Saturday, September 6, 2008

Changes to Training Schedule, effective Monday 8th September

Dear Athletes
Please be advised that due to a restructuring of the current training program in light of poor attendance at some of the sessions and anticipated greater demand for others as we go into summer, the following changes will be effective as of Monday 8th September (all now viewable at
It is great that we have so much interest from within the squad to participate in the Rottnest Channel Swim this year and some of the various lead-up Aussi Masters Open Water Swims. Our 20-week program officially starts on Monday 6th October, but a few of you have expressed an interest in getting things rolling and off to a good start in September. I'm hoping that we can put in a really, really strong and fun team for the Rottnest Channel Swim and believe that we can knock the socks off the competition! Our strength will be in our shared vision of having a goal to work towards and doing so with plenty of team spirit in a fun and supportive environment! We'll be running seminars and talks leading up to the event to cover such areas as nutrition, technique and mental preparation which will really help to build a great thing to be part of! The program will cater for teams, duos and solo swimmers of all levels of ability...think "The TEAM CORE Half Ironman Squad" but for the Rottnest Swim - we won the best team support award down in Busselton, lets do the same for Rotto!! As such, here are a few proposed additions to the program:
  • Saturday Morning Openwater Session - a structured openwater swim session on various courses around the coast and river with support boat assistance and paddlers (all volunteers welcome!). This will typcially start at 9.00am (from Saturday 11th October) and will range in duration from 2.5km to 10km depending upon which category you are participating in. Our full program will be available soon for perusal which will include selected Open Water Swims from the calendar at which will replace these sessions at appropriate times.
  • Tuesday and Friday Morning Sessions - with the predicted increase in participation at these 2 sessions and the emphasis on providing you all with the absolute best quality coaching support, we will be offering two back-2-back sessions at 5.30am to 6.30am and 6.30am to 7.30am as soon as our numbers start to regularly get above 24 people (likely from October onwards). Unfortunately we will lose the morning stretch session prior to the swim, but may aim to do that in the carpark instead!!
  • Non-coached Swim Sessions - as Coach Paul will also be building up for the Rottnest Solo swim, we will be offering all Rottnest Program swimmers the chance to swim with 4 uncoached but programmed sessions with Paul on a Monday and Wednesday at 10.30am and on a Tuesday and Thursday at 4.30pm if you can make it. These are currently running.
Cost for the Rottnest Swim Program will be $495.00 for the 20 week program from October 6th up until the race or $595.00 if you want to start in September (24 weeks). This represents exceptional value as swimmers on the program have access to any of our squad swim sessions for less than $25 per week! Please register your interest by replying to this email!
  • Monday morning long run - all athletes on programs for Busselton Ironman should run this session from their own house as opposed to the proposed meeting point down at the UWA Boathouse. This seems to be a favoured choice anyway as the sessions start to increase in length and time pre-work becomes more "precious". Please update your Training Peaks diary after each run to let me know how you've performed.
  • Tuesday evening technique run - this session will be "postponed" until further notice or subject to increased interest in the summer months. Thanks to Nimal, Deb, Andrew and Nic for supporting this session over the last few months. Anyone interested in attending one of our squad run sessions should now attend the Thursday evening running interval session at McGilvray Oval at 6pm.
  • Wednesday evening squad swim - surprisingly this session never really took off (which was a shame) and as such will be cancelled until further notice. Please see the program at for alternative sessions.
  • Saturday Brick Session - as the length of these sessions in preparation for the Busselton Ironman starts to increase substantially, coach Paul will not be able to attend for the whole session (nor would he be fit enough to do so!). Paul will meet the group as per the weekly email (usually at 7.00am) to explain the session plan, motivate you for the session and give you all constructive advice on what you should be working on. We'll be adding some swim-bike-run sessions in here over the next couple of months (TBC), so Paul will obviously take you through the openwater swim session as well and then set you off on the bike ride. All athletes on the Busselton Ironman Program will be requested to meet with the group in order to benefit from the motivation and camaraderie that this inspires. After each session, athletes will be requested to drop Paul a call, email or SMS to let him know how it went.

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