Thursday, March 6, 2008

100% improvement at Thursday's run time-trial!

Dear All
Results from tonight's 5km run time trial are below. The first time is the time from the 1st TT on 23/1/08, the 2nd time is from tonight (6/3/08) and the figure in brackets is improvement in mins and seconds. Thanks to Adam for his superb time-keeping skills! As you can see, every single member of the group improved since our last time-trial 5 weeks ago:

Paul = 17:21; 16:38 (43")
Andrew = 18:12; 38:26 (Andrew did 10km tonight, not 5km) 
Ian = 19:18; 18:43 (35")
Neil = 19:52; DNS
Sally = 20:35; 19:55 (40") 
Katherine = 21:37; DNS 
Jane = 22:18; 21:36 (42") 
Lindy = 23:22; DNS
Mish = 24:11; 22:32 (1'39") 
Helen = 24:11; 23:47 (24") 
Lisa = 24:34; DNS 
Jo = 25:38; DNS 
Trevor = 26:18; 24:27 (1'51") 
Chrissy = 27:11; 25:36 (1'35")
Mel = 28:09; 25:03 (3'06") 
Mary = 29:24; 26:28 (2'56") 


Clint = 40:17; 38:52 (1'25")
Janet = 48:53; 48:19 (34")
New Results (didn't run last time):
Judi = 26:33
Carl = 21:29
Rob = 19:30
These really have been 36 hours of awesome results - 100% improvements on the bike and run and ~80% improvements on the swim. In my entire coaching experience I cannot recall a group that has been so consistent and so committed to what they are trying to achieve as this year's Half Ironman Group. It really is this consistency and gentle "chipping away" at your sessions which is resulting in your improvements and as such you should be very proud of your achievements (I know I'm very proud as your coach!).
If you're not actively involved in the Half Ironman Group's training program but are training with the group for any of the swim, bike or run sessions, please take inspiration from what everyone is could be you next year stepping up to the "plate"! You don't have to be a superstar to be doing this program, all that is required is commitment, consistency and to maintain a balanced and fun approach to what you are doing. Not every session / race will be great (we've still got 8 weeks of hard work ahead and some of our sessions will be tough, both physically and mentally) but its about rising over those "down" times and focusing on the "highs"...after all, "every session is just more more jelly bean in the jelly bean jar!"
Well done team! Swim in the morning (Friday) at Cottesloe Beach (7am) and then the long brick session on Saturday leaving at 6.30am from the Dodgy Dunnies (remember I want to see EVERYONE with more fluid and nutrition this week please!).

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