rottnest Boot Camp and the Busselton Half Ironman event:
P.S Photos were taken collectively by Paul Newsome and Adam Young. For more of Adam's photos and to see some of the pros in action, check out

Monday, May 5, 2008

Final direct email from me and notes on the new training program...

Dear All
Please be advised that this will be the very last direct email from me notifying you of all our exciting training news. All you need to do from now on to keep up-to-date is enter your email address here or simply stay tuned to where all the news will be posted instantly as it happens. Nothing changes, the email will look a little prettier, but now you get to choose whether or not you want these emails going straight to you as they have previously done.
Please be advised that we have started the new triathlon training program as of today (May 5th 2008) with all our pool based sessions now taking place at the Claremont Pool. Simple. You can view this new program at and also print it out to stick on your fridge wall as reminder. You can now also pay for your sessions etc online at or choose to download our payment form and bring your payment to any of our sessions.
Training this week:
Please be advised that we will actually commence the new Tuesday and Wednesday evening sessions from next week onwards (13th and 14th May respectively). All other sessions will run as per the new program, including Saturday's new 1pm swim session. Remember, your payment cards can be used at any of these sessions and that the Monday morning run and Wednesday morning bike rides are both free "TEAM" sessions meaning you are all welcome along!
Our next "Race-Centric" Program will be...
Many of you who didn't partake in the recent Half Ironman program have stated that you loved the way this program worked and how you'd be keen on future programs as they come along. To whet your appetite we will be running several new programs over the coming year for various distances and abilities. For more info and to register your interest, please check out
As this is an entirely new training venture, we are very keen to ensure that it provides you with the absolute best triathlon and multisport program available. If you have any comments or feedback on how we may improve things, please let us know via email to Last week Elise and Jacqui gave me some great feedback and suggestions of formulating a simple running program to get those of you who don't run at all into some shape to look at tackling a triathlon next season. I'll be onto this next week...its this sort of feedback that is really useful for us to know that we are getting things right for you!
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & The TEAM CORE &
+ 61 (0) 431 540 980
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Sunday, May 4, 2008

Weekend's Results

Dear All
Well I've just got back from a weekend of inspiring results with the Team down in Busselton. I'm very pleased to inform you that everyone who had trained with us over the last 16 weeks completed the event and to coin the phrase from Shotz Nutrition (sponsors of the event) "finished what they started" - well done everyone! Full results can be seen at:
...or you can view the attached file which highlights our team athletes. Highlighted in yellow are the top 3 male and female athletes for your information and comparison (highlighted in green = one of the Team over from the UK).
It was a day of mixed results - some people having absolute blinders, others having mishaps whether being through bike mechanicals, punctures or nutrition issues. The most important thing to note (and what was particularly inspiring for me as the coach) was that despite these adversities, everyone kept their mind focused and headstrong to finish the event. This superb display of courage and determination is what makes my job so special - a very rewarding day indeed. Thankyou guys for letting me be part of that with you. Oh, and by the way, I won one of the prizes for the most "outlandish" supporters!!! Go Captain Core!
A quick run-down of each result (photos will be up at by the end of the week):
  • Mike Gee went on to improve on last year's awesome result with a 6th place finish on Saturday that saw him take the runner-up spot to Sean O'Neill in the State Championships. An amazing effort considering Mike's first ever event was only back in 2005 on this same course!
  • Richard Kay (from Liverpool) took home a 4th spot in the 35-39 age-group with a blinding 26.03 swim and 4.16 overall time. He's now set to prepare for the Singapore HIM in September. Good luck Richard!
  • Sandy Burt showed his dominance in the 45-49 age-group to win with a fabulous 4.17 finish time. Sandy posted a 29 min swim split then averaged just under 38km/h on the bike before tapping out sub-4min K's on the run leg. Nice work!
  • Zane Randell had a solid performance in the tough 30-34 age-group category with a very noteworthy 2.25 bike split - top job that man!
  • Andrew (Giantman) Menschelyi proved he had what it takes to knock out another good endurance performance just 4 weeks after the Australian Ironman Championships to finish in 4.57. Well done!
  • Clint Doak just snuck under the 5hr mark with an almost identical bike split to the Giantman (no, they weren't drafting before you ask!). Clint also did well to back up after Port Macquarie. Good effort mate.
  • One of the top performances of the day had to be Ian Murray's effort which saw him just missing the 5hr marker. Ian was solid all round which shows good potential for future events (this being his first HIM!).
  • Sue-ann Anderson never fails to impress. After 3 weeks off with a nasty sinus infection and very little training in the lead-up, Sue managed a 3rd place in the competitive 45-49 age-group category and with a bike split nearly 10 minutes quicker than many of the younger girls in the Team. Well done!
  • Carl Andrews cruised through the swim and bike disciplines and rounded off with a gutsy performance on the run leg to see him finish his first longer distance event in quite sometime - not bad at all considering the issues Carl had with his back several weeks ago which saw him stranded at the Dodgy Dunnies unable to move for several hours!
  • If Ian's performance was one of the top fella's performances of the day, then first-timer Helen Cuthbert's awesome 5.22 has to be worthy of the same mantel for the ladies! What was so good about Helen's performance was her attitue and spirit out there - big smiles all day - it was a pleasure to witness that result! Love your work Hellraiser!
  • Jane Day didn't have the blisteringly fast race that she was secretly hoping for, however, despite some pretty serious cramping on the run leg from the get-go, she showed true grit and determination to soldier on through the run and then look upon the result as a learning experience and the need to maybe go back to the drawing board on the nutrition front. We'll be working together on this for future events. Well done Jane - you did good!
  • Caitlin Hunt also had her first HIM outing on Saturday and put in a solid all-round performance with saw her take out a Top-20 position in her 25-29 age-group. I think Caitlin will be back for some more and a solid winter's training for sure!
  • According to legend, Lindy Brand exited the Busselton waters with a smile on her face having completed the swim discipline with no major worries what-so-ever. Once on land Lindy went about ripping up the field with as solid 2.47 bike ride and a 1.50 run split to finish 17th in the 30-34 age group. Well done Lindy - we knew you could get through that swim OK!!
  • Janet Musker sliced another 10 minutes off her HIM P.B with 13th position in the 40-44 category - not bad for having just completed teh Port Macquarie Ironman just 4 weeks previously! Top notch Janet!
  • Kathryn Granheim also emerged from the waters smiling and happy with her swim split, only to then realise halfway through the ride that her rear brake had been rubbing and slowing her progress. Despite being agonisingly close to her when this happened, we weren't allowed to assist for fear of Kathryn's disqualification. Despite this frustrating mechanical incident and the drain it obviously placed on her body for the run, Kathryn finished the task at hand to complete not only her first HIM, but her first triathlon! Well done - onwards and upwards!
  • Matt Biddle was seen regularly out on the course with a big smile on his face; whether this was because of Paul' ridiculous supporting attire though, we'll never know! Again Matt's performance was solid all round, looking like he could have easily gone round again...Ironman in December, Matt????
  • Just behind Matt was Michelle Newsome completing her first ever HIM event as well. After a 29 minute swim and a 2.48 bike split, things started to get a little tougher on the run when Michelle also started cramping severely. Headstrong to the end however, my little "champ" shone on through to make me a very proud coach / husband indeed! Well done Mish!
  • Glen Blackwell deserves both a commendation for comedy and selfless-support having completed the run discipline dressed as a French waiter and then picking up Michelle in the final few K's of the run leg when she was really starting to hurt. Thanks Glen! Its the Busso IM for you my friend!!!
  • Gabe Alves found out first-hand how frustrating a mechanical on the bike can be. After a really superb 38 minute swim split, Gabe actually punctured not once, but twice out on the course. Despite the obvious frustration, he didn't let this stop him and still managed a sub-2hr run split for the half marathon. Well done mate - you did great!
  • Melissa Cundy cruised through the swim and absolutely nailed the bike in an awesome 2.49 bike split in the tough, windy conditions. Despite struggling a touch on the run and picking up a nice collection of blisters, Mel kept ticking along and finished the event in 5.49. Good effort Mel!
  • Trevor Magee didn't have the greatest lead-up to the event with an achilles tendinitis issue but did knock out a really gutsy performance nonetheless to finish in well under 6 hours - well done Trev - you made us proud!
  • Greg Doucas was rumoured to have commented just how much he enjoyed the swim discipline on race day before knocking out a really solid 2.41 bike split and a 2.21 run split - with that sort of swimming spirit, anything's possible mate! Well done.
  • Chris Murphy also had a less than ideal lead-up to the event, being plagued as he was by an old calf injury. He reported before the event that it was 50/50 as to whether he would finish, but he did, and as such I'd say that this Chris's performance is one of those nice moments when you realise "what the mind can conceive the mind can achieve!" Nice job.
  • Paul Williams came to me just 6 weeks ago and asked whether I thought he could make it through the swim leg given his current level of ability in the pool. It was a tough call but I knew that if Paul put his mind to it, it could be done. And done it was...a 45 minute swim split followed by solid performances on the bike and run should now assure Paul that he can do this swimming "thing". Well done mate, that is something to be proud of!
  • Karen Wynne was back to Busselton once again after narrowly missing out on a finish at the full Ironman just 6 months ago. Nothing was stopping her on Saturday though and special thanks and commendation should go to Karen for finishing 9th in her age-group and 3rd in the State Titles, not to mention the support she gave Mary in the last kilometre.
  • Mary Tennant knocked out a really awesome swim split of 39 minutes before shooting along on the bike and then suffering through ITB pain (which has held her back a touch in training in the last 2 months) on the run to complete her first ever Half Ironman in a fabulous time of 6.42 and to take out a top-10 position in her age-group. I know Mary was a little disappointed that she didn't go a little quicker and that the run was super tough, but that just makes the challenge of the next one all the more exciting...right Mary?!! Great effort - we're very proud of you and you should be too!
So, where to from here?
Well, whilst the program as per will continue to run throughout the winter with the new changes taking effect from Monday 5th May, many of these athletes would be wise to take a good couple of weeks off to relax and recuperate. Its really hard work on the body, mind and soul to train as consistently as they have for the last 16 weeks and the rest really is very vital. After such a big event it is very common to feel like you're almost on a "come down" and some people do develop post-race "blues". The main thing is to allow your body the time it needs to adjust and move on when you're well and truly ready, and not before. You deserve the break!
For those of you whom have been inspired by this program, we can now start to look at gearing up towards the other many and varied challenges that lie ahead ( Squad sessions will likley be very quiet over the next couple of weeks, but please be assured that I'll be down there, so if you can make it, I'd love the company!!
Squad Social:
Subject to final confirmation, we will be holding an end-of-season squad social up in Hillary's on Saturday 17th May at "Bar One Twenty". The event will serve as a wind-down after the season and as a chance to meet up again after the Half Ironman to see how we're all feeling and what people are thinking of as their next challenge. I shall keep you posted in due course!
Cheers and thanks again for a great season!
Paul Newsome
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