Thursday, January 31, 2013

Calling all paddlers!

Dear Swimmers

No doubt this will be the first of a series of "urgent" requests for the Rottnest Channel Swim on Saturday 23rd February 2013 - but I'm still personally seeking a paddler (or two!) for the event...can anyone help out?

My own personal training & racing has been going really well up until this point, just 3 weeks out from the race, but as we all know, it's really the skill of your skipper, the support of your crew and of course the prowess of your paddler that gets you across there on race day!

Unfortunately my paddler from the last few years has regrettably had to pull out and as such I'm now seeking someone else (possibly two to rotate every hour or so).

Also, Coach Emma will attempt her very first Solo swim of the Channel before flying back to the UK just days later - I'm sure we're all going to miss her on pool deck! Emma is also seeking a paddler and even a couple of friendly faces on her boat as well if anyone can help with that?

Can you help, or know of anyone who can?



Thursday, January 24, 2013

Australia Day Long Weekend - what's happening...

Dear Swimmers

Well I can't quite believe it - your bubbly pommie swim coach has now officially been in Australia for 11 years! I first arrived on the Australia Day weekend in 2002, was meant to be here just 3 days "passing through" whilst back-packing with a mate and now look at me..."nearly" a local! LOL! ;-)

Ok so this weekend, the following sessions will be cancelled:

  • Saturday 1-2pm
  • Monday 7-8am
  • Monday 9.30-10.30am

...all sessions tomorrow (Friday) will run as normal as too will they from Tuesday 29th January onwards.

There are two big open water races this weekend:

...myself and at least one other swimmer from the squad require a paddler for Monday's 10km event - any keen and able please email me (I have a kayak etc).

Cheers and have a great weekend! Hope to see you out there!


Thursday, January 17, 2013

CSS Test Results January 2013

Dear Swimmers

Wow! Another evening of number crunching with an amazing 184 swimmer's data to input into the CSS spreadsheet this time around - so please excuse the delay in getting these results out to you!

Your results are available now at:

Obviously with this test being held immediately after the Christmas break, some of you who took holidays over this period will witness a slight drop-off in performance (to be expected), however, congratulations to the following swimmers whom have all improved by more than 3.5" per 100m since the end of October 2012:

  • Amanda Nitschke (18.0")
  • Andrew Graham (3.5")
  • Ari Huston (8.0")
  • Brad (4.5")
  • Brenton Jenke (3.5")
  • Carol Lake (10.0")
  • Chantel Delaney (8.5")
  • Elaine Broome (7.0")
  • Justine Murphy (6.0")
  • Kim Annear (5.5")
  • Lindsey Shepherd (8.5")
  • Liz Dundas (7.5")
  • Marie Wyche (13.0")
  • Mike Fischer (4.5")
  • Nicole Anson (9.0")
  • Paul Payne (3.5")
  • Ray Steffanoni (4.5")
  • Rupert Holman (19.0" - the biggest single improvement I've ever witnessed - well done Rupert!)
  • Sam Gardiner (3.5")
  • Suzi Scarff (3.5")
  • Tim Booth (3.5")
  • Tracey Carroll (5.5")

...we will now use this data to ensure that A) you're in the right lane and training at an intensity appropriate for you, and B) to slowly chip away at this pace by roughly 1.0" every 2-3 weeks. Should be a lot of "fun"!

See you on pool deck gang!


BHP Billiton Super Series

Dear Swimmers

Hope you're enjoying these last few days of cooler temperatures before the mercury starts to rise pommie skin doesn't take to well to anything over ~33ÂșC!

OK, just a couple of quick notices today:

1. Lisa Palmer has four free tickets to watch the action at Challenge Stadium on Saturday night at the BHP Billiton Super Series Swim Meet with the like of James Magnusen and Steph Rice competing - should be fab! Contact Lisa on - one small commitment, you'll need to be available to hand out hats, sunscreen and water bottles on Saturday from 2.45/3pm for an hour - a small price to pay for Group C tickets (good ones!).

2. Quite a few of the squad are doing the open water event on Sunday morning...the longest distance (10km) allows the swimmers to have a person stationed on the pontoon to hand out drinks at the end of each 2.5km loop - do we have any volunteers from those of you not racing to perhaps come down and help out with this essential task for our squad racers? Please get back to me by replying to this email. Thanks!

Thanks everyone - have a great weekend! 

P.S new CSS times to be published very soon!


Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Two pleas for assistance...

Dear Swimmers

This week we have two requests: 

Caroline Claydon is seeking an additional skipper for her team if anyone can help? Details below marked "1". 

Lorraine Driscoll is offering her swimming services for a team or duo in need of another swimmer. Details below marked "2". 

Stay cool out there!


1. Hi Paul – we have a boat and also a skipper, but one that is not very confident with the hectic start and finish of the Rotto race so we (Mike, Sally, Megan and I) were wondering if you could put out a request please for a second skipper for team Conquer Cystic Fibrosis?  They can contact either Mike 0406 112 092 or Me 0433 269 532  Ta x

2. 0413 705 009 for Lorraine. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Don't forget to enter the 2013 Xstrata Nickel Swim Thru Perth

Dear Swimmers

We are less than two weeks away from the 2013 Xstrata Nickel Swim Thru Perth and online entries close in one week (Thursday 10th).  Entries are at for your reference. 

This is arguably one of my favourite races of the calendar and if you've been doing some of the shorter 1.6km events and wanted to step it up but felt 5km was just too much, why not give the 4km event a crack?

It'd be great to get quite a few of the squad down there on Sunday 13th January - hope you can make it!



Happy New Year!

Dear All

Happy New Year! Welcome back to what looks set to be a great 2013 down at Claremont Pool. I've personally had a lovely break down in Gnarabup Beach House - an awesome spot if ever you get chance to go down there! I'm fully revitalised now and set to go again!

Just for your reference, all squad sessions are now back to normal, including this evening's Thursday 6.30pm Fresh 'n' Fruity Threshold Session, Friday's 5.35am, 6.35am and 9.30am sessions, and of course the best session of the week - Saturday's 1-2pm open water skills session...all at Claremont Pool! 

Hope to welcome you back down there! 

We have space in the Thursday 6.30pm and Saturday 1pm sessions for your reference (currently the only sessions with availability) - please let me know if you'd be keen to join. Payment Cards can be ordered here:

Lastly, Chantel Delaney from the squad and one of our prospective Solo swimmers has lost her boat for the Rottnest Channel Swim on Saturday 23rd February - she'd be very grateful of anyone with any leads dropping her a line on 0416295876 with any potential assistance in finding another boat (she has full crew and skipper if necessary).