Monday, March 31, 2008

Perfect night for Wind Training!

Dear All
Well, we're back on with the next "build" block of training and the weather has very kindly let us know that we're now heading into the Autumnal months - doh! Still, perfect day for wind training, so I look forward to seeing you at the Sweat Shack this evening at 6pm if you can make it. We have a couple of spare spots this evening so please let me know if you wish to attend.
Don't forget, the Tuesday and Thursday Time:4:Me sessions are back to normal at 9.30am (both days!) down at Claremont Pool, so I look forward to seeing some of you then.
Yesterday we had a few of the crew race at the final TRI Events race up at Hillary's Boat Harbour.
  • Andrew Menschelyi came 2nd in his 25-29 AG and a very credible 29th overall
  • Clint Doak was just over 60s behind Andrew and came 3rd in the 20-24 AG and more importantly went on to win the Series Title in the 20-24 AG - superb!
  • Ian Murray was fresh on his new Felt DA steed and finished 4th in the 40-44 AG and top-50 overall (not too shy of the young guns above either!)
  • Sally O'Dea took out 7th place in the 25-29 ladies event and no-doubt had a better race than the unfortunate episode down at Karri Valley.
And so that brings us to next doubt a few of you have signed up for the Point Walter Olympic Distance Triathlon on Sunday and as such I'll see you down there for that one (the last chance to test your race legs before Busso HIM). However, our 3 intrepid Ironman Crew will be heading over to Port MacQuarie tomorrow for the Australian Ironman Championships. The trio, including Andrew Menschelyi, Clint Doak and Janet Musker, have been training consistently now for 26 weeks (a "double-peak" program) and all are looking good for next weekend. I hope we will all get behind these guys next Sunday on the website and keep any eye on how they're progressing. These three mates really do personify what it means to be consistent and committed to your training and what you can achieve as a result! We wish them all the best and look forward to hearing of their stories next week! Just remember guys...keep it steady!!
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & Kirby Swim
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Saturday Training and One person need for a TRI relay!

Dear All
I might not be able to speak right now, but at least I can still type! Apologies for my absence over the last 2 days...I'm still feeling really quite ill but hopefully I'll be on the mend for Monday to get you all back on the "straight and narrow" for our final "push" towards the Half Ironman (now just 5 weeks away!).
I will endeavour to get down to the start of the ride tommorow, but may not actually ride with you guys. I'll drive down, stay out of your way in the car so as to not pass on my infection, and let you know what we're doing. Be prepared for a steady 2hr ride (60mins out & back) down the freeway followed by either a 30, 40 or 60 mins steady run off the bike depending on how you are feeling. Remember tommorow is still the end of the recovery week so I'd prefer you to air on the side of easy than push too hard - we need to save that for the next 2 weeks! If you are feeling a little "antsy" and "full of beans" this week - thats a good thing! Bottle that up and save it for next week!
We have 12 people confirmed for our Rottnest Excursion in a few weeks time and as such I have secured the 12-bed dorm - hope everyone is cool with that. Let me know if not - I do have an alternative. We also have about 12 people confirmed for the nutrition talk next Friday at 7pm.
OK, so I'm off to get some jelly beans back inside me (not the training type - just the energy type) and will be raring to go on Monday! In the meantime, if anyone wants to do a short triathlon on Sunday, Lisa Palmer is looking for a team-mate...please see email below. Please don't contact me about this, but liaise direct with Lisa.
Paul Newsome
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Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 10:16 AM
Subject: Skilled Fremantle Corp Tri this Sunday - People needed for Woodside team!

Hi Paul

Woodside are a team and one person short for the Woodside Corporate Triathlon this Sunday

Might you forward this on to any of the tri-group to see if they are interested in competing.

The Woodside team is being organised by Andrew's sis Adrianne Mencshelyi

Details are:

 - Team (3 people- all do full triathlon)
 - Extra team member to do full  tri for other team
 - 250M, 10K, 2.5K

Fremantle  (Skilled Corporate Triathlon)
Refer to for full race details.

6.45am for race briefing at 7am (report to Woodside tent)
Sunday 30th March (this Sunday)

How much
$15 to include entry, insurance and breakfast in Corp Marque.

Please email if interested and I will forward your details on to Adrianne

Kind regards,

Lisa Palmer
Audit & Business Risk
Woodside Energy Ltd.
ph: (08) 9348 4447
fx:  (08) 9214 2768
location: WP 24-4E

NOTICE: This email and any attachments are confidential.  They may contain legally privileged information or  copyright material. You must not read, copy, use or  disclose them without authorisation. If you are not an  intended recipient, please contact us at once by return  email and then delete both messages and all attachments. 

Thursday, March 27, 2008

Paul's Absence this morning

Dear All
I am terribly sorry for having to miss this morning's flexibility and early-am swim sessions at CCGS. Thanks to Janet and Leith for stepping in at the very last minute to cover these sessions. I went to bed feeling fine (but tired) and woke up with a terrible sore throat and with little or no voice. I do apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused any of you. I am hoping that with a bit of rest this morning I'll be ok for tonight's run session, but if not will try to arrange for a cover as well.
With respect to this morning's Cottesloe Beach swim planned for 10am, I cannot unfortnately get a cover for this session and so will have to postpone the session as my voice is really not up to shouting in the wind. We are due to swim tommorow at Cottesloe Beach at 7am with the group, so can I suggest that you look at either coming along to that one or I'll stay down at Cottesloe and run a 2nd session at 9am. If you are keen to come at 9am, please email me to let me know likely numbers.
Sorry everyone!
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & Kirby Swim
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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nutrition Talk on Friday 4th April

Dear All
Owing to popular demand, we have scheduled an evening's nutrition "seminar" with guest speaker Nicola Holmes on Friday 4th April at 7pm. The talk will run for ~1h30 (inc. questions) and will help you prepare for that crucial 4th discipline of the half ironman - nutrition! Get your nutrition wrong on race day and your whole race can go rapidly down "the toilet" (as I have personally experienced at my first and only attempt at the Ironman distance in 2004) - after 16 weeks of diligent training that is the last things you want happening!
We will prepare some notes for those who cannot attend - but you are highly recommended to attend if possible as we'll be able to answer all questions directly. The talk will be at our place: 22 Fairfield Street, Mount Hawthorn (please park on Anzac Road and walk up to avoid any parking penalties). It is suggested that you try and have some dinner before attending the talk and we'll provide some yummy "afters".
One of the principle reasons behind holding this next Friday is that on the Saturday (5th) we'll be doing our next long brick session and I'd like us all to be pumped up to follow Nic's advice the next day! As such it is suggested that you pre-prepare yourself with some carbohydrate powder (i.e. Gatorade, HI5 etc) as well as some gels / carb bars (i.e. Hammer Gel, Powerbar) so that you have these ready to mix up the following morning. We'll discuss servings size, nutrition plans and what to do for the race day morning etc during the talk. Nic may also have some of her Aqualyte Carb / Electrolyte solution sachets for trial / purchase which I can highly recommend personally.
Gaye McKean also kindly forwarded this excellent article on nutrition for those keen on the lengthy read:
Hope to see as many of you there as possible - please RSVP via email.
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & Kirby Swim
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Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Training this week and Rottnest Boot Camp

Dear All
Hope you all had a great weekend away (if you managed to get away!) over Easter and are now pumped to get back into training this week. Please remember that this week is a recovery week and as such is a perfect way for many of you whom may have not been able to be super-consistent over the last few weeks to ease your way back into things and for everyone else to focus on form and technique.
You all know now that the early morning swim sessions are now starting at 6 to 7am on Tuesday and Thursday at Christchurch GS with 20 mins of flexibility and core stability work commencing at 5.30am for those who can make this beneficial session.
We have our final session away from Claremont Pool this Thursday for the "Time:4:Me" crew. As the weather is supposed to be great on Thursday morning and due to your popular demand, we will make this session a beach swim down at Cottesloe. Please meet at 10am and be prepared for some openwater technique work as well as a few ins & outs. We finally return to Claremont Pool on Tuesday 1st April at 9.30am to 10.30am and will then be back down there every Tuesday and Thursday at 9.30am from then on. I'd just like to personally say thanks to those of you whom have supported these sessions over the last 8 weeks - its not been easy, always changing times and pools each week, but you've done a great job of supporting the session in these tough couple of months, so thanks! Hopefully now we can move boldly forward and continue to develop this great session.
All other sessions are as per normal: Wednesday ride at 5.50am from Mount Street; Thursday run at McGilvray at 6pm; Friday openwater swim 7am at Cottesloe; Saturday morning brick session (albeit a shortened one this week being an easy week) at 6.30am from the Dodgy Dunnies. There's also the Hillary's Sprint Triathlon this Sunday as well for those that are keen - for more info.
Rottnest Boot Camp 18 to 20th April:
I need to confirm the booking at the Barracks for our accommodation for this awesome weekend of triathlon training and social activities. At this present moment in time I have had the following express their interest in attending:
  1. Paul Newsome (deposit paid)
  2. Michelle Newsome (deposit paid)
  3. James Millen (paid in full)
  4. Caitlin Hunt (paid in full)
  5. Melissa Cundy
  6. Carl Andrews
  7. Gabe Alves
  8. Rob Buckle
  9. Janet Musker
  10. Mary Tennant
...if I haven't got your name down or if you haven't yet paid the weekend's balance ($200.00 including 2 nights accommodation, ferry, "Taper Time Tapas", 2 breakfasts, and coaching) please email me to let me know ASAP. If those of you following the Half Ironman Program whom haven't registered your interest in the camp could let me know that you're definitely not coming, that would be much appreciated too! Thanks. Remember this weekend will be lots of fun (see here:
At this moment in time I have 2 blocks of accommodation on hold (a 12 and an 8-bed dorm) and the plan was to split these male/female as the numbers dictated. If we don't get the numbers up I'll need to investigate either a) cancelling one dorm and having the other as a "unisex" affair; or b) look into 2 smaller blocks if they are available. Your speedy cooperation is much appreciated in advance!
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & Kirby Swim
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Monday, March 17, 2008

Weekend's Results & Easter Training

Dear Team
Latest Race News:
Another action-packed weekend with various team members heading off to races across Western Australia, the UK and even South Africa! First up was the Karri Valley Triathlon in beautiful Pemberton. Despite many of the team choosing to stay back in Perth and knock-out another Freeway Ride (yeah, yeah, you love it really!), we had 5 members mixing it up on the hilly and testing course. Mike Gee was back to good form and finished 4th overall and actually broke the bike course record by 2 seconds (shame that the top-3 guys all broke it too and were faster than Mike! Hey ho!). Rob Buckle was back after the Rottnest Channel Swim to finish a top-notch 1st in the 25-29 AG and 20th overall. Mrs Buckle (to be), Helen Cuthbert, completed her longest and toughest ever race to finish a very commendable 4th place in the ladies 25 to 29 AG. Helen was just beaten to the line by Lindy Brand who made up some big ground on the bike and run after her epic trip up Mt Buller a couple of weeks back to place 7th in the 35 to 39 AG. Last but by no means least, Sally O'Dea put up with tough conditions in the swim after being seriously knocked around and having to go back ashore to recompose and then a nasty bee-sting on the bike to finish the race in 11th place in the 25 to 29 AG - here's to battling adversity Sally!
Whilst many were partaking in the Freeway Ride on Sunday (60km and about 4000 riders!), over in the UK, Georgia Wood was smashing her personal best half marathon time to knock out a truly breath-taking 1:22.29 which equates to 3:55 per km. What makes this result especially good was that the conditions at the Bath Half Marathon were attrocious and the race had to be put back 1hour due to some flooding and mud which Georgia describes as a little like "the Glastonbury Music Festival". Georgia finished 16th lady overall - a great result!
And over the Indian Ocean in South Africa, Ian Murray was testing out his new Felt DA Time Trial machine which we'll all see and drool over when he's back next week. Ian finished 9th overall (out of +300) in the sprint distance triathlon and 4th place veteran in a superb time of 68 minutes. Ian's final 5km was completed in an amazing 18:25 too! Well done that man!
This week's Training:
Monday - pm - after a long and tough run session this morning, we'll be spinning for 60 mins steady in the Sweat Shack this evening to loosen the legs off followed by a bit of stretching - something to look forward to - not a killer session!
Tuesday - am - remember core stability at 5.30am, swim at 6 to 7am at CCGS. Time-4-Me swim is on at 9am at Challenge Stadium, check the board for pool allocation as this changed somewhat last week.
Wednesday - am - 5.50am leave from Bouchard Cafe on Mount Street. Back ~ 7.40am.
Thursday - am - As per Tuesday morning. Time-4-Me is on at 10.30 to 11.30am this week!
Thursday - pm - A Favorite for most - the 6,5,4,3,2,1 Fartlek session - a nice one in that you can choose how hard to push it if feeling a little tired at the end of this 3 week build phase.
Good Friday - REST DAY (Good Friday - enjoy some Fish & Chips! A British Classic).
Easter Saturday - as per previous emails, there will be no structured session today owing to the Public Holiday and also because we're "1-up" on our hard Saturday sessions. As such, my advice would be to take this weekend completely off and enjoy yourself! You've been working hard and consistently over the last 9 weeks and a bit of a break at this point will be well placed. Besides the physical benefit of having some rest, the rest will also help you with any motivation issues which may be waning at this point in time (quite common - I call it the "Doldrums") - so go and enjoy yourself and the coach says its ok to have a drink or too as well! :-)
Easter Sunday - REST DAY
Easter Monday - no official run or bike session. This starts our Recovery Week (something to look forward to) so just take a steady 30mins jog whenever suits your social / family commitments and a 1hr spin on the bike and we'll resume as normal on Tuesday!
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & Kirby Swim
+ 61 (0) 431 540 980
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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Back to 6am next week!

Dear All
Great swim session for those who attended today - well done!
A reminder that as of next week, we shall be reverting back to a 6am swim start on a Tuesday and Thursday morning at CCGS - "phew!" I hear you say. So we'll be doing our stretching and core session from 5.30am and be in the pool at 6.00am sharp. This will be like so until further notice.
Don't forget we're swimming at Cottesloe Beach on a Friday morning now, meeting at 6.45am for a 7.00am start (when the light comes up). We'll be doing some ins and outs and some openwater skills training as per our "old" Saturday sessions. Cost is 1 credit now for this session with it being a coached one. Please make an effort to attend as this is a key swim for those trying to improve their OW work.
2 weeks left at Challenge Stadium for the Time:4:Me sessions on a Tuesday and Thursday and then we're back at Claremont from the start of April - thanks for everyone's support with the changeable nature in this tricky (busy) time for us:
Tue-18 = 9 to 10am
Thu-20 = 10.30 to 11.30am (supposedly waterpolo pool, but last 2 times we've actually been in the outdoor 10 lane)
Tue-25 = 9.30 to 10.30am
Thu-27 = 10 to 11am (supposedly waterpolo pool, but last 2 times we've actually been in the outdoor 10 lane)
...once we're over this "hump" and back at Claremont I promise things will settle-out and be a little easier to follow with a more consistent program! I'll also be able to get some lane space (finally) for those seeking 1-2-1 Video Analysis Sessions too.
Last, but not least, Saturday. Meet as last week at 6.20am for a 6.30am start at the Dodgy Dunnies on the SW-side of the Narrow's Bridge. Similar session to last week...3hr ride with a 30-min run, but with intervals in there too. THIS SESSION IS KEY FOR THOSE DOING THE HALF IRONMAN. This will be our 3rd hard Saturday in a row, allowing for a weekend "off" next week over please get yourself down there if you can.
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & Kirby Swim
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Thursday, March 6, 2008

100% improvement at Thursday's run time-trial!

Dear All
Results from tonight's 5km run time trial are below. The first time is the time from the 1st TT on 23/1/08, the 2nd time is from tonight (6/3/08) and the figure in brackets is improvement in mins and seconds. Thanks to Adam for his superb time-keeping skills! As you can see, every single member of the group improved since our last time-trial 5 weeks ago:

Paul = 17:21; 16:38 (43")
Andrew = 18:12; 38:26 (Andrew did 10km tonight, not 5km) 
Ian = 19:18; 18:43 (35")
Neil = 19:52; DNS
Sally = 20:35; 19:55 (40") 
Katherine = 21:37; DNS 
Jane = 22:18; 21:36 (42") 
Lindy = 23:22; DNS
Mish = 24:11; 22:32 (1'39") 
Helen = 24:11; 23:47 (24") 
Lisa = 24:34; DNS 
Jo = 25:38; DNS 
Trevor = 26:18; 24:27 (1'51") 
Chrissy = 27:11; 25:36 (1'35")
Mel = 28:09; 25:03 (3'06") 
Mary = 29:24; 26:28 (2'56") 


Clint = 40:17; 38:52 (1'25")
Janet = 48:53; 48:19 (34")
New Results (didn't run last time):
Judi = 26:33
Carl = 21:29
Rob = 19:30
These really have been 36 hours of awesome results - 100% improvements on the bike and run and ~80% improvements on the swim. In my entire coaching experience I cannot recall a group that has been so consistent and so committed to what they are trying to achieve as this year's Half Ironman Group. It really is this consistency and gentle "chipping away" at your sessions which is resulting in your improvements and as such you should be very proud of your achievements (I know I'm very proud as your coach!).
If you're not actively involved in the Half Ironman Group's training program but are training with the group for any of the swim, bike or run sessions, please take inspiration from what everyone is could be you next year stepping up to the "plate"! You don't have to be a superstar to be doing this program, all that is required is commitment, consistency and to maintain a balanced and fun approach to what you are doing. Not every session / race will be great (we've still got 8 weeks of hard work ahead and some of our sessions will be tough, both physically and mentally) but its about rising over those "down" times and focusing on the "highs"...after all, "every session is just more more jelly bean in the jelly bean jar!"
Well done team! Swim in the morning (Friday) at Cottesloe Beach (7am) and then the long brick session on Saturday leaving at 6.30am from the Dodgy Dunnies (remember I want to see EVERYONE with more fluid and nutrition this week please!).

Pace Awareness

Dear All,
Another day, another time-trial!
Results of this morning's swim time-trial can now be viewed here:
These can be compared with your last times at:
Repeating this session every 4 to 6 weeks is great for monitoring progress and re-evaluating your training levels / target paces for the next few weeks. You shouldn't view time-trials as something to fear, after all as Andy Coggan, (sports physiologist) says:
"Training is testing and testing is training!"
What was great to see was that after yesterday's cycle time-trial where 100% of those who had repeated the session from 6 weeks ago did a P.B, it was a similar story in the pool today with ~80% "repeaters" posting P.B times - a really great result!
What we had chance to do with the second squad session at 10am this morning (see bottom photo) was get everyone's split-time through the first 100m and compare this with their finishing time. In an ideal world where the 400m would have been either even-split or potentially even negative-split (i.e. last 200m faster than first 200m), we then said, "OK, if they have done their first 100m in 1:40, then they should be hitting close to 6:40 for the 400m assuming optimal pacing". What we found was (in some cases) very different, and this is not at all unusual. Click on the bottom photograph for a clearer view and see that the figures in a small red circle next to their finishing time is the difference in seconds between what time they did finish in and what time they "should" have finished in, with the lower the number, the better. Ideally we'd like to see values here of 5 to 15s as opposed to some which were as high as 60-seconds. Rather than this be a "name & shame" thing though (we've all done it, trust me!), we need to learn from that, and at this point I'd like to draw your attention to this excellent article on Perceived Exertion and Pacing:
The article by Charles Howe looks at how many of the world records in track running in the last 30 years have been set with a slightly negatively-split time. Makes for very interesting reading, especially before our 5km run time-trial this evening!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

2008 Rotto Boot Camp

Dear All
Some superb results at this morning's cycle time trial - over the 12km course, EVERYONE did a P.B time...with most over 60 seconds quicker than 6 weeks ago. We even had Mary and Lisa both posting time over 3 mins quicker which equates to an increase in ~4.25km/h! Not bad for 6 weeks work! Well done everyone!
Rottnest Boot Camp 2008 - 18th to 20th April:
We are very pleased to announce that from the 18th to the 20th April 2008 we will be heading back to Rottnest Island for our annual "Boot Camp". Join other members of the team as you make your final preparations for the Busselton Half Ironman on the 3rd of May 2008. This really is a great opportunity to bond over the weekend and make true on our "TEAM" emphasis - just  take a look at this clip from our last Boot Camp back in 2005:

This year's camp is also open to friends and family of our Half Ironman group, so please encourage others to come along too.


Friday 18th April:

We will be meeting at 5.30pm at the C Shed Terminal in Fremantle for a 6:00pm departure to the Rottnest Island on Friday 18th April 2008. We will be travelling with the Rottnest Express ferry company and the journey across the Cage Roads Channel (~20km) via Northport will take just 60 minutes. You will need to pay for 2 nights parking in the carpark adjacent to the ferry terminal - this should be $4.00 per day but space in the carpark cannot be guaranteed, so if you can get dropped-off, all the better!

Your bike and gear wil be loaded aboard the ferry and as they sit at the front of the boat, I'd suggest protecting your frame with a plastic sheet or blanket as the ocean spray can be a little bit of a nuisance on the trip across! Once we land at Thompson's Bay, we'll collect our keys etc from the accommodation office and transfer by riding our bikes to the Kingston Barracks where we will base ourselves for the weekend. Whilst this trip is only ~2km, I'd suggest packing lightly and perhaps packing everything in a rucsac rather than a case if you have one...this truly is a "Boot Camp"!

Our accommodation is in the form of two dormitories (an 8-person; room # 125, and a 12-person; room # 127) and I'd suggest bringing a light sleeping bag if you have one as well. Beds are in a bunk-bed formation and whilst this may sound a little 'military-esque', it is generally quite comfortable and all a bit of fun too! We'll split the rooms into a 'boys' and 'girls' dorm so that I don't have to check-up on any "camptime cannuddling"!

After everyone is settled in, we'll take a stroll back into Thompson's Bay for a meal at the Quokka Arms Hotel, washed down with a drink or two!

Saturday 19th April:

We'll be up bright and early for a light stretch at 6.30am followed by breakfast in the Mess Hall at 7.00am. Following breakfast, at ~8.00am, we'll take in a scenic couple of laps of the island on our bikes (each lap is ~25km) followed by a run of approximately 30 to 40-minutes. This shortened brick session will be our final preparation before the "Big Day" (3rd May) and as such you will all be expected to be in tip-top form with respect to pacing and your nutrition strategies. We'll be featuring a few intervals at your given race-pace to familiarise yourself with exactly what pace you should be aiming to hold at the Busselton Half Ironman. Whilst we had great weather for our camp in 2005, you should come prepared with cooler-weather and wet-weather gear in the eventuality of inclement conditions.

After the brick session we'll take a leisurely stroll into Thompson's Bay again and carbo-load at the world-famous Rottnest Island Bakery - yum! We'll then have a couple of hours to simply relax and chill-out before an afternoon open-water swim skills session, which on the last Boot Camp proved critical for many seeking to improve their navigation skills for Busselton.

Prior to dinner we'll have our traditional "Taper Time Tapas" event which includes drinks and nibbles and a presentation / informal discussion by Paul about how to make the best out of your  16-weeks of training and mental preparation for the big race as you go into your well-deserved taper.  We'll then head into Thompson's Bay for an evening meal at the Rottnest Tearooms Bar & Cafe before heading over to one of the other bars for our annual pool & karaoke competition! Not to be missed!

Sunday 20th April:

There will be a casual jog at 7.00am for those who wish to do so and we'll then have a leisurely breakfast at about 8.00am in the Mess Hall and no-doubt recount tales of who was the biggest cheater in the pool tournament and who's voice sounded like they could make it to the top-20 in Australian Idol! We'll have to be out of the accommodation for 10.00am, so we'll collect our gear and head back into Thompson's Bay (for the final time!). Anyone needing to be back in Perth to spend some time with their families can hop on the 10.30am ferry back to the C-Shed, or you may like to stay until 2.30pm and enjoy the experience of Rottnest Island for a few hours longer. For those staying around, a bit of snorkelling will be on the cards if the weather is fine and people are game.

What you will need to bring:

  • Bike and plastic sheet / blanket for covering your bike (where necessary).
  • Bike lock - essential if you will be staying till 2.30pm on Sunday.
  • Swim, bike and run gear (remember to pack warm gear as it may be a little chilly!).
  • Extra spending money for meals out.
  • Some smart / casual gear for our 2 evenings out.
  • Sleeping Bag
  • Usual tolieteries etc (the bathrooms are single-sex, but communal in nature).
  • A sense of humour!

How much it costs / what's included:

Your weekend Boot Camp on Rottnest Island includes the following:

  • Extended-stay return-ticket on the Rottnest Express Ferry leaving at 6pm on Friday 18th April and returning at either 10.30am or 2.30pm on Sunday 20th April.
  • Rottnest Express Ferry bike transfer fee.
  • 2-nights accommodation in the Kingston Barracks.
  • 2-morning's breakfast at the Mess Hall.
  • Taper Time Tapas nibbles and soft-drinks (please provide your own alcholoic beverages where applicable).
  • 2 days of top-class coaching and training tips that will ensure you have the best possible day at the Busselton Ironman on May 3rd 2008!

Total Cost = $200.00.

This really is a one-of-a-kind training experience and superb value for money. Trust us, you'll be very sad if you miss out, so email me and register your interest today!

Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & Kirby Swim
+ 61 (0) 431 540 980
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Tuesday, March 4, 2008


(Message forwarded from Steve Doyle):
Dear Triathlete
Welcome to the Point Walter Triathlon (April 6) - the last lead up before Busselton
Your entry form is attached to give you an early opportunity to register.
Reminder:  The Skilled Corporate Teams Triathlon is on March 30 with entries closing in two weeks - get your group or company entries in for a competitive and social morning

Monday, March 3, 2008

Weekend's Results!

Dear All
Well, whilst some of us were out tearing up the tarmac down the freeway bike-path in muggy conditions on Saturday morning, others from the team have been posting some impressive results literally around the world!
The big race of the weekend was Ironman New Zealand which saw Justin Palmer (Perth) and Andy Smith (UK) heading over to the Land of the Long White Cloud to tackle some tough, blustery conditions. Andy crossed the line in 14h37.38 (see his finish by clicking here) to finish 116th in his age-group, and Justin just snuck inside the top-100 (98th) in his age-group in a commendable first-Ironman time of 11h48.04 (see Justin's finish by clicking here). If you want to see just how much elation an athlete can feel after crossing the finish line of an Ironman for their first time, make sure you watch Justin's finish, its quite something! Both Andy and Justin suffered some considerable set-backs in the run-up to their races (Andy with illness and the British winter, Justin with knee injury which requires full surgery), so to both get across the finish-line says something about their spirit and determination - well done lads!
We then take a long hop across the Pacific and Atlantic Oceans to the Emerald Isle (Ireland) where Tony O'Grady posted a personal best 10km time of 35:30 at the "Adare 10". Tony is currently training up for the Challenge Roth event in mid-July, so it looks like things are progressing nicely on that front!
Down in sunny Albany the "Dark Horse" (Mickey Gee) raced supreme. He's had a little bit of time off after Ironman WA in December, but bounced back at the Albany Olympic Distance triathlon this weekend to post a 2h04 finish time over the tough undulating course. Word from our "ears on the course" (Rob & Helen) was that Mike seemingly destroyed all but two of the field on the bike after a relatively "slow" swim to take 3rd overall. A great result. What's all the more impressive was that Mike held a Normalised Power on the bike of 357watts for the 40km course, and if you know your watts, you'll know that that is impressive for someone who weighs ~78kg! A welcome return to the Dark Horse!
Over in Victoria, Lindy Brand took on the Holden High Country Challenge which is a 230km 3-stage cycle event in the Mansfield-Mt. Buller region. On the second day the stage finishes with a gruelling 16km climb up the Mt. Buller tourist road and Lindy reported back that she was one of the top-10 ladies to the top of the climb - awesome effort! Looks like those Reabold repeats and all the work in the Kalamunda Hills paid off then!
And lastly, down at Matilda Bay was this year's running of probably the world's largest female-only triathlon event. I'm still yet to see all the results from yesterday's event, so if you have some news on how you went, please let me know! Having spoken with Mary Tennant this morning who stormed her way around the course yesterday, it appears that the event went well and was enjoyed by all. If you're sat there reading this and have maybe stepped gingerly into some swimming with us just recently and are thinking about taking up some triathlon next season, this really would be the one to aim for...that is assuming you are a girl! ;-)
Have a fun labour day everyone!