Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Friday Afternoon Swim & Saturday Ride

Dear Athletes

Sorry for the profusion of emails this week - must be that time of year when people are getting out of their winter gear and thinking about getting fit for summer. Now all we need is the good weather!

OK, first, Friday afternoon swim. We have about 10 or 12 of you down for this. This will be an uncoached and effectively free swim. I'll be in the water with you. This is aimed specifically at Rottnest DUO and SOLO swimmers, but anyone can attend. Focus will normally be on some longer sets building endurance but might be slightly shorter this week. The session will be on the board. I'll aim to be there to start at 430pm. We'll see how feasible this is for most of you to attend post-work and if its too early and from your feedback we'll make it a touch later if necessary. The hope is that with a good following we'll go for a pizza and drinks afterwards each week if that proves to be a good idea for everyone.

Next, Saturday Ride. Meet at the Bell Tower at 6.30am for a 70 or 95km ride down the Freeway and back up through Fremantle. A good little ride this one the last time we did it. Those taking the shorter route will cut off at Russell Road. Here's the map: A good ride for those doing the World Long Course or even Busso IM. Plan will be to ride as a group down to Mt Henry Bridge and then split into smaller sub-groups as ability level dictates.

Lastly, Saturday swim session is on at 1pm this week as normal. Cheers!


P.S I'm planning on compiling a list of suggested weekly structures for you to all use free of charge which will target the question "which sessions do you recommend that I do from the Squad and which should I do by myself and what should these be?" Think of them as a basic outline for what you should be doing. These will cover these race build-ups:

  • Rottnest TEAM, DUO or SOLO and the recommended week-by-week progression in distance goals for this.
  • Sprint, Olympic Distance, Half Ironman and Ironman triathlon.
  • The "Weekend Warrior" - i.e. a minimal commitment to training for those who just want to keep fit with a bit of cross-training across all 3 sports.

Hope these help you! It will be another email in your inbox mind! LOL! ;-)

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