Sunday, January 18, 2009

Training this week

Dear Athletes

I'm still waiting upon reports from those who raced at the Waikiki Enduro this weekend, so if that was you, please let me know how you went!

Official results from the Xstrata Nickel Swim Thru Perth are not yet in, but we can confirm that coach Paul and Ceinwen picked up 1st prize in their respective age-groups and both had great swims. Also racing strongly were Wayne, Paul D, Andrew Hunt, Justin, Emmy (with a stormer!), Amanda and Sam. So all looking good at this stage for 21st February!

Onto this's week # 2 of the Busselton Half Ironman Program and this week we will continue to build you steadily into the program. Gold and Silver athletes will be receiving their individual programs by the end of today FYI and then be able to communicate on how this last week has gone.

For the Rottnest Channel Swimmers within the squad, this week will be a RECOVERY WEEK. What's that you ask?! Chance to recuperate and rebuild for this weekend's Rotto Rehearsal Swim! Psychologically your head is probably saying "no, no, don't back down now, we're nearly there!" but physically your body is crying out for an easier week and you need to take it! Following this week we have just 2 more big weeks before we taper down to the event. This easy week is absolutely ESSENTIAL for a good race on the 21st. Accordingly, all duo / solo swimmers are advised to just attend just one squad session on Tuesday and Friday morning and supplement with an additional easy drill session of ~2km (4.30pm on Tuesday or Thursday is an option if you can make it to Claremont Pool then?). This will give you a weekly total of just 8-9km followed then by the weekend's races of 5 + 10km...more than enough this week! Please don't be tempted to do more, even if you are feeling great!

Lastly, as you know (and from the data we were collecting on Friday morning and via email), numbers at the squad sessions have really picked up post-Christmas. We are looking at a number of solutions to this, namely the possible (hopeful?!) addition of another squad swim session on a Tuesday evening, specifically for the Busso HIM squad. If this goes ahead (and we are awaiting confirmation) it will allow you an easy morning of recovery on the Tuesday after Monday's "big" training day. We'll focus on distance and technique appropriate to your race distance of 1.9km on the 2nd May. We'll keep you posted.

So, remember groovers as the Google boys say "don't be evil!", or rather, please be respective of your fellow squad swimmers on Tuesday and Friday this week as we aim to work on solutions for an ever-expanding TEAM CORE!

Thanks for all your support, it means a lot to us!


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