Thursday, February 19, 2009


Dear Athletes

It is with great pleasure and a huge sigh of relief (!) that we have finally put the wheels in motion to have some custom-made Cycling Clothing produced for The TEAM CORE. This will be ready for the start of April, and most importantly for our Rottnest Boot Camp on the 3rd to 5th April 2009! Orders need to be in by 5pm on Monday 23rd February, so please, don't delay!

Belynda Alves of Graphics Overflow (and wife of legendary inner-tube-changer, Gabe Alves!) has completed the design with some stunning effects that will really turn some heads when we're out riding as a group. Imagine 20+ riders on a Wednesday morning all wearing this kit at the same time - it'll be awesome and really help to unite us as the strong TEAM that we are! Thanks Byl - it looks awesome!!!

You can now view and order your kit at - wow - thats funky stuff!! Jerseys will be $95.00 and Shorts (in either a bibbed or non-bibbed version) will be $100 - OR you can order both for just $175.00!!! A small price to pay to be the coolest cat on the road around Perth!

We are having the top-quality garments produced by Champion System Clothing. From their site:

CS has quickly become the leader in custom cycling clothing.  Whether you're a pro racing team or a local club Champion System has the products, prices and services you demand. Champion System clothing has been worn to victories in National Championships, World Championships and countless races around the world. Only Champion System jerseys move and breathe with you using our exclusive microfiber CS-Tech polyster wicking fabric.  Our jerseys are designed for cool, warm, and hot/humid conditions. Champion System jerseys are anatomically shaped and tailored to a riding position.

As it happens, I already have some of their gear myself from the team I raced for in Canada in 2006 and will bring this along to running tonight and swimming tomorrow morning for your perusal. It really is very comfortable and the chamois in the shorts is a dream!!!

I'd like to thank our main title sponsor, Kitchen Warehouse, and their managing director and owner Chris Murphy for all his help with getting this project rolling. We also have Justin Palmer of Bar OneTwenty in Hillary's Boat Harbour (also a TEAM CORE member), Sebastian Bouchard of the Bouchard Cafe on Mount Street and the boys at ScanPan to also thank for their support.

So come on, don't delay, I know its a busy weekend, but please, please try to get your order in today to help us collate all the items required asap.



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