Friday, January 23, 2009

New addition to the pooldeck!

Dear athletes

In order to help really smooth-out the running of our squad sessions
you'll be interested to know that we have invested in a digital
poolside clock as beautifully modelled here by Adam!

Each session the clock will be synchronized with the main analogue
clocks at Claremont Pool but will be located near the 5m flags on the
side of lane 8 so will be much easier to see.

For those of you fairly new to structured squad swimming, this will
allow you to carefully set yourselves off exactly 5 or 10 seconds
apart (as advised by the coach) to ensure you don't all bunch up in
the lanes, which often causes frustration for everyone. Normally we
will help set you off for the first repetition, but we are hoping that
with the new clock in place you'll get more accustomed to managing
this yourselves which will free up additional time for us to get your
splits, help you with your stroke technique or maybe just take a break
and go for a coffee! Joke!

Interestingly enough, in a lane swimming ~1:40 per 100m, it would (in
theory) be able to have at least 18 swimmers working smoothly together
if this way! Don't panic though, we're not going to go that way,
however it does highlight how it's possible to work this efficiently
with a good setting off procedure.

We hope that you will start to make good use of this new tool!

Have a great weekend!

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