Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Gift Ideas


Over the last couple of months many of you have been asking where you can buy a lot of the cool swimming gadgets that I often use in the pool sessions - the good news is that we have just become stockists through our website of many of these items and as such I thought you might like to know about what we have available, what they cost and also about our Multi-BUY discounts as well.

I'm not in the habit of using this Blog to "flog" stuff, but I hope that if you are hunting around for a few gift ideas for friends and family, or if you need to point your loved ones in the right direction for something you're after, this will be useful to you. All items are available to view in index form here: or read below for some more detail.

On our discounts, we have some great offers - buy 2 items and save 5%, save 7% on 3 items or 10% on 4+ items - full details here:

All products will be shipped first class post from our Swim Smooth H.Q in sunny Wales, UK and should be with you within 7 to 10 days - right in time for Christmas (if you order now or over the weekend!). Full details here:

Here's what we have:

  • BEST-SELLER! The Wetronome Pacing Tool ($90) - you've seen it in squad sessions and have witnessed first hand just how much it has helped everyone improve their pace awareness and in doing so their general efficiency and speed in the water with the new Lap Time function. Also use it to help improve your stroke rhythm as described here: This is an amazing device invented by our very own Mr Andrew Holmes (Lane 1, 5.30am). The Wetronome has been an international best seller and has literally been selling like the proverbial hot cake - don't miss out! Full details here:
  • COACHES CHOICE! Finis Freestyler Paddles ($27 - small, $29 - large) - these are those pointy paddles that we use regularly on pool deck to help you with your hand entry into the water, your alignment and to set-up for a perfect catch and pull through. Without a doubt these are THE best paddles on the market for your stroke technique and come highly recommended by me having tried everything else out there! Full details:
  • ULTRA COOL! Finis Water-proof MP3 Player ($249) - quite possibly the coolest gadget out there! Listen to all your favourite music tracks whilst ploughing up and down the black-line! What's really cool about this player is that it plays through your temple bones, leaving your ears free and unobstructed so you can still here coach on the pool deck! Comes complete with Swim Smooth's unique MP3 pacing and stroke rate tracks on accompanying CD allowing you to test the functionality of the Wetronome unit. Full details here:
  • BEST-SELLER! Swim Smooth Waterproof 35-session Training Plans ($60) - these Training Plans are superb to have in your kit bag for times when you cannot attend the squad sessions or for friends or family members who prefer to train by themselves with good structure and direction. The Plans feature full instructions on how to get the most out of your sessions and include pictorial directions on the various drills and techniques required. We have two types: 1) those for Sprint / Olympic Distance & Rottnest Team & Duo athletes; 2) those for Ironman Distance & Rottnest Solo athletes. When purchasing, you have the option of Levels 1, 2 or 3 which roughly equate to our squad lanes (i.e. Lane 3 = Level 3 = our fastest lane for the most experienced swimmers). Full details:
  • Swim Smooth DVD Boxset ($90) - a two DVD boxset including 8-week training program which is the essential stroke correction guide for triathletes and open water swimmers produced and directed by myself here in Perth and featuring Olympic Gold Medallist, Bill Kirby. More than 8,000 copies now sold world-wide and rated 5-stars and as a "must buy item" by online swimming guru Mat Luebbers of Further details:
  • Swim Smooth "Learn 2 Swim" DVD & Session Cards ($60) - a single DVD set featuring a unique water-proof training plan to show the complete beginner how to learn the freestyle stroke from scratch. This is only suitable for those who cannot perform a single stroke of freestyle - for those who can string together +25m of freestyle the DVD Boxset above would be more appropriate. Full details:
  • Mr Smooth Enthusiasts Console ($50) - upgrade the free version of Mr Smooth (available here: and downloaded by over 10,000 swimmers around the world in the last 4 months!) with our PRO Enthusiats version which includes more views, angles, controls and usability. Full details here:
  • Finis Tec Toc for improved body roll ($70) - do you or someone you know need to improve their body roll? Without a coach present, how do you know if you're doing this well enough? Here's the answer - strap this little baby around your waist and as you swim up and down the pool you should here a "tick" and then a "tock" with every stroke as the ball bearing hits from one end of the tube to the other. Genius! Body roll helps improve efficiency through the water by reducing frontal drag, helps to alleviate shoulder issues through maintaining a more neutral shoulder position during the recovery phase and also aids the length and catch phase of your stroke. Full details here:
  • Finis Pull Buoy ($26) - do you still not yet own your own pull buoy? Tsk, tsk! Have us deliver one to you...just make sure you use a permanent marker to write your name on! Full details:

Hope this helps! Why not group together with some friends to save money?



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