Sunday, March 21, 2010

It all ended in tears!

Dear Swimmers

Just a quick email to thank those of you who have participated in the free filming sessions at Challenge Stadium this past two Sundays to help us out with our new Swim Smooth project. We can't wait to tell you more about it once the editing and narrative has been filmed in early April. 

Those of you who swam last weekend should have now received your footage on DVD, and if you haven't, they're ready to collect down at the pool. If anyone is struggling to view their footage on the computer, chances are your computer is lacking the DIVX codec...that can be downloaded for free at and is a worthy addition to your PC / MAC's software anyway.

Today's filming went really well despite a late start due to not being able to access the pool until 8am...we then really did have to "Benny Hill" it to get ready for your arrival! Thanks for your patience if you were in that earlier group. We got some fantastic under water shots with the new rig, but sadly we had a rather costly accident at the end of the day (see above) when the heavy underwater housing was dropped! We'll be out of action for a while with this getting it repaired, but should hopefully be back up and running soon!

Lastly, anyone needing some accommodation down in Busselton for the Half Ironman on the 1st/2nd May weekend should contact Stuart on 0405 433745 - he's got a spare room going in some nice accommodation.

Cheers and see you all this week.


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