Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Saturday's Cafe Crawl Bike Ride

Dear All
This week is a bit of a transition period for many of you. For those who are competing at the Ironman WA race on the 7th December this is your "week-off" - a chance to unwind and completely relax and enjoy yourself - we have some tough work ahead, so make the most of it now! Its been very much a program of two halves with this break signalling the chance to have as much of a psychological and emotional break from training hard as the physical. Others are just now starting to come out of the woodwork and think about doing the TWA triathlon season or even the Rottnest Channel Swim, so its a great "downtime" to get your butt in gear and come along to a few sessions without feeling like you're going to be too far off the pace - you've just got to take that first step!
So, I thought it was an ample opportunity this week to have my 30th birthday! Argh! That's right, I turn the grand-old age of 30 this Saturday and to top it all off (for those who haven't heard) myself and Michelle are expecting our first baby in March - awesome stuff! In order to really accept just how old I am getting (?!) I would like to cordially invite you all out for a cruisey cafe ride this Saturday which will total ~45km. We'll start this week at 8am and meet down at the Mount Street Cafe at 7.45am for anyone who wants to grab a quick coffee and then ride down to Freo for a spot of breakfast at Gino's (or somewhere equally good). It'll be a really light spin and chance to socialize, so if you've been hiding away this winter and would like an easy introduction back into things - why not come and join us!
Squad swim will still be on at 1pm...maybe with a fun relay at the end which I can partake in too!

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