Friday, June 20, 2008

Meet your new coaches for July!

Dear All,
As you know I will be leaving for the UK late on Tuesday evening (24th June) and as such my last sessions will be the Tuesday morning swim and the Tuesday evening running drills session. I just wanted to introduce you to your coaches for the next 5 weeks in my absence:
  • Yann Rocheteau - Yann will be taking all the major squad swim sessions (i.e. Wednesday evening at 6pm, Friday morning at 6am, Saturday afternoon at 1pm and Tuesday morning at 6am). Yann is a top triathlete from the west coast of France, whom is also a full-time swim coach when back in his home country. Many of you met Yann at our Social Do a few weeks back and so you'll know that he's a really nice guy! He's currently living in Fremantle with triathlon coach Carol Hughes, whom many of you also know. Myself and Yann have been training hard together for the last month or so and we've worked hard together to ensure that you get the very best swim sessions in my absence. I have written ALL of the sessions and Yann will deliver them with a touch of his own flair and style. Please be patient with his French accent as he really knows his stuff! Some of the girls might even find it alluring! ;-)
  • Ceinwen Williams - Ceinwen will be taking all the Time:4:Me swim sessions (i.e. Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 9.00 to 10.30am). Ceinwen is also a top triathlete, swimmer, exercise physiologist and personal trainer with more professional qualifications than you could care to shake a stick at! She's an awesome person and someone I've also been training with over the last couple of months and will do so for the 2009 Rottnest Solo Channel Swim. Ceinwen will be delivering a fab 30 minutes of stretching and core work prior to each swim which will help you really tone up and get in shape - make sure you make the effort to attend! Again I have personally prepared ALL the sessions, but Ceinwen will also add some of her own tips in there too!
  • Michelle Newsome - Michelle will be taking the early morning Core & Flex sessions on a Tuesday and Friday at 5.30am as well as the Thursday evening running intervals session at 6pm over at McGilvray Oval. I have prepared ALL the sessions and you can be assured that Michelle is not afraid to crack the whip too! As a physiotherapist, Michelle will add her own flair to the sessions with a great warm-up and cooldown stretch session.
  • Judi Clemie - Judi will be taking the Monday Evening Wind Trainer Session at 6pm over at the Claremont Pool Club Rooms. Once known (but never forgotten) as "El Presidente" Judi is also a fully qualified Spin Class Instructor and former personal trainer. She'll be cracking the whip every Monday night and getting you pumping those legs to the music! Judi is one of my longest (surviving) athletes and as such has an indepth knowledge of how I like to run things. Again I have prepared ALL the sessions for Judi's delivery.
All the coaches have been instructed to collect your Session Payment Cards from you at the start of each session and tick them off as I normally do. Please make every effort NOT TO FORGET YOUR CARD!
If you think you will run out of session credits during my absence, please organise a new card before I leave on either Monday or Tuesday (23rd and 24th June). You will still be able to order your card online at if needs be and Michelle will arrange one for you. Anyone wanting to drop off cash / cheque (payable to "Paul Newsome") or credit card details with an accompanying form should do so in a sealed envelope and hand this to your respective coach who will forward this on to Michelle for collection.
I would request that you all treat these 4 great coaches with the utmost respect, as I know you will. We've worked hard together to create a program in my absence which will see minimal disruption to your routine. If you have any questions or concerns with respect to any of the sessions in my absence, please direct your concerns to me on or via Michelle on 9443 9960 (leave a message if needs be).
Remember to smile, enjoy yourself and maintain that TEAM CORE SPIRIT for me whilst I'm away!!!
The only session we have sadly had to cancel in my absence is the new Tuesday evening run technique session. This will resume on Tuesday 5th August. Many of those who have been attending this session still plan on meeting and running together at McGilvray Oval at 6pm, so if you can join them, please do!
Paul Newsome
Swim Smooth & The TEAM CORE &
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