Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Coaching Allocations for June


Brrrr!!!! It's been a chilly one this week that's for sure. I'm just putting the finishing touches to our UK trip plans and we'll be leaving at midday on Monday 31st May. My last session coaching you guys will be the Friday 9.30am session so hope to see you then! My first session back will be Monday 28th June for the 7am and 9.30am sessions.

As promised I have put together an awesome team of coaches who will be looking after you whilst I'm away and I hope that you'll all support the sessions in my absence. There's something of a critical mass effect within the sessions whereby too many people makes it feel too overcrowded, but too few makes it feel a little sparse. Some of the sessions have definitely been a little quiet these first couple of weeks at Challenge so I'm hoping it's not the walk and cold that's putting you off as a) it's not that far and b) it's absolutely lovely in the water right now!

I have personally written out every single one of the 35 sessions that I'll be asking the coaches to take you through and these will follow our standard format of Monday = technique, Tuesday & Friday = endurance, Wednesday and Thursday = fresh & fruity, and Saturday = open water skills. I have requested the coaches to add their own personal flair to the sessions and as such I'm hoping that you'll all appreciate a different face on the pool deck for a few weeks to liven things up a tad! Here's who's on and when for your reference:

I have suggested that some of you may like to practice some tumble turns and / or the other three strokes but have said that non of these are compulsory. I'll be sending out details of our first MINI OLYMPICS on Saturday 3rd July in due course, so I'm hoping that you'll all get into the spirit of things and have a go with some of the new stuff, even if just for a bit of a giggle. Many of you have been surprising yourself with how good your other strokes actually are and this week's commendations go to Fran Waddell for her butterfly, Sally Steffanoni for her breaststroke and Ben Dundas for his amazing sprint freestyle last Thursday - all in Tuesday / Thursday's 6.30am sessions (lane 1). Seems like this lane is where we'll be breeding the next (MINI) OLYMPIC champions! I'm waiting to see some really impressive backstroke, so maybe we'll see this on Thursday morning as it's much easier indoors!

Thanks everyone and hope to catch you before I head off!


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