Sunday, November 2, 2008

1st overall, 2 golds, 1 silver, 1 bronze and some great results!

Well we had an awesome first "showing" at the first Open Water race of the swim series at Champion Lakes today!
Swimmers had the option of 1.25km, 2.5km, 5.0km and 10.0km. There were over 300 competitors according to the listings and all swimmers across all categories and distances all set off together.
The majority of our team had opted today for the 2.5km distance, aiming to get a bit of speed into the old arms before we get into the really long stuff!!
First out of the water and overall winner of the 2.5km swim was coach Paul Newsome. Everyone reckons the new speed suit helped him quite a bit, put Paul believes its the extra few kilos he's stacking on in readiness for the Rotto Solo swim - simply floating much better! Andrew Graham had a good and consistent swim but felt the cold a little bit (not surprising when you see from the photo how "ripped" Andrew is looking right now in preparation for the Busso Ironman in 5 weeks!!). Wayne Morris took 1st place in the +35 year old category showing that his prowess in the pool is carrying nicely over to the openwater and Andrew Hunt had a strong swim to finish in 3rd place. Sandy Burt was also right up there "in the mix" but his result won't count unfortunately as he was wearing a wetsuit. Whereas we all drove down to the event, Sandy rode there (and back) so we'll give him that at least! Sue Laidlaw took out a podium position in the ladies +35 year old category (we believe silver?) and was chuffed with her race - rightly so! Lastly (but for a very good reason!) was Justin who had competed in the 5.0km event wanting to get a little more distance under his belt. Justin completed the swim in ~1h30 and looked fresh upon finishing - well on track for his first Rottnest Solo swim - "on yer mate!"
So, if you feel like getting involved in some of these openwater races this year, please visit for more details and the full calendar. Next Sunday is the 1600m Lake Leschenaulta swim which would be ideal for anyone swimming in any of our various groups at the moment. Its a great event to go and attend and be part of our exciting team this season! And if thats too short notice for you, why not think about doing the West Coast 1000 swim on Saturday 29th November (see which is aiming to break the world record for the most number of swimmers in an openwater event! Just think, you could feature in the Guiness Book of World Records just by participating!
OK, see you this week for more fun in the pool, on the road and down on the running track! Enjoy the photos!
The TEAM CORE - "something's are just better done together!"

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