Thursday, June 12, 2008

Race and Training Periodisation for 2008/9

Dear All
If you're keen to know which races we'll be targetting this year and how and when our recovery weeks will be scheduled etc, you can now see this info at
Please note that the official TWA Calendar for 2008/9 is not yet available but will be posted at in due course. As such, none of the Sprint and Olympic Distance Triathlon events have been included on our schedule at this stage, but will be when they are available.
Dates for your diary:
  • Monday 9th June = start of our 26 week Ironman "Double Peak" program (inc. the Singapore 70.3 Half Ironman event).
  • Monday 6th October = start of our 20 week Rottnest Channel Swim program.
  • Monday 3rd November = start of our TWA Triathon Sprint & O.D Triathlon Series program.
  • Monday 12th January = start of our 16 week Half Ironman program.
NB. All these programs will involve a structured program for the respective event. Details of how this works and how it can benefit you can be found at Currently the Ironman Program which started this week works with everyone paying $150.00 per calendar month and receiving access to the full detail of each training session for the next 26 weeks (through Training Peaks), and access to as many of our squad sessions as they can attend. The individuality of these programs for you and your ability / goals comes through attending our regular squad sessions in which the coach is able to modify your session based upon how you are responding etc. If you are thinking of preparing for one of these events, this represents an excellent value way of doing so - what's more, they're HEAPS OF FUN TOO!
Cheers and hope to help you all achieve your triathlon and swimming goals this season!

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