Monday, May 23, 2016

What to do if the weather turns foul...

Dear Swimmers

It's that time of year when it's worth re-iterating what is the squad policy in the event of bad weather, especially after this weekend's massive storm and with bad weather forecast for tomorrow.

Essentially, we are governed by the pool's decision to stay open or to close. The pool will close if an electrical lightening storm is close enough on the weather radar to cause potential damage to the pool and / or it's patrons. In this case we cannot obviously proceed with any proposed sessions that we might have on. Sorry to disappoint!

Come rain, (small) hail, or shine though, you can be assured that unless it's a huge lightening storm, we'll still be here encouraging you to take a dip…so at this stage, even tomorrow is still on for now! We know you're a committed bunch, so like you, we want these sessions to continue as consistently as possible too, and will do all that we can to ensure that occurs.

For your reference, the pool remained completely open on Saturday amidst the storm as no major hail or lightening was present.

Cancellation Alert:

Using the new squad app, I am able to post a notification that a session has to be cancelled. I will aim to do this 15-30 minutes before a set session. Please ensure that you have the app installed on your phone (visit from your phone and follow the links to install), and that you have the notifications alert turned-on. You'll know if you have this turned on as you'll have received an SMS-style notification from me earlier today briefly explaining our bad weather policy. If you opted to turn this off when you originally installed the app, you'll need to re-install the app to turn this feature back on.

If all that fails, you can always call the pool too to check: 9285 4343


If the pool is open and the session proceeds as normal (even in inclement weather), your account will be charged as normal if you remained opted in for the session. Of course, if you weren't able to get here because a tree had flattened your car etc (!!), then please just drop me an email later in the day and I will arrange a re-credit.

If the session has to be cancelled, and we notify you of this before the session starts, your account will automatically be refunded for that session later in the day so you don't need to worry about that.

In the event that we start the session and have to be evacuated from the pool (as happens perhaps once or twice per year if we're unlucky) then we'll assess how much of the session was completed before this occurred. For example we were evacuated last year during the final 200m of a 5,000m Red Mist Endurance set where the vast majority of the session had already been successfully completed. The major concern I had then was about 15 or so frustrated "Red Misters" who simply wanted to get the distance in - that's the spirit I say!

Hope this all helps. Of course if the idea of getting up in the wind and rain doesn't appeal irrespective of the pool's decision, please ensure you cancel out of the session up to 12hrs beforehand so that we can offer your spot to someone else on the wait list. Thanks!


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