Monday, September 1, 2008

Saturday's Simulated Half Ironman Training Session

Dear Athletes
For those of you who have been training up for the Ironman and will be participating in this Saturday's simulated Half Ironman training session, please visit for full details of the courses that we will be using. Thanks Nimal for all your hard work in putting this together!
The plan is to meet at 6.30am in the Sorrento Surf Club Car Park for a 7.00am start. A briefing will be held at 6.45am, so please make sure you are prompt and on time! Everyone will start together. This will not be a competitive race, just a chance for you to string together a solid brick session before next week's planned week off. This will give us a good chance to see where you're "at" for Busselton in December.
I will be at the car park for 6.30am and will take you through the briefing at 6.45am. I'll set the swim off and watch everyone's bike gear in the "transition area" (car park) until everyone has left to head out on the bike course. A warm top and leggings would be advisable so as to not get too cold! It doesn't need to be a blistering transition, but equally, I won't be making you a cup of tea either! I will then follow you all out on my scooter to make sure everyone gets out to Wanneroo Road safe and sound. Due to the length of this session I will not be able to stay around all morning (due to other coaching sessions, i.e. the squad swim and 1-2-1s) but will make sure you get yourselves off to a good start. Each athlete will be requested to give me a call on 0431 540 980 once they have finished to have a chat about how it all went.
I would like each of you to treat this like a race with respect to how you prepare yourselves, i.e resting up well beforehand and having a good breakfast in the morning and AVOID RUSHING around...we will be strict with the start time, so if you are late...that's time added onto your finish, just as it would be in a real event!! The key is to have fun and give yourself a bit of a test...some of you will go really well and feel great, others maybe not quite so, but one thing you'll all have in common is knowing what needs to be done for the full event on the 7th December! Nutrition is going to be key, so if you haven't already listened to it, download the podcast at and use the advice on there for your preparation!

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