Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nutrition Talk on Friday 4th April

Dear All
Owing to popular demand, we have scheduled an evening's nutrition "seminar" with guest speaker Nicola Holmes on Friday 4th April at 7pm. The talk will run for ~1h30 (inc. questions) and will help you prepare for that crucial 4th discipline of the half ironman - nutrition! Get your nutrition wrong on race day and your whole race can go rapidly down "the toilet" (as I have personally experienced at my first and only attempt at the Ironman distance in 2004) - after 16 weeks of diligent training that is the last things you want happening!
We will prepare some notes for those who cannot attend - but you are highly recommended to attend if possible as we'll be able to answer all questions directly. The talk will be at our place: 22 Fairfield Street, Mount Hawthorn (please park on Anzac Road and walk up to avoid any parking penalties). It is suggested that you try and have some dinner before attending the talk and we'll provide some yummy "afters".
One of the principle reasons behind holding this next Friday is that on the Saturday (5th) we'll be doing our next long brick session and I'd like us all to be pumped up to follow Nic's advice the next day! As such it is suggested that you pre-prepare yourself with some carbohydrate powder (i.e. Gatorade, HI5 etc) as well as some gels / carb bars (i.e. Hammer Gel, Powerbar) so that you have these ready to mix up the following morning. We'll discuss servings size, nutrition plans and what to do for the race day morning etc during the talk. Nic may also have some of her Aqualyte Carb / Electrolyte solution sachets for trial / purchase which I can highly recommend personally.
Gaye McKean also kindly forwarded this excellent article on nutrition for those keen on the lengthy read:
Hope to see as many of you there as possible - please RSVP via email.
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