Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Details for Wednesday's ride & Saturday

Dear Athletes

Please be advised that I will not be in attendance for tomorrow's easy recovery ride, leaving from the Bouchard Cafe on Mount Street at 5.50am. A suggested route for you to take on this easy ride where you are encouraged to keep things social, is to ride to Canning Bridge but then head down towards Applecross and Point Walter, looping around at the roundabout by the golf course at Point Walter or after 40 minutes (whichever comes sooner) and then heading back for a coffee. I'll be back at this session next week as usual.

Also, please be advised that there will be NO squad swim session on Saturday afternoon at 1pm due to the Rottnest Channel Swim. Those of you riding that morning (which will also be a steady round-the-river ride), may like to either meet a little earlier at 5.45am from the Bell Tower and ride out down to Cottesloe to see the start of the swim, or alternatively start from Cottesloe Beach and head off for a ride at ~8am after most people have started. Your choice obviously, but I know that the guys swimming would love your support!



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