Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Hello from sunny England!

Dear TEAM,

Hope you are all going well and had a great long weekend. We arrived in the UK last Tuesday (to rain and wind it has to be said!) and have had a very busy time since that point. The weather picked up considerably towards the end of last week and I even managed a short swim in the English Channel in preparation for next year's Channel crossing attempt. It was just 12 degrees, but without sounding too macho, it really wasn't that bad!! Maybe I've been eating too much Fish 'n' Chips over here!

On Friday we commenced our 3-day Swim Smooth Coaches Education Course which we ran for 11 coaches from around the UK. Two coaches even flew directly over from St John's in Canada just for the course. This level of interest was amazing for us and I had to pinch myself on more than a couple of occasions as this has been a dream of mine for quite some time now to be able to pass on our knowledge and techniques in such a format. We also had two officials sitting in from the British Triathlon Federation too, to see what we were teaching and how this fitted with their philosophy. The course was a great success and we officially released our brand new coaching system "Swim Types" which will be released to the general public as a website at hopefully within the next couple of days - watch that space!! Everyone loved it and we really believe it will change the face of swim stroke correction going forwards.

We then had two more fully booked normal Swim Smooth Clinics on the following two days, with one swimmer flying in from Pakistan literally just for the course! These both went really well too. When you present for 4 days solid and are literally on the go with this for 18 straight hours at a time (including liaising with the coaches at breakfast and dinner etc) - it takes a bit of the stuffing out of you, so myself and Adam are now recuperating up in York at my Dad's place before continuing on with our further six Clinics in York, Glasgow, Manchester and Windsor all of which are fully booked as well. Should be a lot of fun - we're very lucky to have this level of interest especially in a country where we no longer have any permanent residence.

So, I hope the training is going well. The coaches in Perth have been liaising with me directly and letting me know how it's all going and I look forward to seeing how you've all progressed in time for our Mini Olympics on the 3rd July!



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