Sunday, May 16, 2010

This snail needs a new shell...!


Hope you've all had a great weekend. I don't like using the Blog to send out personal info / requests etc but was hoping that someone out there might be able to help out as we're in a bit of a pickle!

On Saturday morning we were called by our landlord where we've lived very happily on an extended lease for over 3 years and were told that (due to some of his own personal circumstances) that he needed to give us notice to vacate our lovely little home here in Mount Hawthorn. This has really thrown us for a loop especially with young Jackson in tow, a fully-loaded household full of "proper" furniture (no more backpacks for Paul & Mishy!), and with myself due to be in the UK for the whole of June helping develop the coaching system over there and running our series of Swim Smooth Clinics. He's given us 2 months notice (~15th July) and was as sad as us I think to be turfing us out. C'est la vie! This will make things a little tight on the time front.

So, here's the question - does anyone know (or have) any good property listings coming up within that sort of time frame? Can you recommend anyone to us that we can speak to? We're looking at renting again (realistically) but this whole thing may finally force our hand at looking to buy as well. Renting-wise we'd be looking at staying in a similar area to where we are right now, buying wise (realistically) we'd be looking at somewhere like Narrogin...erm, OK, maybe a little closer to home than that then, but for sure it's going to have to be a bit of a longer trek to work!!

If you have any tips or ideas, we'd really welcome your thoughts. Could I request that you email Mishy (the boss) direct at

Thanks guys - I'm sure we'll get over this little hurdle - plenty worse things have happened at sea as they say!



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