Friday, March 28, 2008

Saturday Training and One person need for a TRI relay!

Dear All
I might not be able to speak right now, but at least I can still type! Apologies for my absence over the last 2 days...I'm still feeling really quite ill but hopefully I'll be on the mend for Monday to get you all back on the "straight and narrow" for our final "push" towards the Half Ironman (now just 5 weeks away!).
I will endeavour to get down to the start of the ride tommorow, but may not actually ride with you guys. I'll drive down, stay out of your way in the car so as to not pass on my infection, and let you know what we're doing. Be prepared for a steady 2hr ride (60mins out & back) down the freeway followed by either a 30, 40 or 60 mins steady run off the bike depending on how you are feeling. Remember tommorow is still the end of the recovery week so I'd prefer you to air on the side of easy than push too hard - we need to save that for the next 2 weeks! If you are feeling a little "antsy" and "full of beans" this week - thats a good thing! Bottle that up and save it for next week!
We have 12 people confirmed for our Rottnest Excursion in a few weeks time and as such I have secured the 12-bed dorm - hope everyone is cool with that. Let me know if not - I do have an alternative. We also have about 12 people confirmed for the nutrition talk next Friday at 7pm.
OK, so I'm off to get some jelly beans back inside me (not the training type - just the energy type) and will be raring to go on Monday! In the meantime, if anyone wants to do a short triathlon on Sunday, Lisa Palmer is looking for a team-mate...please see email below. Please don't contact me about this, but liaise direct with Lisa.
Paul Newsome
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Sent: Friday, March 28, 2008 10:16 AM
Subject: Skilled Fremantle Corp Tri this Sunday - People needed for Woodside team!

Hi Paul

Woodside are a team and one person short for the Woodside Corporate Triathlon this Sunday

Might you forward this on to any of the tri-group to see if they are interested in competing.

The Woodside team is being organised by Andrew's sis Adrianne Mencshelyi

Details are:

 - Team (3 people- all do full triathlon)
 - Extra team member to do full  tri for other team
 - 250M, 10K, 2.5K

Fremantle  (Skilled Corporate Triathlon)
Refer to for full race details.

6.45am for race briefing at 7am (report to Woodside tent)
Sunday 30th March (this Sunday)

How much
$15 to include entry, insurance and breakfast in Corp Marque.

Please email if interested and I will forward your details on to Adrianne

Kind regards,

Lisa Palmer
Audit & Business Risk
Woodside Energy Ltd.
ph: (08) 9348 4447
fx:  (08) 9214 2768
location: WP 24-4E

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