Friday, October 10, 2008

Squad List

Dear All
Just to clarify, the following people have emailed me with their requests for either the 5.30am or 6.30am groups. This morning we had 16 people in each group for your reference, so even with numbers slightly over our "quota" of 24 people per session, there will be times when we'll have fewer or slightly more than this. Please let me know immediately if there are any mistakes to this list.
5.30am Group:
Alberto Lacchini
Andrew Graham
Anthony Tholet
Bill Carmody
Bill Moody
Chrissy Plush
Clare Hanavan
Dan Timbers
Danielle Myles
Georgina Good
Heather Meredith
James Forbes
Jane Day
Jeremy Buttsworth
Jill Benbow
John Edwards
John Harris
Justine Murphy
Karlee Cannon
Kay Fuller
Kim Smith
Liz Humphry
Matt Biddle
Mel Cundy
Mike Bolgo
Rachel Crocker
Rob Buckle
Robyn Ahern
Stephanie Marsh
Tim Humphry
6.30am Group:
Adam Wheeler
Andrew Hunt
Andrew Maslen
Annette Van Hazel
Bonnie Tollafield
Cath Fletcher
Chris Murphy
Emmy Poulson
Ermie Robinson
Glen Blackwell
Guy Van Hazel
Helen Cuthbert
Holly Taylor
Ian Murray
Jill Benbow
Jo Fisher
Judi Clemie
Lisa Day
Marcus Gracey
Mary Tennant
Mary-ann Paton
Matt Illingworth
Michelle Newsome
Mike Hodgson
Mike Schumann
Nelson Woss
Nic Holmes
Olivia Dellamartina
Paul Downie
Sally Scafidi
Stuart Gicquel
Sue Laidlaw
Tony Van Merwyk
Trevor Magee
Ursula Muhsfeldt

Kind regards
Paul Newsome
Head Coach Swim Smooth & The TEAM CORE
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Tel. +61 431 540 980

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