Monday, November 9, 2009

Results from the Bunbury TRI and Anaconda Event


It was quite a quiet this last weekend in Perth...people were either racing in Bunbury at the Olympic Distance Triathlon or were down in Augusta at the Anaconda Adventure Race. 


We are still awaiting the results of this event, but we already have some photos posted up by "Adam the Speedy" at: 

...all I can say is after falling off my bike at least 20 times in the soft sand of the mountain bike leg and dropping back massively in the field, that this is one tough and very skilful event. It has however inspired me to look at us running a program for solo competitors next year where we'll bring in experts in the individual disciplines to help advise (goodness knows I'll personally need the help on the bike!).

There were a good few members of the squad out there racing as SOLOs, DUOs and TEAMs, so it'll be interesting to see the full results when they are published.


Looking at the results ( ) it seems there were quite a few of the squad racing. As usual at this event, the swim seemed long and slow, the bike ride windy and the run hot and sweaty!!! Here are the results:

  • Glenn O'Connell - 1st place overall male
  • Alan Nicholls - 14th place overall male
  • Nathalie Laurendeau - 26th place overall and 1st place female overall*
  • Daniel Taborsky - 30th place overall male
  • Matthew Howes - 32nd place overall male
  • Suzanne Laidlaw - 66th place overall*
  • Lyndal Tudehope - 69th place overall*
  • Tracey Edwards - 76th place overall*
  • Mark Rayner - 93rd place overall
  • Nicole Klemm - 102nd place overall*
  • David Laidlaw - 110th place overall
  • Louise Jones - 129th place overall*
  • Sandy Tindale - 144th place overall*

*unfortunately there is no age-group data or female-specific results as yet, so its a little hard to see where everyone finished in their respective categories.

Nice job everyone!! Big congrats to Glenn and Nathalie - really awesome efforts there!



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