Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Training and Racing this Weekend


A humid change this week - quite nice this morning on the bike I have to say!

OK, looking ahead to this weekend, the big events are the Leighton 1.6km Swim Thru on Saturday, and the Hillary's Sprint Triathlon / the Herne Hill 40km Time Trial event. Highly recommend having a little bash at the 40k Time Trial if you are doing the Busselton Half Ironman. You can enter that here:

OK, so training then:


6am = open water skills session at Cottesloe Beach - what better way to start a Thursday?!

6pm for a 6.15pm start = run session at Lake Monger (meeting at the Green Arrow)


5.30am & 6.30am = get Fresh & Fruit with us at Claremont Pool

9.30am = nice steady, technique session

4.30pm = Rotto SOLO (final Friday swim)...just do a really steady, continuous 3km roll-over-of-the-shoulders today!


7am = Rottnest SOLO, DUO AND TEAM swim session at Trigg Beach. Meeting at the Trigg SLSC at 7am for an in-the-water start at 7.15pm. Please bring a paddler if you have one. TEAM swimmers = 2km, DUOS = 4-6km, SOLOS = 6-8km...all VERY cruisey indeed! A bit of a social wind-down followed by breakie at the Trigg Island Cafe. May cut this shorter if people are looking tired etc.

NB. No official ride this week as my suggestion is to do the Time Trial on Sunday. If you don't fancy that, take a spin down the Freeway bike path and input 3 x 20' intervals at HIM pace on your tri bars with 5' easy between each. Total ride time ~3hrs. Try a short 10' run off the bike too!

1pm = Squad Swim at Claremont Pool - come and have some fun and get VERY fruity with our open water skills and drafting session - miss it, miss out!


Valentines Day - ladies, please don't forget to send me a card - LOL! ;-) Seriously, have a great, fun day with your loved one(s).



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