Monday, February 16, 2009

Panic Stations! Can anyone help out?!

Dear Athletes

I've just received 2 emails seeking assistance this Saturday for some of our squad swimmers at the Rottnest Channel Swim. Can anyone help:

  1. Lisa Palmer is looking for a paddler, if you can help please email
  2. Stephanie and Liz desperately need a boat and preferably a skipper to go with it! Their's has sadly withdrawn at the last moment. Please, if you can help or know anyone who could, please call Steph on 0402 146 223

I've also just heard on good authority that the weather on Saturday is going to be 110% perfect, so you needn't trouble yourself with watching the weather reports this week, its all going to be OK and we're going to shoot along over there! 

Remember guys, control the controllables - you can't control the weather so it's really not worth worrying about this week at all - you'd be much better advised to spend that energy focusing on doing what you can and what you have been doing for the last 6 months successfully, and that is just getting out there and swimming your best!



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