Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Pay As You Go Cards

Dear Swimmers

It seems like the extra 5 mins is working wonders for the earlier morning sessions and not leading to that "OMG! I've got to get in!" panic for the 5.30 / 5.35am crew - hope it's working well for you all!

OK, so myself and Adam have two more weeks left on pool deck before we head over to the UK. Our inaugural Swim Smooth Coaches Education Course (see http://www.swimsmooth.com/coacheseducation.html for details) looks set to be a great 3-days working with 12 other like-minded coaches. Amazingly enough we have two coaches flying in specifically from Canada, one from Venezuela and one from Belgium with the remaining eight coaches being based in the UK. Two members of the British Triathlon Federation will also attend inline with the work that we plan to do with them on the coaching front going forward. This is all very exciting for us and something which I have personally dreamt about for quite a while (the swim geek that I am!). Our Swim Smooth 1-day Clinics are also filling nicely with Windsor becoming fully booked in less than 24 hours! It should be a great trip.

I am just tying-up the program for whilst I'll be away and you'll be pleased to know that we have some excellent coaches in place to run the squad in my absence. If you swam over the Christmas period you'll be familiar with them all and as such I'm really hoping that everyone keeps their swimming up whilst I'm away...even if its bad weather! Don't forget, this morning we had our first practice session of some of the other strokes in readiness for a bit of fun with our first of three Mini-Olympics set for the 3rd July, so we want to keep our practice up for that!!

Again, to manage payments and cards more effectively and to help the other coaches out, I am kindly requesting that if you think you will run out of session credits on your card over the June period that you please top up before I leave. This can be done: 

As mentioned previously we have regrettably had to look at increasing our rates by 20% from $100 to $120 for a 10 session card, $225 to $270 for a 25 session card and $400 to $480 for a 50 session card owing to the substantial increase in lane hire charges and also our GST liability since July 2009. This price increase will not take effect until 1st July 2010 so whilst things are a little tight for us at the moment, at least it gives you chance to buy your cards pre June 30th and make some savings going forward. Hope this seems reasonable and fair?

Finally, if you plan to be away from the squad for some / all of this period as well (31st May to 26th June inclusive) please just take two moments to drop me an email and let me know so that I can ensure lane space / bookings are managed optimally whilst I'm away.

Thanks everyone and see you for some short-course action on Thursday morning...indoors!!


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