Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Feedback requested from this morning's swim session + FREE swim workshop offer!

Dear Swimmers
Hope you all enjoyed that steady aerobic session this morning. Whilst some of these longer interval sets are quite new to some of you, I think you all gauged your efforts really well this morning and didn't blow yourself to pieces! Tuesday is always a good session to work on your form / technique whilst developing your stamina.
OK, so we had 27 people along to the first session this morning and 21 people to the second. I was told by 3 of you in the first session that you were meant to be down at the 6.30am session which would have balanced out the numbers perfectly, so hopefully this will be the case for Friday! However, I wanted to ask for your feedback of how you felt this morning's session went for you personally. There were some changes to the lane allocations - how did these affect you? How could we have run it even better? Most of all, did you enjoy yourself? Please let me know, it helps me improve what I can offer you all.
Suggested improvements / developments:
  1. There are enough swimmers on my "reserve list" who are interested in the squad session to warrant a third swim session on a Tuesday and Friday morning, which would run from 7.30 to 8.30am. Please, please let me know if you would prefer this 7.30am option. It'd be a funny time for most, but maybe that would suit you more? I need to verify the lane availabity on this over the summer months, but the option is there.
  2. Would an additional assistant coach on pool deck be something you would find useful?
  3. Would you be interested in a Monday / Thursday morning swim session if we could get the lane availabilty? This could be quite tricky, but it is worth looking into.
Invitation to a free 2 hour workshop on how you can get the most out of your swimming time!
Please register your interest with me in a FREE 2 hour swim technique workshop on Saturday 1st November at 11am to 1pm to be held at Claremont Pool. This will be the opportunity to come down and participate in a land-based practical workshop to show you the fundamentals of an efficient freestyle swim stroke using the video analysis of various different swimming "types" as examples. I will demonstrate what things you should be looking out for with your own stroke, how to correct common faults, avoid injury and how and why we do the drills that we do in the sessions. I'll also talk briefly about how best to manage yourself within the squad for optimal performance, and what training effect you get from the various sessions we do. This will be a very empowering session, straight before our afternoon session at 1pm and the day before the first openwater swim race of the year at Champion Lakes. The workshop will be a condensed version of our world-renowned Swim Smooth 1-day Clinics which we run all around the world and have had some excellent results with. This is the first time we will have run such a workshop here in W.A, so even if you think you "know it all", there will still be some really interesting things to learn!
This is a strictly limited offer, open only to those who are currently training as part of either our early-morning swim squad sessions or the 9.30am Time-4-Me sessions and would normally cost ~$150 each to attend. The premise behind running this session for you is that you will have a greater understanding of what we are aiming for in each session with the view to optimizing your technique and performance this summer season. It is also chance for me to say thankyou for your collective and growing support of what we are working hard to develop at the Claremont Pool.
Please let me know if you would like to attend!

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