Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Weekend's Training and Sweat Study

Dear Athletes

Just a reminder of what we have in store for the weekend:

Friday morning - all 5.30am, 6.30am and 9.30am sessions as usual. I will be back down at the 4.30pm session for those who can make it.

Saturday morning - 6.30am ride from the Bell Tower. Recommended route down the Freeway bike path like 2 weeks ago. I will attempt to be there, however I have a bit on this weekend with our Coaches Training Day which is now on Sunday for the registered coaches.

Saturday lunchtime - 12.00pm swim session (not 1.00pm) due to water-polo - please pass this around.

Sunday - Coaches Training Day from 9am to 3pm



P.S Nic Holmes is currently recruiting athletes to be part of her PhD research looking at fluid and electrolyte losses in sweat. The research will take place in the heat chamber at Curtin University where you will to asked to cycle on a stationary bike for ~30 minutes while  sweat will be collected for analysis. Testing will take place every morning at 5.30am for the next 3 weeks, to be involved you would need to be able to come to Curtin on two seperate occasions for about 1 hour. At the completion of the study all athletes will me given a copy of their individual results. If interested or require further information please email Nic Holmes at Many Thanks!

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