Thursday, October 9, 2008

Lane Etiquette and Saturday training sessions!

Dear All

Wow! Numbers suddenly doubled for Tuesday's swim session, which made me very glad that we had chosen to split this session into two (5.30am and 6.30am)!!

Lane "Etiquette" Suggestions:

I have been collecting nominated time slots from everyone over the past month for this and it seems (so far) to be a nice, even split. As I say, I am trying to limit the numbers to a max of 24 per session (i.e. 8 per lane). We have a "buffer" of a few more people than this, but essentially both the Tuesday and Friday morning swim sessions are now full.

Also, there will always be a few more people who want to jump in the middle lane, so I'll be encouraging the faster ones to challenge themselves on some of the sets to have a go in the "fast lane". Equally, please don't be upset if I ask a couple of you to lead the steadier lane!

With the flexible PAYG card system in operation, its always going to be a little tricky knowing who will turn up and when, so please be patient during the busier times as we aim to smooth out this whole transitionary period. In order to facilitate this, I have a few lane "etiquette" suggestions for you that will make everyone's enjoyment of the session that much better:
  1. Enjoy yourself, that is what you are here for - this is not a "hardcore" group - yes, some of you are fast but please treat your fellow swimmers with respect and realise that they might not be as "squad-savvy" as you (yet!)
  2. Always keep to the left of the lane (unless specified otherwise).
  3. Always make sure you set off at 5 second intervals (default) or 10 seconds (when I ask).
  4. Don't push-off on people's toes (unless we're doing drafting practice). It just frustrates them and you equally. It also makes the whole lane "concertina" up into ~30m of lane space, when we have 100m to play with! Use the space appropriately and you will enjoy yourself much more!
  5. If you are catching someone up, tap on their toes (ONCE!) and then move past them at the end of the lane. If you are being caught, kindly finish the length and allow the faster swimmer to come through. Be nice!
  6. Mix it up a bit. If you know you are fast on the shorter intervals, request to move up within the lane from your fellow swimmers. Equally if you are slow at the longer sets, offer to move back.
  7. Take charge! Someone has to lead the lane, so don't shy away from this if you are one of the stronger swimmers!
  8. Move over! When you finish an interval, quickly move to your right to allow those finishing behind you to complete the full length of the pool.
  9. Watch the clock. Listen to what the set entails, i.e. interval time and make sure you set off when you are supposed to, not before! Tips on understanding our squad "jargon" are attached.
  10. Enjoy yourself some more! Do the sets as you are kindly instructed by that ugly guy stood on the side of the pooldeck and you'll start to really appreciate how and why we do things the way we do!

Saturday Training Sessions:

Please be advised of the following training sessions in operation this Saturday:
  1. 5.30am from the Dodgy Dunnies*, the Ironman group will do a 150km ride followed by an 8km run. This will follow the following route: (i.e. down the freeway, along safety bay rd, up through rockingham, freo and up west coast HWY to Roe HWY and then back down the freeway before finishing off with a short loop of Mt Henry Bridge). The run will be done along the South Perth foreshore. Those attending need to be equipped with adequate nutrition as this is what will make/break your day!
  2. 7.00am from the Bell Tower**, the "enjoyable group ride" will head off into the hills, following this proposed route: (Kalamunda Hills Ride - please ignore the times and meeting venue stipulated on this thread!). Should be back after ~3h30.
  3. 8.00am from Cottesloe Beach, our first weekly openwater session for those doing the Rottnest Swim as a team, duo or solo will swim down to Grant St. and back (~3.0km) or as much as you feel like doing today! Come and test the waters with us and then enjoy a muffin at Daisy's afterwards!! This session is not exclusive to those who have signed up for the Rottnest Program but also open to anyone who wishes to get a long, continuous openwater swim in. Just one credit from your card will be required if you are not on the program.
  4. 1.00pm at Claremont Pool, best swim session of the week! Loads of fun, lots of new ideas and techniques to experiment with...a generally good old blast!
* please nominate your interest here:
** please nominate your interest here:

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