Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Please set your alarms 5 minutes earlier…& bon voyage!

Dear Swimmers

A quick note to say goodbye and adios as myself and Emma leave for the UK tomorrow evening. I'm sure you'll all join me in thanking Emma for her wonderful support at the squad sessions since October and that we wish her the very best with her move back to the UK. Emma will be announced as our 6th Swim Smooth certified coach in the UK on Friday and will join us at the Triathlon Show in London this weekend where we have two seminars to deliver to 500+ people on each - no pressure! Rather than a holiday, this is going to be very much a work commitment as we'll be delivering coaching clinics and education courses all across the UK and Ireland in the next 3 weeks and also unveiling some new products too - busy, busy, busy - just how I like it ;-)

I leave you in the very capable hands of coaches Sally, Sandy, Francene, Brad and Carolyn and all have been briefed with all of the sessions for the next 3 weeks to ensure a super smooth delivery. As mentioned in my last email, despite the anticipated reduction in some of the squad attendance over the next 3 weeks, we won't be announcing any additional squad space until the end of March - so please enjoy the next 3 weeks in my absence and the refreshing difference of a different face(s) on pool deck!

Despite originally advertising a 5.35am and 6.35am start for our Tuesday and Friday squads, we have been politely asked to finish the second session by 7.30am due to another usergroup coming in immediately after us for the next month. I have requested that we try to get you through the gate asap and into the pool as soon after 5.30am as is humanly possible, so please do your best to help the coaches and the staff of the pool with this request. Many thanks.

Please note, that Thursday 28/2 and 7/3 6.30pm sessions will not be on due to carnivals and when we start back on the 14th March we'll be back in the 50m pool - wahoo!

Also, there will be no sessions on Saturday 2nd and Monday 4th March owing to the Public Holiday. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Please be aware of upcoming adjustments to the venues for the 9.30am squad at

Lastly, I actually depart tomorrow evening at 10.30pm - if anyone needs a new PAYG card for whilst I am away, please do your best to order that tonight / tomorrow morning at and I'll have them ready for you to collect from the coaches. If you order a card whilst I am away, please ensure you print off the receipt and present it to the coaches for them to allocate you a card.

Thanks everyone and see you in just over 3 weeks!


P.S Rotto report on it's way very soon!

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