Sunday, February 14, 2010

Week Ahead!


Many thanks to those of you who got back to me over the weekend regarding the numbers on Friday morning's session. I will be sorting through all the responses over the next few days and post an updated list accordingly. Please bear with me!

So, we're into the final countdown before the Rottnest Channel Swim on Saturday 20th February. We have a total of 71 swimmers from the squad competing across the three categories - SOLO, DUO and TEAM.

Looking forward to this week then and to help you in your planning for which sessions would be appropriate to attend if you are tapering down to the event:


7am = a nice, cruisey drill & technique session - the perfect way to start your week!

9.30am = a slight variation to the normal endurance / technique session in that we'll add a short element of "fresh & fruity" today and effectively swap the steadier Monday session to Wednesday so as to not leave you too tired before the event.


5.30am, 6.30am and 6.15pm = a slight variation to the normal endurance / technique session in that we'll add a short element of "fresh & fruity" today and effectively swap the steadier Tuesday session to Friday so as to not leave you too tired before the event.


5.30am = a 15 mins stretch session, followed by a 60 minute swim perfect for those competing in the Rottnest Channel Swim, followed by another 15 mins stretch session - all done by 7am. This session will be with Nicola again this week.

5.50am = I will be taking out a group for a tempo bike ride session this morning at Shenton Park targeted specifically at HIM competitors - hope to see you there if you can make it.

9.30am = a steadier session today similar to what we'd normally do on a Monday at 9.30am.


6am = open water skills session at Cottesloe Beach. This will be a very light session for those competing at the weekend. Please note that due to the ever-reducing light at this time in the morning, today's session will be the LAST OPEN WATER SKILLS SESSION AT THIS DAY / TIME. PLEASE WATCH THIS SPACE FOR AN ALTERNATIVE SESSION GOING FORWARDS.

6/6.15pm = some 1500m intervals tonight at our new north Lake Monger venue. We're still trying to build a few more numbers for this session, so if you know of anyone who would like to attend, please bring them along.

NB. I would highly recommend a day-off today for SOLO and DUO swimmers in particular, but if you really want to roll your arms over, then the 6am session will be suitable for you also.


5.30am, 6.30am and 9.30am = an absolutely perfect loosen-off / taper session for the Rottnest Channel Swim today, including some stretching and short intervals to ensure you don't go into tomorrow's event feeling lethargic. All too often people take the day before a big event off and then complain about lethargy during the event - my motto has always been to have the day before, the day before off and doing something light and loose in the 24 hours before the event.

NB. SOLO swimmers should NOT swim at 4.30pm'll be in bed, right?!


Race Day! Please note, there will be NO 1pm squad swim session today at Claremont Pool!

HIM competitors not involved in the race should do a 3h30 ride down the Freeway Bike Path followed by a 20' run off the bike at HIM pace. Suggested meeting point and time is 6.00am from the Bell Tower.


Rest Day!


All sessions back to normal, including the continuation of Monday's 7am session for those who'd like to loosen-off after the Rottnest Swim. Stay tuned for further news on squad allocations and the Thursday morning swim in due course - thanks!


The TEAM CORE would like to wish the following swimmers the best of luck for Saturday - got get 'em! 

NB. Apologies if I've missed anyone out from this list...please let me know if I have so that I can follow your results on the day.


Suzanne Narbey, Geoff Wilson, Michael Abdo, Andrew Hunt, Andrew Stocks, Ceinwen Williams, Julien Flack, Hannah McKerchar, Vaughn Bisschops, Mary-Anne Paton, Mark Scanlon, Justine Murphy, Lisa Delaurentis, Justin Palmer.


Trevor Magee, David Reeve, Paul Downie, Chris Foley, Michelle Newsome, Paul Newsome, Natalia Vollrath, Suzanne Williams, Erez Berman, Nimal Wickramasinghe, Serena Wells, John Annear, John Edwards, Kim Smith, Adam Mullens, William Moody.


Jeremy Buttsworth, Emmy Poulsen, Robyn Ahern, Sarah Humphry, Tim Humphry, Bevan Lawrence, Liz Dundas, Annette van Hazel, Guy van Hazel, Michael Fischer, Amanda Nitschke, Adam Young, Ian Klaasens, Cath Fletcher, Elise Gray, Courtenay Harris, Jackie Steinepreis, Paul Merson, Riaz Khan, Carl Andrews, Marina Wallace, Patrick Hollingworth, Chris Pemberton, Felicity Bailey, Melissa Cooney, Kristy Fogarty, Chris Murphy, Ian Crisp, Dan Fogarty, Bill Carmody, Julie Kerr, Joe Kierath, Georgina Good, Louise McGown, Caitlin Hunt, Jen Newman, Liza Magennis, Vera Sistenich, Katrina Mercer, Keith Anderson, Desiree Silva.



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