Thursday, June 12, 2008

Wednesday & Saturday Bike Sessions for the Next 2 Months

Dear All
Please be advised of the following Saturday Cycle Ride Schedule for the next 2 months. Meet at the Bell Tower at 7.00am. Times stipulated are guides only. If you are participating in our exciting new Ironman Program, you should complete at least the time stipulated (that's ride time, not total time inc. any stops etc) and ride extra if you get back to the finish early.
Until we develop this session into a structured brick session closer to the race season there will be no formal charge to attend this ride, although please note that Paul will not be out on every ride.
Saturday's Hilly Ride Schedule:
As there will likely be a variety of cycling ability levels attend these sessions, you are all advised to familiarise yourself with the routes prior to leaving and bring sufficient fuel, hydration and mechanical aids (i.e. inner tubes, pump etc) to be self-sufficient if needs be.
Wednesday's Cycle Interval Schedule:
Please be advised of the schedule for Wednesday's rides during this period also.
  • Week 2 (18th June) - Shelley Intervals: 1hr at Half Ironman Pace (L3) (95rpm)
  • Week 3 (25th June) - "Not such a Mystery Ride" - (keep it easy! 1h30). Paul AWAY.
  • Week 4 (2nd July) - (all at L3 - 20' at 95rpm + 10' at 80rpm + 20' at 95rpm + 10' at 105rpm). Paul AWAY.
  • Week 5 (9th July) - 2 x 20' at L3 plus 5' easy spin. Paul AWAY.
  • Week 6 (16th July) - As per Week 3. Paul AWAY.
  • Week 7 (23rd July) - 5 x 8' with 4' easy spin at L3/4 at 90rpm. Paul AWAY.
  • Week 8 (30th July) - 4 x 10' with 5' easy spin at L3 at 90-95rpm. Paul AWAY.

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