Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Tuesday Swim Confirmation and Rotto Nutrition Chat on Friday

Dear All

Just confirming that we shall proceed with the NEW Tuesday evening swim session at Claremont Pool, every Tuesday, from 7-8pm, starting Tuesday 27th January and running up to the Busselton Half Ironman on the 2nd May. This will be a steady aerobic session focussing on technique (similar to Tuesday early mornings). We have the following 15 people having registered their names:

Carly Innes
Chris Murphy
Deb Meyerhofer
Gabe Alves
Helen Cuthbert
Helen Masson
Karlee Cannon
Mark McNally
Matt Illingworth
Mel Cooney
Natalia Vollrath
Nathan Thomson
Nimal Wickramasinghe
Stuart Murray
Tim Cooney

If your name is not on that list but you'd like it to be, we will now open up the 9 remaining spots to anyone who wishes to register, irrespective of if they are training for the Half Ironman or not. Please let me know ASAP.


All Rottnest swimmers from the squad who would like to attend a social gathering to discuss and share nutrition tactics / experiences for the Big Day on the 21st February are welcome to attend our little soiree on Friday  23rd January at 6pm at 11 Hammersley Road, Cottesloe. Please bring your own drinks and maybe a plate of nibbles. We'll discuss tactics and formulate a plan which can also be used on Sunday at the Rotto Rehearsal Swim for practice. We may then venture down the road for some supper at ~7pm. Thanks to Emmy for offering her place for this occasion! RSVP to 

Kind regards


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