Friday, March 19, 2010

Possible Refurbishments at Claremont Pool

Dear Swimmers

Looks like a nice weekend ahead - hope you're doing something nice!

I just wanted to write and inform you that as you may have seen in the
Post, the Western Suburbs Weekly and in this weekend's West
Australian, it is looking very likely that the Claremont Pool will be
closing in June for 5-6 months for full refurbishment prior to the
start of next summer. It is not 100% clear that this will be agreed
upon by the council, but we will know for sure after the 13th April.
It may equally be that they postpone until next year, but we will know
soon enough!

I have only just found out about this myself in the last week and am
not totally in the know about the plans for the new centre, but what I
do know is that this should provide a well needed face lift to the

But now to the crunch...

...the prospect of a 5-6 month pool closure for our squad (as you can
imagine) has been quite worriesome for me. However, I have been
speaking with an alternative pool very close by which is looking very
promising as a venue to host us over this period. Phew! I'm not
counting my chickens just yet but I have put in a proposal for some
additional lane space and also some additional weekly sessions, which
(if they come off) will be of great benefit to the squad. For those of
you who train with us at 930am and have small pre-school children,
you'll be pleased to know there is also a great crèche facility which
you'll be able to use.

So all up, I am trying to see this as a good oppurtunity rather than
something which threatens the whole program - so like me, I'm asking
you not to panic please!

As soon as I know anything further I'll let you know.

I do hope that you'll all be keen to continue with the squad if we are
forced to relocate and that you're pumped for some of the new ideas
and sessions we have instore for you!

Have a great weekend.


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