Monday, February 18, 2013

Last minute request for help…??!!

Michael Gregory, one of the Melbourne Brighton Bay Ice Breakers Geoff and Andrew swam with for their Manhattan qualifier, is swimming solo to Rotto and needs a boatman to help pass drinks to the paddler.

He's fine for boat, skipper and paddler but needs a spotter / food person to help out on the day.

Michael is a very experienced OWS with a Manhattan and English Channel solo swim under his belt.

Michael will be doing a solo swim and have a boat and paddler organised (starting in first wave at 0545). His Rotto swim plan is very straightforward (courtesy of successful English Channel and Manhattan swims) and all they would need to do is pass the drinks, etc to Jon Haywood (his paddler).  

Michael's email is attached ( and his phone number is 0418 653 051.



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