Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Give yourself a big pat on the back! And Xmas Vacation Info!

Dear All
Hope you're all enjoying a good week. As you know, we're having a steadier week this week which coincides with the Ironman crew's middle taper-week and also a chance to freshen up a little bit for the West Coast 1000m World Record swim at North Cottesloe Beach on Saturday.
Give yourself a pat on the back!
I just wanted to commend you all on your conduct and lane etiquette in the pool this morning! It was a particularly busy session (especially at 530am), but you all handled yourselves well and swam at your own intensity, which was good. A pyramid set like this is always going to be a test of how well the lane is communicating and working with each other as different swimmers find themselves at different stages in the program, but you coped admirably! So, give yourself a big pat on the back, you did your coach proud this morning!
West Coast 1000m Swim this Saturday!
As you'll no doubt be aware, this Saturday will see the inaugral running of the West Coast 1000m world record swim. You don't need to be a super-demon swimmer to compete, just be able to swim 1000m. The "world record" element will be to get as many swimmers as possible to compete to break the world record for a mass participation swim. They need +3071 swimmers and so far are only at 50% of this amount. If we had everyone within the TEAM swimming this would add another 100 people and account for 7% of the field at this stage! So, we're going to make this a bit of a TEAM CORE affair on Saturday. The official schedule is as follows:
8.45am Official Competitor Briefing
9.00am Swimmers to make their way to the start area
9.30am First swim wave starts
10.20am Final swim wave starts
11.00am Swim completed
The idea is that the briefing is held down at Cottesloe Beach, then you walk 1000m north up to North Cott before starting the swim back as per http://wc1000.com.au/images/race_map.gif Looks great!
Its going to be VERY busy down there, so I'd recommend you get down early. There will be an official TEAM CORE warm-up (which you are all invited to) starting from 745am on the grassy bank in front of the pylon at Cottesloe Beach. This will involve ~20 mins of stretching and a bit of light swimming where you can pick up a final few tips from me. If you can make it down, it'd be great to have a bit of a TEAM feel down there, starting with the warm-up! Our location may be adjusted slightly on the day subject to everything that's going on down there, but you'll find us from the sound of me shouting! LOL!
You'll need to enter online at http://wc1000.com.au/enter.htm and then collect your timing chip between 2 and 7pm on Wed/Thur/Fri this week at the Subiaco Oval. There are no entries on race day.
Holiday Swim Timetable
Its getting to that time of year when many of you will be heading off on various vacations. I'll be bringing down a little sheet over the next few sessions where I'll be asking you for when you expect to be away and not training, to allow me to work out who to expect and when. Your help is much appreciated.
The squad's official program will look like this:
The TEAM CORE / Swim Smooth Xmas Vacation Program
Up to Fri 19/12
Sat 20/12
Sun 21/12 up to and inc. Mon 29/12
Tue 30/12
Wed 31/12
Thur 1/1
Fri 2/1
Sat 3/1
Sun 4/1
Mon 5/1 onwards
As normal
As normal
No sessions running!
5.30am & 6.30am squad swim only
7.00am social swim at Cottesloe Beach + breakie!
No sessions running!
5.30am & 6.30am squad swim only
As normal, inc. 8.00am OW swim at Sorrento and squad swim at 1pm at Claremont
Leighton Beach openwater series swim. 1.25km / 2.5km or 5.0km
Full program back to normal. Please see http://www.theteamcore.com/weeklyprogram.html for full details
NB. Please note, the 9.30am Time-4-Me Swim Sessions will take a 2 week break for the week's commencing Mon 22/12 and Mon 29/12, recommencing on Mon 5/1. Anyone in these squads keen on swimming, should please attend the 5.30am or 6.30am swim sessions on Tue 30/12 and Fri 2/1 and don't forget the social openwater swim on New Year's EVE!!
Adam is back!
Good news! For those of you who were with us last summer, you'll remember my "Number 2" (sounds like Doctor Evil from Austin Powers!), Adam Young. Well, the good news is that Adam arrives back from the UK and will be helping out at various sessions over the next few months. Please make him welcome...it'll be great to have a spare pair of hands on pool deck to help with the swim sessions!
Ironman WA Sunday 7th December
Next Sunday is the 5th running of the Busselton Ironman and we have a good few athletes competing at the event. They've worked really hard over the winter and endured the "ups and downs" that typically go hand-in-hand with this length of event. The athletes will be completing a 3.8km swim, 180km ride and a 42.2km run - phew!!! If you get chance to go down and have a peek, I know they'd love your support!
So it'll be good luck to the following TEAM CORE athletes:
Andrew Graham, Nimal Wickramasinghe, Anthony Tholet, James Forbes, and Glen Blackwell.
And also to those whom have been swimming with the squad, including Ursula Muhsfeldt, Nelson Woss and gun swimmers Paul & Bridgette over from New Zealand for the event! Good look groovers!

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