Wednesday, February 20, 2013

I say "pah!" to the bed weather forecast…let's get it on!

Dear Swimmers

Many of you will no doubt be checking and every second minute right now in the vain hope that the weather forecast will somehow miraculously change before Saturday. Whilst it's definitely got better since Sunday THIS IS TOTALLY OUT OF YOUR CONTROL (so no sense worrying about it!).

I always knew that my English Channel Swim in September 2011 would come in handy sometime, so if you're feeling a little edgy right now, go and grab yourself a nice cuppa and read / watch this: (17 minutes of the psychology that went into battling a 28-35kt headwind and 3.5m swell across to France...12 hours of grim conditions - excuse the naughty words!) (a quick 2 minute summary of the above demonstrating the rough conditions and how to tackle it with a slightly straighter arm recovery, increased stroke rate, lots of rhythm and lots of confidence in your training).

Don't panic, you CAN do it!



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