Thursday, October 23, 2008

Training with Weekend

Dear All
This weekend's training sessions are looking like this:
  • Saturday 5.30am. Ironman guys to meet at Dodgy Dunnies for a 'simple' 6 hour ride (no run this week). This will be over a varied course, to be decided upon tonight at running.
  • Saturday 7.00am. Short-course athletes and those wanting a steady spin, should meet at 7am at the Bell Tower for a cruisey ride around the river to loosen off after Wednesday's tough hill ride.
  • Saturday 8.00am. Rottnest Swimmers to meet at Cottesloe Beach in front of the Pylon for a 5.0km ocean swim.
  • Saturday 1.00pm. Squad swim session for those keen on developing their open water skills and having some fun!
Please note we plan to add the 7.30am Tuesday and Friday swim session options from next week onwards. This will give us three consecutive swim sessions on these days. Please confirm if you plan to attend these sessions, especially if you are swapping over from one of the earlier sessions and as such will free up your place in one of these busier groups. I will send out a confirmed squad list on Saturday morning, so NOW is the time to get your nominations in and over to me! Thanks in advance!

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