Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Feedback Results and training this Saturday

Dear All
Many thanks to the 20+ responses we had to the feeback form. You still have your chance to have your say at Your feedback is incredibly important to us, so please do make the time to give us some constructive advice on what you'd like to see on the program for the coming months.
In summary from the feedback I have received, we will be executing the following modifications:
  • On a Saturday morning we will run two bike sessions. The first will be an Ironman-specific brick session which will meet at 5.30am at the Dodgy Dunnies on the southside of the Narrow's Bridge for the 6 athletes now confirmed for this race. The second will be a more "social" ride meeting at 7am from the Bell Tower for those people wishing to ride for a maximum of 3h30 (i.e. 50 to 90km). This will typically feature a coffee shop break or finish and will be ideal for those concentrating on shorter events this year, or for those who just want to "cruise" a little more. I have set up a specific thread on our forum for details of these rides each week (including plans for this weekend) and to encourage a little more group interaction. This can be seen at for the Ironman group and for the Social Group. By splitting up these two sessions now and offering two levels of riding, I am hoping to see a few more faces out there each week.
  • Wednesday's ride will have 5 pre-determined routes that we will rotate to maintain a sense of sanity rather than always using the Shelley Loop (which is great for intervals, but can get a little boring admittedly!). Further details of these 5 routes to follow. This is our free TEAM ride each week, so please make the effort to support it.
  • Thursday's running intervals will have an Endurance group and a Social / Sprint group split - again to avoid discouraging those who think all we do is "long stuff". Come down and have a go each week at 6pm for a 6.15pm start at McGilvray Oval - its a great workout and chance to work on your pacing and technique!
  • With respect to periodisation, as you know, each session per week has a set "theme": e.g. Monday 9.30am swim and Tuesday 6am swim is LONG + STEADY + TECHNIQUE work; Wednesday 9.30am swim and Friday 6am swim is SHORT + THRESHOLD + SPRINT work; and Friday 9.30am and Saturday 1pm is SPRINT + TECHNIQUE + OPENWATER SKILLS (e.g. DRAFTING + SIGHTING). Similarly Monday's bike windtrainer session is SHORT + INTENSE, Wednesday's bike intervals are THRESHOLD work and Saturday's bike session is LONG + STEADY + SOCIABLE. Finally, Thursday's run session helps develop PACE AWARENESS + THRESHOLD. Those athletes following a structured program, e.g. the Ironman, have special instructions each week as to whether this is a recovery week or a hard week etc. Normally I have factored that same feature into the program as whole. Now however, we will make this a little less obvious, so for those of you who just want to come down a couple of times per week and have a solid workout you can, and those who want the more periodised approach will be informed (as per their program) on whether to "sit back" a bit or "push on". Periodisation is an integral part of what I do as a coach to get you optimal results, but for those training less seriously, this is less of a necessity. Hopefully you can all see the benefit in this modification to the way we'll do things, regardless of your ability or event.
Rottnest Channel Swim Program:
Don't forget, we start this on Monday 6th October and you can register your interest at or actually go online and reserve your place with the newly added online payment function for this program at This will be a great program and really encourage a team environment for teams, duos and solos. If you've ever felt you'd like to challenge this event, there's never been a better time to do so. Final program arrangements will be posted next week.

Kind regards
Paul Newsome
Head Coach Swim Smooth & The TEAM CORE
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